Why I Honestly Feel Sorry for Donald Trump

by Dr. Boyce Watkins, Your Black WorldScholarship in Action

Like nearly every other black man in America, I’ve been taken aback by the manner through which Donald Trump has used racist code language to undermine the presidency of Barack Obama. After first wondering if he was born in the United States, Trump has made reference to Obama playing too much basketball to pay attention to the price of gas and even questioned whether or not he truly earned the grades necessary to get into the Harvard Law School.

Even if the president somehow slithered his way into Harvard, I can’t imagine an unqualified student being chosen as the first black Editor of the Harvard Law Review. Trump’s questionable behavior is being called for what it is, for even Bob Schieffer from CBS has made reference to Trump’s “ugly strain of racism.” Many of Trump’s fellow Republicans are running for the hills, as one of their most visible leaders has engaged in incredibly odd behavior.

But when I analyze Trump’s statements objectively, I must confess that the Business School Professor in me doesn’t understand his choices one bit. One of the first rules of “Corporate America 101” is to avoid any serious controversy, especially religious or political, for this additional volatility almost never helps the bottom line. Cases in point are the recent boycott against Chick-fila by the gay community for standing against gay marriage, and price that Oprah Winfrey paid for jumping out to support President Barack Obama. Mind you, Winfrey’s price was minimal because her behavior was carefully planned, but Trump seems to be determined to destroy every business in which he’s currently invested.

Viewers are now running away from “The Apprentice” television show in droves, with advertiser boycotts being launched by several groups across the nation. Also, I can’t imagine any Obama supporter being excited about staying in a hotel with the name “Trump” in front of it. Trump’s tirades will cost him billions, his shareholders and employees will suffer, and after it’s all said and done, he still won’t have a chance to become president.

I seriously wonder what’s happened to Donald Trump. The calculated behavior that helped him rise to the top of the business world is nowhere to be found as he runs from one network to another pursuing his vendetta against President Obama. Could it be ego? Could Trump be losing it? Perhaps he is simply a disgruntled white male who has a tough time transitioning to a growingly-inclusive America.

Whatever the reason for Donald Trump’s most recent behavior, the price is going to be steep. His status as a cultural icon, political leader and corporate captain are all in jeopardy and probably won’t ever recover again. If I had to be honest, I’d say that deep down, there’s a part of me that feels sorry for Donald Trump. Well, just a little bit.

Dr. Boyce Watkins is a Professor at Syracuse University and founder of the Your Black World Coalition.  To have Dr. Boyce commentary delivered to your email,please click here



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16 responses to “Why I Honestly Feel Sorry for Donald Trump

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  10. muataa wefe

    Trump is not alone in behavior that anyone who can count would know results in net loss. He is just one of the few high profile ones who have engaged in this behavior. There are many, not subject to the scrutiny that a Don Trump is, who do similar ignorant, hateful acts. One even ended up in the Obama White House for a stint – ironic ain’t the word for that one. Racial privilege and the need to be “one-up” on Black folks often “trump” (couldn’t help myself) biz results & the bottom line. Jim Crow has grand nephews – Tim and Dave – and they often run amuck…

