Should Pastors Also Run a Business on the side?

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One response to “Should Pastors Also Run a Business on the side?

  1. I was a business owner and it seems if you are black in production of movies
    we are criticize for bringing truth been hidden for years to open forum. Who can tell the story any better than the ones who have experienced. The Hollywood Scene only tells the hoodlum and drug dealers side of the Blacks. This is not so and many prestige blacks has done great and wonderful thing to improve our economy and life styles. We invented more than any one we know, but it was stolen from us and others got credit. Now, we are stepping up to the plate and being bold in what we are doing and the critics are opening their mouths and complaining. Be careful those same words will be eaten by the one who is complaining. I have seen it happen more time in my life span. If this is a gift God has given let them do what they has been given in an assignment to carry out. No one can tell their personal life only the one who have walked the paths and worn the shoes. The movies are very comical and interesting. I have no complaint what the Ministers are doing. God is in control of all, why complain, our arms are not long enough to “Box with an All-Powerful God”. Question to critics: Can you box with Him (GOD)?” Be careful of the words we speak, we may eat them same day they are spoken.

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