President Obama Becomes Irritated with Texas Reporter

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In the video below, President Barack Obama is in an interview with a Texas reporter who seems to test his patience. This is not surprising, since Texas is likely the most hostile state toward the president.  They’ve been vocal about actually leaving the United States in protest to Obama’s election.  One can’t help but to connect the state’s anger toward Obama with the fact that Texas also happens to be arguably the most racist state in America, with black male incarceration rates that can be described as nothing less than a holocaust. 


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34 responses to “President Obama Becomes Irritated with Texas Reporter

  1. msraingirl2

    since this president and others know this is a holocaust state for Blacks why don’t someone in this government do something about it. These Texans are just people like the rest of us. They must be dealt with. If they want their own utopia let them have just leave innocent people alone. We as a nation have been too docile about this issue of blatant racial hatred It cannot take another 500 years to stop this madness. We must do it now. It’s time for blacks all of us to “Man up”

  2. Linda

    Per Obama stand on Libya, I don’t have much sympathy for him. Obama sold us a lie. I am a forth-five 1st voter, and I contributed money & time to Obama’s campaign. He has disappointed me greatly. I really, really felt Obama would make changes, however; I found out he was just another puppet. He duped me, and I don’t like being duped. So, if Obama is cut off in a conversation, he needs to be, per his false claim of change. Maybe if enough so-called white ppl continue to disrepect him, then maybe he will come to his senses. I haven’t forgot him denouncing The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan @ the request of Hilliary Clinton. He’s a house n….., until he can openly prove otherwise.

  3. Wallace Harris

    This is rhe Preident of the United States and I think the white media should stop second quessing him, and give him the respect he deserves.

  4. James

    Pres. Obama is like anyone who gets into politics. Once you’re there the fight begins. It’s nice to be hopefull that you can change things in this government that have been there for years however it’s another thing being able to do it.. Obama has passed more significant legislation in the last two years than any of his predecesors. Have you forgot he is the “first” African American President? Did you’all really think he was going to change the world in his first 2 years? Evil forces are working overtime to try to derail him. Racial hatred will never leave our society because it’s solution is too simple.The defeat of racial hatred begins when Caucasions decide to be fair. Whites will never give up their un-earned privileges. Republicans and the Tea Party fanatics have made being a racist popular and there are thousands of people who have been waiting for the time they can come out of the shodows into main stream America.Obama has done a great job, can he do better, hell yes!! To all of those who are discouraged because he couldn’t walk on water his first term, give him a second term so he can show you how he will “float like a butterfly and sting like a bee”. Have you noticed his walk? He is going to make all of us very proud, black, white, jews and gentiles. “Stay the course” “Change is coming”.

  5. J D Hill

    Linda makes loosely woven claims that Obama sold his supporters a lie. Just what specifically is it that Obama could have done alone as President that he has not done? The man is a pragmatic intellectual. He weighs a situation and proceeds to do the best with what he has and with what he can get! He negotiates where and when he has to in order to avoid stalemate.
    If we want Obama to keep all of his campaign promises, then we have to give him a majority in the House as well as in the Senate. America is not a dictatorship or a complete oligarchy.

  6. Elle A

    So you REALLY in your adult mind thought that President Obama could solve the U.S. problems in 2 1/2 years…..REALLY??? I feel sorry for people like you who really believed and still do believe that. Patience is a virtue. Evidently, everyone gave all the patience in the world to the Bush administration that took its dear sweet time over the course of 8 years to put us in the situation we are in now. Grow up…this is a country with over 300 million people….there is no way in the world that our problems are going to be fixed that soon.

  7. qboro

    For all of you attacking Linda, has Obama actually fought for change? Maybe she was a little too idealistic. You blind supporters of Obama kill me.

  8. bonita

    The reporter I think is a republican who had to try President Obama and from what I saw he caught it from the President and that is as it should have been respect the man

  9. Jo



  10. Ben

    I don’t like the characterization of “argued” the President did become irritated, but nor argumentative. As POTUS he should be accorded the opportunity to fully answer a question without being interrupted. I have never seen a President disrespected so consistently as President Obama. Hell half the time people don’t even refer to him as President. Besides I think he needs to get a little “edgy” sometime. I think he’s tried so hard to avoid the characterization of “angry Black man” that he has failed to get angry when it is warranted.

  11. Richard Packard

    HELLO! WAKE UP TIME ! This is not the “post-racial” America people think it is, its “core” is the same United States of America it was when it was founded some two hundred thirty-four years ago. The African American had absolutely no part in the writing of the “founding documents” that this entire government is based upon. Black folk ‘got on board’ per-se eighty-nine years ‘after’ the country was officially formed and have been seeking “all men are created equal” every since. President Obama is a politician who has the privilege of sitting in “the seat” that is the most powerful seat in the world, but he does not have the power! Unfortunately his ancestor (Kenyan side) is not the part that represents the “cultural continuum” that is reserved for Euro-white folk which his mother and her parents represent. African Americans can identify with the “kenyan” side but the white side can’t and won’t. Former Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice said it best, “America was born with a birth defect”, racism and we all know if our child is born with a “birth defect” it is inoperable, incurable and will be a part of the child’s existence until it no longer exist (death). We can wish ourselves into oblivion, we can march until our feet fall-off, we can speak until our tongues fall out of our mouth, but the United States will “always” be racist because that is sown into its very fabric of existence. The only hope for equality is found in the “Second Coming” of Christ, all else is ultimately in vain. I don’t mean stop striving for justice, peace and equality but it is not going to happen in any of our lifetime, period!

