Judge Says Kelley Williams-Bolar Can’t Visit Tonya McDowell

by Dr. Boyce Watkins, Your Black World – Scholarship in Action

I just spoke with Kelley Williams-Bolar, the mother in Ohio who’d been arrested for sending her child to a school outside her district.  Her goal had been to go to Connecticut this week to support Tonya McDowell, the second black mother in months to be prosecuted for the same offense.  To our surprise, the judge in Kelley’s case, Patricia Cosgrove, denied Kelley the right to travel across state lines.

I find it interesting that this law-abiding mother, who simply wanted a better life for her children, finds herself forced to go through life with a probation hanging over her head, having her freedom restricted by judges and prosecutors who are determined to perpetuate the nightmare for Kelley and her family.

Kelley’s situation (as well as the fact that they are continuing to persecute her ailing father in Ohio, likely due to the attention her case received) is a reminder of how otherwise productive citizens are having their rights violated by a system that will spend scarce resources to keep them locked up instead of helping them to get access to equality in a broken and racist educational system.  I am perplexed by the decision of Judge Cosgrove to keep Kelley trapped in Ohio, for I can’t imagine what illegal activity she thinks Kelley might be engaged in, other than (gasp) helping another black woman protect her family from a system that is determined to destroy them.

Welcome to American Racism 101, where it’s now open season on poor black mothers in America.

Dr. Boyce Watkins is the founder of the Your Black World Coaltion.  To have Dr. Boyce commentary delivered to your email, please click here.


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9 responses to “Judge Says Kelley Williams-Bolar Can’t Visit Tonya McDowell

  1. Sigmasoul

    Dear Sir:
    The three things used against African Americans are health care, education and the criminal justice system.
    Children attending schools outside of their district for a better education. And placing both mothers under the criminal justice system. See the above-mentioned statement.
    Understand this and you will understand why these situations occur.

  2. Aaron

    It’s becoming increasingly obvious the judicial system is showing it’s racism more now than before in full view of the world. The sad part is to try removing these hateful racist gentiles from the benches.

  3. Aaron

    Maybe she should contact the SPLC or the ACLU for redress and legal assistance.

  4. Stephen

    If a person is homeless, what address do they use when they want to send their kids to school. And where is the child now that the notorious mom has been strip searched and thrown in jail?

  5. It has occured to me that people are just mean. I have not seen “justice for all” in many years, and now where is the “liberty”. People we have got to stop the killing, and speak out. We should be tired of one sided LAWS, BAD TEACHERS, JUDGES WITH FAT CHECKS, and PEOPLE THAT DON’T VOTE. This is our America as well as the next person.

  6. this is a situation to undermined africian americans childerns to have the right to a good decent education as white counterparts and i think this city in ohio should be fought from on legal angles to include a class a poeeible class action law suit in the said court this is racism at its worst! truly; stan!

  7. The push from administrators to get ‘parents’ involved in school life has come to a most violent place. Getting the law involved in family issues always results in situations like this… a parent who cares and is involved in their child’s education is now in jail… Let us not allow frustration to rule our planning and decision making. This ‘law’ although making a statement on the importance of parent involvement and success in school, demonstrates to me that the decision to initiate it, is as immature as a pre-pubescent girl.

  8. Jahkia

    So much energy is wasted on trying to understand why these cave people do what they do. They lack melanin, thus humanity. How much longer will we suffer. Come out from amongst her my people. SEPARATION is the only answer!

  9. Jessica

    This same thing happen to me, I am black in an all white area, I want to contact these women, please e-mail, also I have some info that may help these women.

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