How does the Bin Laden Assassination a Impact the Obama Presidency?

Dr. Boyce Watkins,  YourBlackWorld.comScholarship in Action 

I spoke to noted political scientist, Dr. Wilmer Leon from Howard University about the recent killing of Osama Bin Laden and what this means for the Obama Presidency.

Dr. Leon lays out the history of Bin Laden and the US role in creating the power base that Bin Laden relied upon in order to attack the United States on September 11.   The video is below and if you can’t see it, click here.


Dr. Boyce Watkins is the founder of the Your Black World Coalition.  To have Dr. Boyce commentary delivered to your email, please click here. 





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3 responses to “How does the Bin Laden Assassination a Impact the Obama Presidency?

  1. Delle Henderson

    Cut off the snakes head and the body dies. I’m surprised that supposedly intelligent men does not see the bigger picture. They forgot, years ago there was a Black man. One Black man. One good Black man that started a movement, that to this day has never been duplicated. His initials was MLK. His ideology affected people from all walks of life. He was person,,ally responsible for improving lives and legislature that have scholars still scratching their heads. Once he was destroyed, so was his dreams. The in fighting between his own family is outrageous, SCLC has become a joke. There is more discord and disention among people of color then pre MLK era. That is exactly what the death of Bin Laden is hoped to accomplish. The head has been cut off. Watch the fall out among the so-call followers. There will be some loyal followers, but the rest remain to be seen.
    Frankly speaking, I am disappointed that he was shot, I much rather they bring him back to New York and let those people be judge, jury and executioner. And I want you two scholars stand before the New York community and express that they should not celebrate Bin Laden’s death. And while you two are their, why don’t you address the Jewish community and tell them that after all Hitler was a ‘human’ being, and they should have compassion for one of God’s misunderstood soul.

  2. afropick1

    i appreciate you both and the your thoughtful efforts to raise the thinking of our people.
    please seek out audio professionals to evaluate and recommend options for improving the audio quality in your video broadcast.

    i suspect that you may need better mics but i am not a specialist in this area.
    Your Brotha AFROPICK1

  3. Sharrieff-Muhammad

    Since they were saying that Pres. Obama’s approval ratings was falling due to the current affairs on his watch, those behind the seen knew that they needed to create a renewal of the American people’s confidence in him. So here we see America’s Propaganda working at its best and it was so timely that his approval rating has jumped up 11% as they say. So now the people cheered and feel so renewed of spirit of the Osama Bin Laden monster that they created. It is the condemning of the clay and not the potter who shape and made the clay. It is real sad to see that people of color will praise things they have no comprehensive know about and easily forget this is the same govt that killed blacks from slavery to the present. They create the climate and rally the people against the so-called monster justifying them slaughtering anybody to obtain their objectives. So it has upped his approval rating for his run for the next election, so now we have to wait and see what the so-call republicans come up with to out do this triump. Maybe it will be was Pakistan hiding one of America’s most wanted person and if so what should we do with such a one that willfully hides Fugitives from America, setting the stage for yet another crisis for Pres. Obama to combat. There is a movie made awhile ago called Action Jackson with carl Whiterspoon where there was a statement made by the head person against Action Jackson “What would you rather be the King or the King maker, he said I am a King maker” All the Presidents before Obama and He himself is no more than a fiqure head and do not crontrol anything in govt. He is only the Face of power and strength and not the power. People are so fickled and are trained to believe everything govt tells them, so if they want Obama’s rating to go up, create the desired crisis, if you want it to go down create the desired crisis. It doesn’t matter the people will believe, “It’s Propaganda Progaming at its finest.” From America with Love

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