Huffington Post: Women Should Not Be Arrested For Sending their Children to School


by Dr. Boyce Watkins, Huffington PostYour Black World Coalition

When I heard about the case of Tonya McDowell, the homeless mother sent to jail for sending her 5-year-old son to the "wrong" school district, I immediately thought back to the case of Kelley Williams-Bolar not long ago. I wondered how the world has gone mad enough to somehow think that it should be against the law for mothers to find ways to get their children access to a high quality education.

As a result of this homeless single mother having the audacity to get her child into a good school, she is being charged with first-degree theft and also being asked to repay the $15,686 it allegedly cost to educate her child in the Norwalk, Conn. school district. No one cares that this family has no home. No one seems to care about what will happen if this child grows up without the only woman on earth wired to love him unconditionally. No one seems to care about the massive costs to the state of prosecuting this mother and eventually the child, as we deliberately trap them in an intergenerational cycle of poverty and criminal justice. All that seems to matter is that they keep this little boy out of their school.

When we formed our coalition to support Tonya’s situation, we were initially confused about the school predicament in Connecticut. If the schools in Ms. McDowell’s own district had been adequate in the first place, there would be nothing to prosecute (even though she told me that she lived in a van in Norwalk, making it legal for her to educate her child in that area). So, perhaps local officials should also be prosecuted for unconstitutionally denying Ms. McDowell’s child his educational opportunities.


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2 responses to “Huffington Post: Women Should Not Be Arrested For Sending their Children to School

  1. Of course you’re going to see this kind of injustice:

    The country is being reformatted so to speak. The common citizenry fought the wealthy elite to win a part of the understanding of rights their (elite), constitution was created to impart.

    Take a closer look at the history of this country. Remember how it was formed. Remember the lives that were taken so that Great Britain could add one more land mass to its collection. Continue to follow the growth of this country. See how millions of lives were lost in the fight of the ‘Elite’ against their British ruler/owner. Once these elite gained ground the only immediate quest was to gather up everything of worth under their powerful control. The common citizen meant nothing to them then, and they mean nothing to them now.
    Poor and working-class whites meant nothing to them then as now. Africans who were slaves, then after bloody war freed, meant nothing to them then, and the descendants mean nothing now.

    Now, as always, the only thing that truly matters to the elite is wealth, power, and ‘Manifest Destiny’, or should I say World domination. In the elite’s quickened pace to ‘have it all’ the citizenry has lost all rights that many fought and died for. The common citizenry are kept confused as they are robbed of their substantial wealth stolen through taxation which has always been without representation. We are so confused and miseducated (among other things), that we tend to help those same elite rob us and use us. Witness this as, just as then, commoners are used to fight the elite’s battles. They do now, just as then, without realizing that they are thought of by the elite as nothing more than chattel to be used.

  2. Jana

    Let the church say “AMEN!”

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