Yet another Fox Announcement that Obama is Dead

obama bin laden

After seeing this “mistake” committed over and over again, one might wonder if there could be a pattern here.

Glenn Beck says “Let’s kill Obama, I mean Bin Laden,” and an MSNBC reporter accidentally tweets that Obama was killed.  What’s going on?

Has anyone ever heard of the phrase “spell check”?

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11 responses to “Yet another Fox Announcement that Obama is Dead

  1. Sharrieff-Muhammad

    It is a definite pattern, and it is the same old pattern that white media and govt used to setup the stage for assassination of those they don’t like or want. They know and hope that one of there own or some other person of color who really bought into this American Dream and patriotism will carry out this act. This is mental program at its finest. Its interesting that this has come up, because the other day I picked up a book that has been on the shelf called Mind control in the United States by Steven Jacobson, anyone reading this post need to attempt to get this book, it is very revealing. Now back to the Obama mishap, Obama has put himself into a real pickle, I believe that he really believe and think that he can change the United States. But in order to change anything you have to get to the root of the ailment and the root of the ailment is rooted in European racism,arrogance,ego. This country was founded on the basis of racism, arrogance, ego just look at the history of the black slaves and the indians. This type of progaming hasn’t stopped. It was taught to us that when the Euopean came into the Holy land (the blackland) they started making trouble amongst the righteous people, they accused the righteous causing them to fight and kill one another. This type of games were played way before the inception of the United States. One our best minds Martin Luther King with every fiber of his being attempted this uphill road to change America and failed. Slander and word games is one of America’s best games. I don’t wish any evil on Obama and hope somebody doesn’t attempt to kill him. But if it does by chance happen, white America knows just what we will do, as we always do riot for a few days get lock up for looting our own communities, and go back to work on monday. THEY KNOW HOW THEY PROGAMED US. So when we do riot in the streets they will call marshal law and put us in there camps they have set up for these purposes. There is so much more that can be expressed and so short time. The obvious solution sometimes is right before owr own eye if we chose to look! “Subject for another time”
    I thank you for allowing me to express my little thought on the subject
    The Desert Dweller

  2. Mark

    Yes Obama and Osama are very typical American names. I’m sure no Black person has ever confused the two names. Only white’s who long for the days of slavery… If you are Black and confuse the two words then respond to this !!! Every time someone pulls out the race card or the
    ” THEY KNOW HOW THEY PROGAMED US. So when we do riot in the streets they will call marshal law and put us in there camps they have set up for these purposes.” card and you don’t call BS, then you feed into it. Those of all colors who believe in personal responsibility will remain quietly overshadowed by those who know that all of “Your Black World’s” problems are caused by racist white people who want to limit funding to those that need it most”

    Keep voting for that same politician who now has you at 30% unemployment. It’s not your fault..It’s George Bush’s fault!!! American’s chickens have come home to roost!!!

  3. Jo

    Let’s just be prayful of these sick people who think they can say things in this society and get away with it by saying it was a error. We all make mistakes but surly not over and over again.

    These are people who are suppose to be intelligent and capable of writing news or reporting news for good standing networks. Seemingly there is a lot lacking for their standard.

    Let’s hope and pray that someone out there will not act upon their these sick comments made by these bigots who are trying to make a name for themselves. God have mercy on them!!

  4. God's_Angel

    Racism is rooted in greed. I am a black woman who was told by a very wise Turkish immigrant that money, power and greed is the root of American racism. Blacks were brought here to enrich Europeans by providing free labor. But when we were freed, and could possibly become richer than them, racism became rampant. The minute we became free, we affected the money of Europeans. And that’s why northern Europeans didn’t agree with slavery. It wasn’t fair to them that southern Europeans become rich off of free labor on their fields, when they couldn’t get rich off of slave labor. It was all about money. And this came from someone who was non-black, and non-white. And who came to this country not able to speak English, over 35 years ago.

    Also, Mexicans were okay with white folks while providing reduced labor. As long as they worked on their yards and was their nanny’s for a severely cheap rate, they were fine. But the minute Mexicans started doing jobs like construction, taking away their jobs and livelihood, it was a problem for illegal immigrants to be here. Again, we’re back to money.

    When we were slaves, it was more profitable for Irish slaves, Native American slaves and Asian slaves to be mixed with Black blood. They were worth more money if they were part black. That caused slave owners to make blacks breed with other races, and why so many blacks are mixed with so many other races. But now, the less black you are, the more money you can make. Funny how that works.

