Roland Martin Has a Back and Forth with Donald Trump on Twitter


Roland Martin has begun calling out Donald Trump on his Twitter page. This is what Martin had to say:


"Do not support Trump’s #CelebrityApprentice. He’s a travesty. I refuse to stay at Trump hotels; will NOT watch #CelebrityApprentice or buy products that continue to advertise on his show. He’s pathetic."


Donald Trump Then Replied:



“I am the least racist person on the planet. I have a great record on that, especially in terms of my friendships. And I have never heard of Roland Martin.”




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6 responses to “Roland Martin Has a Back and Forth with Donald Trump on Twitter

  1. EJ

    Can Donald Trump go the hell away and crawl under a rock. Trump is a racist and I have just heard of some information on a lawsuit from the 1970’s where he discriminated against renting to blacks. He is not self made. Daddy left you an empire in place. Trump has filed BK 3 times.. Run your companies and pay the bills. Stop runnng your mouth and you will certainly not win president either. You are an annoying joke to be considered a president.

  2. Ericaf

    Something that made me say HMMM. Donald Trump wants to run for President. Is he really? or is he trying to drum up support so he can have some fundraisers to get money. Are his businesses solid in this economy? I doubt that.Everybody is trying to hold on to their money no matter how rich they are. All I have to say is FOLLOW THE CAMPAIGN CONTRIBUTIONS that go to Trump.He is not worthy of that high office because he is a PETTY man. Remember the whole Rosie Odonnell at the view fiasco? Even now, the moment someone says something about him he acts like a woman.I will no longer watch The Apprentice(this was the first time I watched)and wont support his sponsors.Put a list of them out.Friday is Grocery Day.

  3. D.a.g

    If Mr. Trump never has heard of Roland Martin, why did he feel compelled to respond to him; furthermore, I was not aware the term less racist. Hey Donald, so you’re admitting to being a racist. You’re just less racist!

  4. afropick1

    I am calling on us all to call msnbc and say FIRE TRUMP!!

  5. James Chapman

    Money is power! It is time for our people to use our power. One way or another these rich cats have gotten rich on the backs of the middle class, poor people, and working poor.

  6. Avis

    When black men are in power even the so called most tolerent caucasian male gets upset! It seems to me that Trump really has it in for the President. Now it’s the Presidents’ grades at Harvard. Trump give it a rest. I never watched the Apprentice until this last program with LaToya. Dionne, Star and that group and I will not be watching again! I watched Trumps’ body language as the president roasted him while everyone else laughed Trump rocked back and forth with no smile of fun on his face he was in raged. Trump claims he has black friends well he did not go out looking for them they wanted to be in his company and they might take another look at there so called friend, their band wagon friend! I will make sure I am not buying the products that sponsor his show!

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