Donald Trump Congratulates President Obama on Bin Laden Killing

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In the video below, “The Donald” congratulates President Barack Obama for killing Osama Bin Laden.  Twitterers had been joking that Trump would now begin asking to see Bin Laden’s death certificate as official proof that President Obama has actually killed him. 

Now that Trump has officially been hit hard by the Obama Administration in recent days, he has remained quiet and asked that the public stop discussing party politics and “remember those who lose their lives in 9/11.”  Perhaps this is the end of Donald Trump’s public statements, for at least a little while.   If you can’t see the video below, please click here to watch.

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2 responses to “Donald Trump Congratulates President Obama on Bin Laden Killing

  1. When is it time to shut out media clutter?

    We have been conditioned since we were able to comprehend information. We have also been continuously lied to about practically everything this society experiences.
    We were raised and fed on a continuous diet of lies and concocted “truths”.
    Nothing we are told should be believed, but believe we do!
    When a “government” official makes any sort of statement. When a media (we know is totally corrupted) broadcasts any so-called information, we are psychologically ready to accept it as a truth. Alas we still feed on lies and consider them truths. (The real truths are what they file as secrets)
    Even when we can barely trust ourselves, we are conditioned since birth to trust the words of strangers. Nothing they have said or done deserves our respect and should definitely not deserve our believability.
    Yet believe them we do, much to our own detriment!

    When is it time to shut out media clutter? All of the time!

  2. claudia

    I am beginning to believe that Donald Trump isnt as bright as people thinks he is. It appears to me that Donald Trump got a little rattling loose in his brain. Quite naturally he wants to focus on other issues now just so the focus is no longer on him looking like the back of an donkeys ass.

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