Dr. Boyce Thought of the Day – 5/3/11

We as black people use social media more than any other ethnic group….but, are we using it to initiate social change, build businesses or just wasting our damn time accomplishing nothing? I’m not quite sure.


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  1. Sharrieff-Muhammad

    Most of the blacks are wasting our “Damn” time accomplishing nothing. It has become a new way of arguing and fighting without the face to face confrontation, puffing youself up about what party or keeping up with the so-called celebrity lifestyle. There are some that are using it to attempt change for self economic preservation. The ones that are doing it on a more larger scale are so restricted to these so-called legal rules of business that to step out side of that frame work would bring problem that we don’t want to deal with. As far as social change it can be done if done collectively and stick to the agreements no matter what the opposition. But as of right now from what I see it is accomplishing nothing, it is just another way of feeling that we are up on the new buzz words, trends of this decade such as “Getting connected” and spend more money on gadget and things and spill all your laundry for the world to see and be collected by govt to use against you in there kangaroo court of so-call laws.
    Thanks for allowing me to share my little thought on this subject. A lot more can be said, but I believe that the real social change and building big business need to be face to face. To many times we air our agenda on the social media, and those who don’t want us to rise work against our agenda. Face to Face is the Best Place.
    The Desert Dweller

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