President Obama Releases His Official Birth Certificate

White House releases Obama birth certificate

Your Black World reports

President Barack Obama has officially released the long form of his birth certificate in response to the questions about whether or not he was born in the United States.  Originally, the president had only released the short form copy, which led to speculation that he was born abroad.

The “Birther Movement,” built around trying to prove that President Obama was born elsewhere, has grown and even Donald Trump has gone on a major media campaign to publicly question President Obama’s birthplace.  Trump’s campaign has been called racist, and the White House has referred to the Birther Movement as a “political sideshow” that does little to add to meaningful debate.

CNN recently aired an investigation that they claim puts the birth certificate controversy to rest.  In the series, the network goes to Hawaii to carefully examine the birth certification process, and they also dig to find newspaper announcements of President Obama’s birth.  A recent survey showed that roughly one-fourth of all Americans didn’t believe that President Obama was born in the United States.  The majority of the non-believers were Republican.


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