HBCU Student Not Allowed to Graduate Because of Facebook Post

HBCU student sidelined from graduation for Facebook post

by Dr. Boyce Watkins, YourBlackWorld.comScholarship in Action 

Roman Caple is a senior at St. Augustine’s College.  He was set to graduate this weekend until he was informed by the school that he wouldn’t be allowed to walk with his classmates.  Caple says that his punishment was due to a Facebook post that allegedly "jeopardized the integrity of the college."

Caple argues that the reaction of school administrators came as a result of his posts following a tornado that hit Raleigh, NC two weeks ago.  But he says that most of his comments were meant to be uplifting.  One of his posts said the following:

"We all need to set our differences aside and help one another. Falcons we will continue to fly high because that’s what we do. Help your neighbor, if need be, Falcons are one."

According to what Caple said to ABC11,  "Here’s the post that I believe they are referring to as to being putting this college in a negative light. It says ‘St. Augs is holding classes tomorrow and students in Falcrest still don’t have power. Like, wtf. Really? #dumb.’"

Caple is an active student who is a member of the school band and choir.  He also played tennis for St. Augustine for the past three years.  He’s even had the school’s logo shaved into his head, which is a surprising act of school spirit. 


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13 responses to “HBCU Student Not Allowed to Graduate Because of Facebook Post

  1. claudia

    I see nothing wrong in what this young man said that would keep him from graduation. I feel that he was just saying that the college will continue to stand high and rise and that the people must all stand together. Now what in thwe world wrong with that comment.

  2. Derek

    This is so sillyThis young Black Man has done something most Black Men refise to do, and that is to go to COLLEGE and graduate. The School does not have a Heartbeat!!! It is the Students that makes the school. His family was waited a long time for this let him walk with his classmates

  3. I agree, the actions of the school is totally ridiculous. He did not say anything derrogatory to warrant this action. When something is said or done that is harmful against another person , or totally in bad taste coupled with bad behavior…Take Action… In this case, HBCS you are wrong , and you need to be reprimanded.

  4. Nickie

    What happened to freedom of speech?

  5. ll Fanniel

    This young man did nothing wrong. His statement was very encouraging and positive. What is wrong with those people who made the decision to block this young man from celebrating a super mile stone in his life. I pray God bless this young man and something good come from this incident

  6. dorothy hamilton

    The establishment always seems to find a way to discourage out black men. Now you can’t have an opinion without objections. Why isn’t the school encouraging and lifting up the people of NC?

  7. jana

    Instead of the NAACP getting behind Kid Rock Racist Flag they must throw their energy into helping this young man. As a member of the NAACP they will be hearing from me and many ohers about what causes are worth while.

  8. Rhonda

    The actions or inactions of this school are just outrageous! What he said on his PERSONAL facebook page had nothing to do with his educational endeavors. The fact that this Young Back Man was graduating was something to celebrate, not anything to be penalized! The administration at this school should feel like the idiots that they are because the negative publicity has done far more of a detriment than his post could have ever done.

  9. Gwen

    As a life member of the NAACP, I too would rather see support of an educated young black man than Kid Rock. It is totally amazing how some people (St. Augustine) with power to make decisions sometimes can’t see the forest for the trees.

  10. Hankie

    Where are the politically correct organizations now? Stand up for this young man and his family, this is not right. His statement is encouraging not discouraging… .. at a lost for words.

  11. Hankie

    Where are the politically correct organizations now? His words are encouraging not discouraging….at a lost for words to describe how I would feel as mother after my son’s accomplishment to earn a degree. Please support this young man and his family!

  12. Elaine

    Really St. Aug, for that you are not allowing him to participate in commencement?! Such a bureaucratic over correction and so reflective of what administrators are trained to do… But it’s a cautionary tale for this generation and others who post, tweet, and comment in the cyber sphere with little concern for possible negative consequences. Employers and others (like your school/college) are checking you out on your FB page and making decisions, assumptions, and drawing conclusions about you. So if posting that comment about holding class when some didn’t have power (I have attended class after a hurricane when the university had power, but the people in my neighborhood didn’t) was so important that it was worth not being allowed to participate in commencement, than I guess it was worth it and the subsequent media attention, commentary on the blogosphere…

  13. Cynt

    Please tell me there is more to this than the school is reporting. Please tell me there is some academic reason why Mr. Caple won’t be allowed to walk with his class? Please say that we haven’t gotten this “sensitive” and “petty” as a people. This is insane. Please don’t tell me we’ve regressed to this.

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