Tonya McDowell Update: The Parents of Connecticut Come Together

From Dr. Boyce Watkins:

As you know, the Your Black World Coalition is seeking justice for Tonya McDowell, the single mother who was arrested for sending her child to the “wrong” school district (similar to the case of Kelley Williams-Bolar a few months ago).

I just spoke yesterday with Gwen Samuel from the Connecticut Parents’ Union.  She has informed me of the situation on the ground in Connecticut with regard to educational inequality.  As in many other cities across the nation, the schools in Norwalk, CT (where Ms. McDowell sent her child) are far superior to the schools in Bridgeport, CT (where she was legally expected to send her little boy).  Therefore, while we can’t say for sure exactly why Ms. McDowell broke the law to send her child to the Norwalk school system, it is clear that there is a strong incentive to break the law to get access to a quality education.

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3 responses to “Tonya McDowell Update: The Parents of Connecticut Come Together

  1. Ruth

    This is so outragious. When is the fund raiser, could you please publicize it so people can support this mother. Now if she let the child run the streets, then they would villify her. But she is homeless and still looking to educate her child and they arrest her? Unbelievable, how do these people sleep at night?

  2. @murmur55

    Disgraceful behavior on the part of the prosecutors. These cases are some of the worst examples of the dominator culture that sets people up to fail and then beats them down when they attempt to rectify their status and obtain basic human needs.

    The dominator culture demands that you “show up, put up and shut up”. It will “use you, abuse you and lose you”. Jail is the ultimate destination for those who must be silenced and kept out of sight. That’s why we have so many of them.

    Notice how none of the dominators in the system have stepped forward to pay off the debt or offer to switch places in jail.

  3. Kate Jones

    She shouldn’t have done it, but I respect her for loving her son enough to take risks she shouldn’t have to take. This seems like a great argument for vouchers which would have legally allowed her to send her son to the school of choice. Support vouchers for social justice.

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