My Personal “WTF Moment” – 4/30/11

wtf moment

You never know what you’ll see walking through a random antique store.  I’m speechless



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6 responses to “My Personal “WTF Moment” – 4/30/11

  1. AntBee

    I do not understand why one would be speechless!

    This looks like a piece that I would love to have since I am a collector of black antiques, especially before the Civil War.

    You can find a lot of stuff on E-Bay or other other antique sites.

    The value of most of it (if authentic) can have a high price tag!

  2. Those looks like they could be worth a lot. I hope you had the good sense to purchase them. If I ever find old relics like that I will keep them. They are also reminders of times very harsh and different for some, but joyous and fruitful for others.

    Some who look like us or at least who those dolls tend to represent really had great times during the era those dolls remind a few of us of. Good luck. Hurry up and get em before some white folks find them and reclaim

  3. Herman Hawkins Jr.

    This looks like something out of the early 20th century, like the 1910 decade. Sad, sad indeed, very pathetic.

  4. Tewdros

    I am not offended by the relic’s of the past ,I am a collector and I adore all of the antiques of our ancestor’s the jockey,uncle ben, tar baby ,aunt jermaima,none of this stuff offends me its part of AMERICA’S history.I use to get offended ,however I study and read every single book I could get my hand’s on about this stuff and frankly I personally believe WHITE PEOPLE are more embarrassed by this ,because let’s remember they produced a lot of these character’s to make BLACK PEOPLE feel inferior ,however it took the opposite effect on me and made me feel superior.when someone feel’s they have to put another person down for any reason, that is the one who is basically inferior because he or she is trying to compensate for something, and it is also psychological (psycho-path) human disorder.I am planning to go to new orleans,south carolina ,& Georgia to see how many more BLACK antiques I can get.if anyone reading this comment has some stuff like this let me know ….

  5. grathel

    I have been collecting “our past” for several years. I would love to add these two items to my collection. While sometimes painful, these items are part of our history and in my opinion, they belong in our homes, rather than the homes of those who do not share that history. People come to my home and they are amazed; it is an educational awakening for those who have so conveniently forgotten the struggles of our past.

  6. Elaine

    I concur with the collectors here, I don’t get the speechless at all, LOL! Black Memorabilia is very collectible. In an antique store I would not have been surprised to see it, and if you attend Black Memorabilia shows, you will see lots of it. Now if you step up in a a retail outlet selling toys that are being produced now, and find a replica with a production date of 2011, I would be the first in line to boycott and protest at that spot….

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