  5. Jessie

    I agree w/ Sharrieff & Jo. Mark, I have never confused the two. They are not everyday American names. We are not feeding into anything. I am probably older than all of you, being sixty-seven years old. Born in the south in the forties (live in a Chicago suburb now) saw the racism and segregation first hand. I saw how our people rioted in our NH after the death of MLK and was carted off to jails while our NH burned. Space nor time permits me to go into this in depth. We’ve come a ‘little way’ not a long way since the Jim Crow days, no matter how many million dollar athletes and entertainers we have marrying and surrounding themselves with white people. Trust me, if they didn’t have those millions to use on them, those same whites would not even want them living in their neighborhoods. Yes Mark, we are our own worst enemies. We do riot and loot our own neighborhoods, then go to jail – bonds and fines, more money for whitey. They don’t care about us tearing down our neighborhoods. They know we don’t have the money to rebuild, therefore we have to take money from our neighborhoods (our stores are burned down) and spend it in theirs. Young black people and some old ones too, need to wake up and stop thinking that racism was a thing of the ‘old days’. It still exist to day. Those ‘camps’, are the jails that they are still building for US! There is more of us in them than any other nationality. That’s why the Mexican population out number us today. The only place we are a majority is in those camps.

  6. lavendertimes

    No matter what obstacles (racism) exist my fight will never end until my breath does. It won’t matter where I am or who is in charge. I am a black woman, rebellion is in my DNA.

  7. You have all missed the boat, It is not a mistake that these journalist iare making it is their wish that they are expressing. You see Obama, is no different from them, he carry out their dirty work for them.He is dropping bombs on Lybia, an African country over their oil.
    There is no homeless people in Lybia, there is no hunger in Lybia, it is just some greedy tribal leader who want Kadaffi, out of the way so he can get richer by selling the oil to the west.
    By the way I feel not pain for Ben Ladin, but ask yourself who is the fool. We have been giving Pakastin over a billion dollars per year for the last tem years, saying that they are our friend while they have been protecting Ben Laden.
    Pakastin, been a supporter of the Talliban, for years, Pakastin was the only country that recognised the Talliban, when they govern Afganistan, as a matter of fact they help to set that government up, so why do you think they would turn their back on them?.We support Ben Laden, when he was fighting the SSoviet Union, we gave him arms to kill the Russians, after they left we forget about them. Ben Laden, did not like the Russians, and he did not like us. We were just too stuppid to see it.
    This war is not about oil it is a relogious war, and with Ben Laden gone it will not stop.There are those of us who want nothing to do with religion, I do not care for Muslims, as a religion, and I do not care for Christianity as a religion, and I do not care for Judism as a religion, but I care about people. I do not care if you are black or white as long as you do not mess wirth me everything will be fine But if we get rid of religion I think we may be able to get along.I believe religion is the worst thing that men have developed. Frankly, I wish we could out law all religion, the world would be a better place.
    I do believe that racism, is alive and doing very well in the good old USA. those of you who dont believe it, just look how we been carrying on since Obama, became President?.There are few things I dislike in this world, Preachers, and Politicians. Obama, is a Politician, Ben Laden, was a Politician, and Franklin Graham, is a Preacher. I do not like any of them.
    To me they are all criminals.I hope Obama, is careful, he has made a lot of white people mad, because is the President, and now he make a lot of Muslims mad because he have Ben Laden killed. They both may join force against him. I would hate to be in his shoes, because he can do no right, and you cannot satisify people, so why bother to try.

  8. David

    I agree that the ground work for violence against this president is being laid by racist right wing nuts and the white media. When these racist teabag idiots first crawled out of the woodwork the media failed to call them out for what they are..RACIST! Like others have stated I hope nothing happens to President Obama. But given the climate of hatred in this country if it does I wont be surprise.

  9. Eddie Fields

    It is sad this world is like this. People hate a President because he is black, but love the one that got us in this mess.

  10. frank

    Fox and the rightwing media establishment dream about sick crap this this all the time. This is nothing new.

  11. joy Fulp

    Whatever yor thoughts are about the fox five mess up of our Presidents name and osama, I do understand your concern for their intentional insult, but I dont think you should direct your message to whites, because whites were for most part responsible for President’s win of the White House. I know this, I worked on the campaighn from New York to Philadelphia. The culprit is FOX NEWS AND GLEN BECK.
    But save some energy President will turn any negative into a positive. Did you see how The Donald keep still? Because when he was doing investigating the president’s birth certificate, the President was taking a deep breath to take the risk at getting Ben Laden, and he did.
    When you are bullied, pretend as if no one is talking. You will soon hear them no more.

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