Whoopi Goldberg Calls Donald Trump Out for his Racism


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It appears that Whoopi Goldberg has had enough.  The host, who normally defends men accused of racism (i.e. Mel Gibson and Ted Danson), found herself highly offended by Donald Trump’s reference to President Obama playing basketball and then stating that Obama was not qualified to get into Harvard. 

In a recent statement, Trump said that he hopes the president “gets on the phone or gets off his basketball court or whatever he is doing at the time” and pressure OPEC to lower gas prices.

Whoopi said that as a person who was raised to always look beyond race to find ways to explain the behavior of others, she could not find any way to explain Trump’s behavior other than flat out racism.  The video is below:

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4 responses to “Whoopi Goldberg Calls Donald Trump Out for his Racism

  1. AntBee

    Hoo-Ray for Whoopie!

    I once thought Donald trump was a fairly cool guy, however his racist outbursts and disrespect of our President has left me with little respect for him. I no longer see him as anything but a closet racist, and a small, scared man.

    Frankly, he is acting like a man going through male menopause, or perhaps suffering from a mid life crisis!

    Good -by Mr. Trump. You have lost the respect of most Black people, and many others as well.

    I wonder where he keeps his hood & robe?

  2. Who could possibly think Donald Trump cool? Nevertheless. Of course Mr. Trump is a white racist. Most whites are racists but many don’t realize this. Tim Wise can fill you in on the particulars. Look him up!

    Birthers and racist haters are part of the ‘American’ fabric. They are part of what keeps the masses in the desperate fix we find ourselves.

    What many will never be able to understand is that our life’s existence in this country is a compilation of ruses and hoaxes of which are too flamboyant and pervasive to believe. It takes a lot of piecing together incidents and coincidences to draw this conclusion, but once realized will explain practically everything that we Americans, and the world experiences.

    After all is said and done birth certificates of politicians are the least of our problems. But as I’ve already stated. Most people find this all to intense to believe. Easier for them to believe in an Omnipotent being which makes everything so.

  3. AntBee


    A lot of people may think he was cool!

    I like the support he gave to many organizations/foundations that helpe Black folk for one thing!

    Also, your statement that most white folks are racist is your opinion, not fact, however due to your experiences you may think that way.

    Are most Black people racist?

  4. I think that everybody have prejudices, but not everyone is racist. But what knocks me out is the number of Black conservatives who are racist toward their own people. It’s absolutely amazing.

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