Meet the Ladies Who Made Fatherless Black Homes Into a Viral Internet Topic


In the conversation below, I interview Squeaky Moore and Ashley Shaunte, two aspiring filmmakers who’ve been able to make fatherless homes into a viral topic on the Internet.  Their short public service video on the topic has drawn hundreds of thousands of viewers, primarily because the idea of being without a dad has such a profound emotional impact on us all.

I interview the two ladies below, and I hope you’ll consider giving money to help them finish their film.  They are incredibly talented, and a film on the topic of fatherless homes is likely to change the hearts and minds of millions.

The interview is below:

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8 responses to “Meet the Ladies Who Made Fatherless Black Homes Into a Viral Internet Topic

  1. This was an outstanding interview. Ashley and Squeaky are changing our world with a message that impacts us all. I look forward to supporting this cause even more!

  2. Teisha Hickman

    Keep pushing forward–This is a story that needs to be told–I’m looking forward to the finished product and have no doubt that the film will be done and done well–

  3. J. Ray Jones

    I am both a father and grandfather, however I have been divorced from my children’s mother for many years. I also grew up without my father’s presence. My mom was great, and my sister and I had much support from our extended family and maternal grandparents, and thank God for my grandfather’s presence. This story touches me deeply, even though I stayed in my children’s lives throughout their childhood and as adults. I know that my daily absence was felt by my children. Like Ashley, I grew up in Hartford, CT, which adds to my connect to her story. Thank you Squeeky and Ashley for addressing this very needed film and conversation, because our young communities need healing, and an environment to discuss these life issues.

  4. I have had two failed marriages and use to think that the men I choose were wimps and just did not want to be married to a strong women but after listening to you I feel that as a child that was not only raised in a single mom home but also was abused by six different before the age of 18 I do not know how to interact with men in a healty relationship.

  5. As a single father raising my oldest daughter and my youngest residing down in north carolina i felt them sisters expressing themselves its painful to hear and wittness these situations yet my oldest daughter mother just refuse to connect for some odd reason i would say go figure she wouldnt even sign of on the baby’s gi bill to further her education yet no need to worry if there is a will then there must surely be a way my heart goes out to the children who dads neglect them on purpose peace love you

  6. @ Lori R. Clifford Wood- Lori, I think you are taking the first step to change. You have admitted to where the problem all began. As an abused child…I would suggest this. 1. Recount those moments of abuse 2. Think back to how and what you felt 3. Think deeply on those feelings to see (which I’m quite positive of) If those feelings of insecurity, fear, …what ever you felt then, are still present now. Think on both marriages too… Why did you marry each person? Were there signs that were ignored before you married?
    Now, I’m certainly no psychiatrist or anything. But I have found that when I think through the very thing that has me bound and analyze every detail, is when I am able to deal with the very issue at hand.
    Still I think you are on the right track by not dealing in denial any longer and locating the root of this problem.

  7. This was a very powerfull interview, my hats of to the two young ladies
    for their courage. It made me think of fathers who did not have fathers
    raising children of their own. My dad did not have a father, and had at
    times a difficult time with us. He did not know how to talk to us, so he did
    not. He was very harsh at times, very impatient. But I saw a change in
    him, when it was time for me go away to college. When I was away at
    southern univ. it was the first time he ever said I love you! So on some
    level I completely understand what you are trying to do. Please keep me
    informed of progress, and what I could potentially do to help.

  8. Helen Marrow

    Congrats Squeaky & Ashley–this is remarkable! You have touched the source / root–of why there is a break down in family values. Fatherlessness is a global issue, yet it can be overcome. I thank you for taking a bold move to confront such a sensitive subject–which millions can identify–like my self.

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