Why Tonya McDowell Had to Break the Law to Get Her Child an Adequate Education

Black / White Achievement Gap, 2009 NAEP 8th Grade Reading (shown in Years)


Dr. Boyce Watkins, Your Black World 

According to data from the National Center for Education Statistics, Connecticut leads the nation in the achievement gap between black and white students.  This might explain why Tonya McDowell, the homeless mom who was recently arrested for sending her child to a school in the Norwalk, CT School district, had to go the extra mile to get her child into a situation where he might have a chance at educational success.


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One response to “Why Tonya McDowell Had to Break the Law to Get Her Child an Adequate Education

  1. Education and Progress Denied!

    It would seem that everyone should eventually understand that we live in a topsy turvy country. It’s been this way from the very beginning. Nothing is as it seems and nothing is as it should be. It is a system built for ‘white’ people and against ‘blacks’. It has never been a system which wanted to actually support us. The reason the system is so dire and blatantly racist, is because it does not want to share the prosperity and goodwill with ‘blacks’ and other ‘people of color’.
    If it were a [regular] ‘European’ country without so many other peoples as citizens, it would be as they are, with proper health-care and education distributed fairly and generously. It is not an all Anglo country therefore those Anglo’s who own and run it go through great lengths to keep it from catering to all citizens.

    After all of the people who have struggled, and suffered, protested, and died to bring equality and justice for all. Here we are still sliding into the abyss with so much ignorance, racism, prejudices, injustices, discrimination, poor education, no education, miseducation, and so forth.

    After all is said and done, and a ‘black’ child is educated, one must wonder what good does it do the overall prospects of the rest of those who aren’t fortunate enough to reach that pinnacle? For every one ‘black’ or ‘brown’ child who reaches the ‘American Dream’ pinnacle there are thousands, or millions who fall by the wayside.

    When these whom do reach that ‘American Dream’ pinnacle, with its distorted education system. What is their final outcome? What contributions are they to make to the ‘Manifest Destiny’ of ‘White America’? Because that is what it all boils down to in the long-run. All power and wealth still flow to those who would just as well deny the rest of us sustenance.

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