Why I don’t Care about the Royal Wedding


by Dr. Boyce Watkins, YourBlackWorld.comScholarship in Action 

I had to keep myself from getting sick when I turned on the TV this morning to see some random people walking down the street wearing clothes too expensive for nearly all of my friends to afford.  I wondered why the world has become captivated and frozen over such a disgusting exercise of extravagance.  So, I thought I would list at least four of the reasons that I won’t be watching the royal wedding: 

1) Because I simply don’t care and neither do most of the people reading this article.  It’s one wedding, for one couple across the world.  I honestly just don’t get it.

2) Because the wedding reminds us how our world continues to believe that some people are better than others.   Most countries buy into the idea that that some people deserve to be protected in an aristocracy that makes their lives more important than everyone else.  In the United States, for example, every single member of our Supreme Court went to Harvard or Yale at some point in their legal careers (one Justice left Harvard to finish her degree at Columbia).   The dangers of this kind of thinking are too numerous to mention, especially in a nation where the wealthiest 20% of Americans have been able to accumulate over 90% of the wealth generated over the last 25 years.

3) Because I would hope that CNN would spend its news coverage on something more important than a wedding.  There are people dying around the world and political decisions impacting our lives, yet we are force fed an over-sized helping of a real-life Cinderella.  Perhaps the fairytale aspect of it all is what draws people, but my life has never been a fairytale, and neither has yours.  Perhaps we should stop living through other people’s contrived and expensive fantasies. 

4) It’s a big damn waste of money.  Children are starving around the globe, yet we get to watch the royal family wear $10,000 outfits and spend millions on a one day event that really only matters in the lives of two people.  This reminds us of where our world has gone.  Sure, the celebration is not just for the royal family, but for all of England and the world.  So, the warped priorities of the royals have spread to us all.  I’d love to see the same energy and extravagance being put into getting homeless families off the streets or putting food into the bellies of starving children.  There is a child dying somewhere right now as I write this article, and we have the resources to save her.


Dr. Boyce Watkins is the founder of the Your Black World Coalition.  To have Dr. Boyce commentary delivered to your email, please click here.


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23 responses to “Why I don’t Care about the Royal Wedding

  1. AntBee

    Dr. Watkins,

    Perhaps it is a waste to you!

    So what?

    Millions of other human beings are interested, and they will watch!

    And, yes, many BLACK FOLK are watching as well!

    Stop with this foolishness that Black people would have no interest!

    This is a tradition for the country of ENGLAND, and this is how they do it.

    What is more bothersome is the fact that YOU took your time to write about it, with your point being that Black folks would have no interest.

    Get back to your work and what you do and leave others alone!

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  5. SteelerNation

    The Sad Fact is, we have TRADGEY here in the STATES, people needing JOBS, Gas Prices going out the ROOF, when the BRITS do not CARE for the WEST as much as the eAST cares for the WEST…

    The SOUTHERN region Received Weather that we are not use to, Nature giving its PRAISE {Vehimit} Un~Controlable Praise PSLAM 148 and it like Swept under the RUG, I Agree with Dr. BOYCE “I DO NOT CARE for THE ROYAL WEDDING,” how long will they stay Married, they have been together for 8years, what is Different now, Oh Kate is ROYALITTTTIE’ now, WOW !!!

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  14. I would apply the exact same rationale to our worship of international celebrities, and our irrational fascination with Kobe’s jump shot. Why do we keep having award shows for the very same people who either don’t give a damn about our community, or who are most responsible for promoting values and stereotypes that’s destroying it?

  15. republicnow

    The wedding dress actually cost $400,000 … what was that about starving children?

    You could probably buy mosquito nets for most of Zaire for that amount, and protect millions of children from disease.

    Monarchy, it’s just an offensive form of celebrity, made to make the rest of us feel like slaves.

  16. AntBee

    “Monarchy, it’s just an offensive form of celebrity, made to make the rest of us feel like slaves.”

    It is sad that you see yourself as a slave, but typical of far too many black folk.

    Nothing, or no one can make you feel like a slave except yourself

  17. Elaine

    With you all the way bro! What a waste, so counter to what’s needed, so reflective of what is wrong with excessive consumption of __________ (supply the word that fits)…

  18. lisa

    Sorry to burst peoples bubbles, but the majority of women I know watching it are single women who belive in fantasy of fairy tale romances……thus, the reason they are single…just sayin’!

  19. I have to agree with Dr. Boyce We have been socialized to care about others ore than ourselves. Our culture during slavery days actually had our mothers taking care of the White Woman’s children while our babies ran naked and barely eating back and forth through the plantations. Now we have choices to work ,read and make our lives better. I cannot do this and get my lifestyle on track watching a fairy tale that will never get within a mile of my ordinary but peaceful life. It’s alright for the Royals to have their lives but believe this they will never watch a sitcom about our mundane lives. I can bet on that especially ‘Black Lives” lol!!

  20. AntBee

    @Brenda Turner,

    It is amazing how little we think of ourselves!

    So, you think that all sitcoms featuring black folk was mundane?

    Many whites watch black sitcoms, and the so called “Royal’s” have a younger generation thrown into the mix who seem to up on almost everything!

    We must stop the habit of thinking that all people do not like black product, but mostly stop allowing your limited mind-set to think so lowly of us as a people that life about us has to be “mundane”, or that no one but black folk would watch it.

    WAKE UP!

  21. Patt

    I totally agree with Dr. Boyce. No one I know was interested in watching it. If they had been, I would have been disgusted even though it is their right to watch it. What a waste of time. We have got to be about the business of making lives better for ourselves, our families, our communities – not watching others enjoy and spend extravagantly.
    They do not care one bit about us.

  22. You are so right! We lived in Canada for 24 years, My husband in Canadian native from 6nations reserves. We feel as most there have felt…this is an affront to decent people who have any sort of priorities because the attention, focus, money and even gossip spent could have been so much better directed.I would cheer and dance for days (and I am old and disabled, lol) to see happen that of which you speak! Wrongs righted and the focus changed to take care of all of us. What makes it right to give attention and more $$ to those who do not remotely need it? The same that makes it wrong to take the focus and funds from those who do need it! If we really live in a democracy where everyone has a voice, why do we still have racism, inequality and desperate need (housing, food, health care). I would love to take the time to tell you about my needs not being met…however, I have my priorities in order. I understand and try to teach all within my reach how important is the ‘I am my borther’s keeper’ statement. In a country where freedom is prized though only enjoyed my 15% of the population at the expense of the remaining 85%, when will we have had enough. This is something worth the effort. isn’t it?

  23. marcus davis

    Can’t stand the royals and could,nt care less about the wedding i feel sorry for the british tax payer its them that paid for the damn thing.

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