Dead NFL Player Dave Duerson would Not Have Qualified for Full Disability Benefits

By ALAN SCHWARZ  Published: May 4, 2011

BOSTON — As the football world absorbs Monday’s news that Dave Duerson had the football-related brain damage he suspected before fatally shooting himself in February, an overlooked detail has emerged: had Duerson reached out for help via the N.F.L.’s disability plan, which he helped administer, his neurological injuries would not have qualified for a high level of benefit, if any at all.

The disability program jointly run by the league and the players association gives its “football degenerative” award for total and permanent disability, up to $110,000 per year, for injuries deemed related to football that arise within 15 years of the player’s retirement. Anything that manifests itself later receives no more than $40,000, and players with neurological impairments have had difficulty getting that.


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One response to “Dead NFL Player Dave Duerson would Not Have Qualified for Full Disability Benefits

  1. We are inundated with sad story after sad story concerning all affairs ‘American’. We are at once conditioned to believe many things as we grow in this very predictable society.
    We are forced to fight off the constant attacks and negative changes brought on by some of the most wealthy and powerful men in the world (Anglo-Elite Warmongers). We will spend our lives, generation after generation, believing in a system that was never meant to be ” of the people, by the people, and for the people” . We are conditioned, religiously, spiritually, economically, and politically, to grow in a system that is meant to be owned and operated ‘of the elite, by the elite, and for the elite’. We hopelessly, and helplessly let the elite tell us what “is, is”! We let the elite take our tax wealth and make us think it’s used for our own good. We let the elite tell us that our politicians are of our own choosing. We let the elite compound a pyramid of lies upon lies, and our preconditioned minds are unable to differentiate truths from lies, facts from fictions. So here we are. Left to fight off every wrongdoing we are subjected to as a whole, or individually, while the dragon elite continues to breathe deadly fire upon our very lives, upon the lives of the whole world.
    Unknowing of much, as we are, we are left to believe the constant bombardemnt of lies and deceit instead of seeing the dragon for what it is and finding a way of chopping off its numerous heads!
    Until that is possible, this constant assortment of madnesses will not stop!

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