Percentage of Employed Black Men is Lowest It’s been in Over 40 years


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One response to “Percentage of Employed Black Men is Lowest It’s been in Over 40 years

  1. The employment level of America was going to take a dive. There are authors who had written books about the draining of the U.S. financial coffers by the ‘Elite”. The late William Cooper a ‘white’ ex naval Intelligence officer, ex secret society member, who in the forewords of his book stated he would probably be killed for divulging secret society secrets and was killed by law enforcement on his ranch after GW Bush took office. His book ‘Behold A Pale Horse’ which touch a lot of top secret issues gave me my first insight on the level of corruption we face today.
    As for jobs and ‘black’ men. The Ward Connerly sweep against ‘Affirmative Action’ was our ‘shot across the bow’! I knew that it meant that when times got harder whites would be back to discriminating with impunity. White are back to getting first choices of all jobs, and as times get even harder the prisons will overflow and the people building more will be young white men to imprison young black and browns.

    It is idiotic to think that we actually chose Obama as president when he was chosen by the white-elite, and they are using him to further their vile endeavors and he is doing absolutely nothing to solve the nation’s problems, let alone that of black people. The whites made sure they were choosing the right “Boy” for the job. As a matter of fact, under the Obama facade we are going to suffer worse atrocities than under the Bush facade.
    You should already be seeing this, if you aren’t already feeling it, and if you’re not feeling it, that doesn’t mean it isn’t happening or that your ‘God’ is watching over you, it only means that you are lucky so far. A financial buffer perhaps?

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