  11. Shelly

    Hi Dr. Wakins. This is my first time every responding to a blogger directly. I am always interested in reading your articles because you are objective in your observation of current news events. However, I must disagree with you on Trump’s brand being in potential trouble. While I understand your perspective, I am also witnessing a very henious time in American news media and culture in general. I was profoundly disgusted with the President of the United States releasing a long form birth certificate just to prove he is a natural born citizen of this country. I couldn’t believe what I witnessed, in addition to the historical level of hatred hurled at the President since his election in 2008. Distractors who dismiss any claims of racism as the driving force of hate against the president will mention Nixon or Clinton. The difference is the fact that both Presidents brought the negative media attention on themselves due to their own unethical actions. Ultimately, Trump will not suffer for his actions because any mention of racism is dismissed as nonsense by the broader white controlled media outlets. The ones who say blacks and so-called white liberals are playing the redundant “race card” and lets not forget to toss in Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton to complete the tirade against those who speak out against racism. Nowadays, people are quick to protect those accuse of blatant racism while attacking the individuals who dare to talk about the dreaded “R” word. I look at the level of stupidity within the media and some citizens in general who truly believe at their core that Trump is right and they will not allow any talk of racism to make them feel guilty for “simply” asking and demanding the first black President to prove himself to them as they see fit. It is demeaning to me as a black person and doesn’t endear me to this country’s principles. I look at this country in disgust as I know Trump will ultimately be a hero to many and even rewarded with more airtime and endorsements, whether he announces his patheic run for President or not. The fact is, there are millions of people in this country who agree with Trump and in the corrupt world of politics, money is the only thing that matters and not the image of someone spewing vile hate that offends only a group of people who were originally viewed as 3/4 human in the first place. I never thought I would witness a President being dehumanized to a level of no respect whatsoever. And we have the white own media to thank who love to cling to tabloid stories, ignoring the fringe extremists, not asking the serious questions, purposefully remaining silent to watch the hate grow, and not focus on the real issues in this country or around the world.

  12. catherine

    Trump is in Hell and wants to take everybody else with him. His actions shows he does not know God. Let us pray for him.

  13. Trump represents the ultimate white man. Political correctness out the window and embracing political suicide, but so called conservatives love it because he says what they want to without the worry of being chastised.He has taken a page from Andrew Breitbart and thrown out any and everything for sensationalism, and whose voice is the mouth piece for racist conservatives and regular white folk, the Donald is their hero.

  14. How can a person be so smart and yet so dumb

  15. Mr. King

    I heard this late and that is why I am just now commenting on your show from Sunday 4/17/2011. I wonder if any of you have read the book, “None Dare Call It Conspiracy”? In the book the author, Mr. Allen states that any democratic republic in which we find ourselves in this country at this present time must be structured in this way to prosper: Their must be 10% rich, 80% middle-class, and 10% poor economic structure. When a country has an imbalance of wealth within it’s economy, it becomes cultural instead of functional in its effect on the social dynamic. I was listening to Suzie Orman a few days ago on a cable channel and she states that the budget battle is about who is going to pay for the recent bailout. Will it be the rich or everyone else? This will be the tipping point for the future of this country.
    On a side note, I remember my architectural history which I discovered that every empire that has ever existed on this planet, has only held on to power and influence for 300 years, even the various Egyptian dynasties had cycles of 300 year reigns at most. Now with that in mind, we all know that this country according to history in clearly going on a downward slope. We are making the same mistakes as the Romans; Armies too far out-stretched from home, too many campaigns being waged at the same time and taxes not collected at a rate to support them or it’s populous, infrastructure in deep decline, and of course the ever present parallel of corrupt government.
    Yeah I said it, corrupt government, because neither of the two people debating the issue mentioned the role of the corrupt senate and it’s responsibility in the recent steep decline of prosperity within our borders. In response to this I have an alternative to what we should have done with the recent Wall street high jacking of our nations wealth. When the markets began to decline and Wall Street came a begging, the Senate should have closed the doors on them and contacted every community bank and credit union in the nation. It should have said. Here is one trillion dollars. There will be about four to five million people that will need to restructure there loans. Here are the guidelines: Every family that wants to stay in their homes, lower their principle amount and work out a interest they can afford based on their income over the last three years, They will receive no refunds on taxes for several years, but they will receive all deductions that are due to them, if they cannot afford keep the house within those parameters, then the government will absorb the loss; Keep the credit flowing to your local businesses that have been in you communities over the last two years; And all tax rates will go back to pre 9/11 rates for every one until the economy stabilizes. Oh and outlaw all financial lobbying in Washington.

    Your thoughts?

    Mr. King

    p.s. could you forward this to Armstrong Williams, I cannot retrieve his proper e-mail.

  16. catherine

    Can’t Trump be pentalized for ll the ugly things he’s saying about the president or is that only for white presidents?

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