Accused NFL Star Albert Haynesworth: “I Don’t Even Like Black Girls”


by Dr. Boyce Watkins, YourBlackWorld.comScholarship in Action 

It looks like Washington Redskins star Albert Haynesworth is having even more problems beyond the ones that led to the Redskins taking him off the field.  Haynesworth has been accused of fondling a young waitress at the W Hotel.  The government offered him a plea bargain, but he’s not taking it.

The prosecution sent a letter to Haynesworth’s attorneys offering to drop the sexual abuse charge against Haynesworth if he would agree to plead guilty to one count of simple sexual assault.  His attorneys have turned down the offer and said they look forward to their day in court.

Haynesworth’s attorney, A. Scott Bolden,  said that he feels the government’s case is very weak. 

"All of the very inflated and beefed-up facts that the W employees have put together, to make fit nicely with the government case, the government has to prove those allegations now," Bolden said.

According to court papers, Haynesworth was at the W for a birthday party.  The woman accusing him is a full-time college student working in the VIP area.  The woman was clearing tables and Haynesworth wanted her to take his credit card.  According  to the woman, her hands were full, but the player kept pushing his card toward her, tapping her on her arms and shoulders.


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One response to “Accused NFL Star Albert Haynesworth: “I Don’t Even Like Black Girls”

  1. Patricia

    Well Black folks, you ought to know by now, that Self Hatred among some of our people is still quite alive and well. albert is just another victime of the pathology.

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