Should Black People Remain Loyal to the Democrats?

by Elliot Millner, J.D.

In this recent magazine article, the author provides a fairly detailed timeline of how and when they feel that the Democratic party (still considered by most of the general public to be the “party of the people”, and more interested in working for the interests of the poor and middle-class) lost its way and became more similar to the Republican Party in its subservience to the super-wealthy and corporations. 

Although I won’t go as far as some and say that there are no differences in the two major parties, especially on social issues, increasingly the economic policies put forth by the Democratic Party largely serve the interests of the business community and wealthiest 1% of the population. Democrats increasingly do just enough to make sure that they are able to get enough votes to maintain their seats. Take for example the extremely watered-down health care reform bill. Despite all the raucous debate surrounding it, the final product is a shadow of what could have been given the fact that Democrats held the presidency and both houses of Congress. Is it better than nothing? Yes, but that should not be the standard when you are in control, and when you claim to represent the interests of everyday working people.

The question that goes unanswered is this: What are the alternatives? If, as the author suggest, the Democratic party had no choice but to run to the super wealthy and corporations for support given its loss of a base with labor unions, what new or other base can come along to change that? There is mention of the fact that Black people have consistently been the most loyal voting block to the Democratic party, however is this continued loyalty the best plan of action given the ever decreasing returns on that loyalty?


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3 responses to “Should Black People Remain Loyal to the Democrats?

  1. Emma

    For all who think we are being taken for granted. Ask youself these 2 questions
    Am I willing to donate my time, energy and money for what I say I believe?
    Am I willing to join a sub-party strong arm for the Democrates like the tea party is for the republicans?

  2. The political structure of the U.S. is a facade. It is totally corrupted by elite and corporate wealth and power. The politicians are more concerned with campaigning to stay in office and using corporate contacts to enrich themselves. Offshore banking with its cloak of secrecy is the order of the day and the biggest and most powerful politicians are the ones best shielded from criminal prosecution. That also goes for just about everyone at the top of the government structure. (We’re talking about people who will assassinate you if you attempt obstruct their flow of wealth and power)!

    So on a common grassroots level. African-Americans are shattered by their split between the religious right and their tilt to republican conservatism and the far left who focus on equality and freedoms for all. There are also the centralist democrats who could tilt either way, depending on the needs and greeds and religious beliefs.

    I’m going to go ahead and say that no matter what we can get the major populace of African-Americans to do, we are still screwed by the Anglo-Elite who refuse to let anything go, and to share in the overall wealth of the country with ‘blacks’.

  3. We must be free to think independently and concentrate on the character and integrity of the person running for office. The Democrats and Republicans has lied and lying over and over again. The parties are not dependable, but God is. God knows the person better than we do and will give insight on whether they are lying or telling the truth. We should be free to vote for the person and not the political parties. This is a freedom of speech and actions.

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