  12. And let the church say, “Amen”!

  13. Alberta K. Wilson

    Thank you Hill for so intelligently stating your case. Why are we so easily fooled by all of the negative press about the President? We need to be more educated and stop buying into what is being subliminally and not so subliminally put into our heads. For God sake, at the very least, one need to look at this man’s accomplishments since being in office.
    President Obama is a President for all people, not just African American!

  14. Alberta

    I couldn’t agree with you more. Whatever happened to “doing unto others as you would have them do to you?” Doesn’t this apply to everyone? Or was this intended only for caucasions?
    Most of these hate mongers will have you believe they are Christians…

  15. Sherrie

    One thing that I’ve never understood about black people is our disloyalty to each other. We can turn on each other quicker than any other race. President Obama is really trying to make things better, but what do we do, we criticize him. We truly need to stop the madness and learn some loyalty. We have been some of the most hated people ever, but when it comes to our own, we turn against him. This man has a hard task ahead of him and if any support should be given it should be given from us. I believe that he is genuinely trying to do his best! Stop the craziness.

  16. Ms.Kedra

    Obama needs to get a back bone period. Stop worrying about being an angry black man and stand his ground. One thing you can say about Bush if you like or hated him he stood his ground and that was that. White people would not disrespect him if he took control and acted like he was commander in chief. Really he needs to man up. I agree with Dr. Cornell West. Obama needs to be clear and firm in his decisions.

  17. DENISE


  18. Linda

    Do you all remember the African women that was asked to resign for the President, per FOX news showing a sound bite. This woman was humiliated before the whole world; he should have investigated 1st.

    I have been following conversations from our president, so I am not speaking in thin air. Obama and my son was born on the same day, so I really thought he was The One. Obama is a puppet, the democratic and republican party is woven together, they answer to the ones behind the scene. Obama took an order from Hilliary Clinton during the campaign jjust to get elected, never considering how that would make the other party involve feel. (just like he did the black woman that he asked to resign)

    You guys should stop listening to the mainstream media, and do your own research. He fooled us all, and you guys don’t even see it. The poor is still being harmed, while the rich continue to prosper. Don’t let the handsome face fool ya.

  19. Aaron

    Linda, I’m not at all surprised at your anger at our President Obama, mainly because you feel you were “duped”? What did you expect from him, a six figure executive position, a new house, luxury vehicle? Yes, he campaigned on “change”! Apparently you weren’t aware the republicans blocked everything he attempted to bring about with change, hence the party of “NO”! When did he ever denounce Minister Farrakhan? Not surprising you called him a house n…..! I take the ultimate offense to that negative, denigrative description of our President, because you’re no different than many Gentiles with the same attitude, in fact you may very well be one. But assuming you’re an African-American, I’ll give you the respect you do not hold for our history making African-American President. You’ve retained too much of that slave mentality…washer woman! You can call me a Jew Bastid, but I’m a proud Jew supporter of President Barack Obama!
    And I will vote again for his second term, I don’t have the crab basket mentality and also will stick with my brother, obviously something you haven’t learned…..cohesiveness! Sistah!! ugh, you sicken me!

  20. Aaron

    qboro, lavish affection where the sun doesn’t shine on that particular side of the street and when you’ve finished puckering, give Linda her share.

  21. Aaron

    Amen Jo, Amen!!

  22. Aaron

    Again you’re talking about what “Linda” did! You weren’t the only one that donated! There were countless people that sacrificed for his election Boo!
    You must be a single female with a miserable existence, get a good man than get a life……Boo!
    : ) You need some loving baddddddddd!

  23. Alberta

    I had hope by now that we would have grown and become more close knit as a race, but i couldn’t be more wrong and am more and more convinced that the Willie Lynch mentality and curse is certainly alive and well. We should be able to disagree without being disagreeable.
    I pray that we will one day see the light, then and only then will the Harry T. and Harriett V. Moore, and the likes of Martin Luther King, Jr., would not have died in vain.


  24. Alberta

    Amen Sistah!

  25. Alberta

    Come on, no need for us to insult each other.

  26. Linda

    I worked vigorously for the Obama campaign, and spent money that I could have put to good use, going in areas where I knew my life was in jeopardy to campaign for Obama. I was allowed the opportunity to stand up in class telling them why I support Obama, and encouraged my classmate to do the same.

    I was one, prior to Obama running for President, that never watched much News. But, upon me making the decision to vote for the 1st time @ age 43, the News media and the internet was my food day & night. So, I am not speaking out of thin air. I see the Obama that was running for President and the Obama that’s President. The American ppl, mainly blacks, were sold a dream. If Obama didn’t have the balls to stand up against big government, than he shouldn’t have ran for office. It’s ever you are for a cause or against it, he however; is playing both sides, and its very dangerous.

    I loved Obama very, very much, but he has greatly disappointed me. He was against the war. I didn’t give raises in Soc Sec., however; he has sent monies to fight in Lybia, however; he didn’t bring in the National Guards to fight against the Tea Party. Why wasn’t Sarah Palin charged for provoking the incident in Arizona?

    I can go on and on. But, I advise all of you who disagree w/ me. The go on Youtube, and Watch the “Illuminati Project.”
    We all have been duped…..

  27. Linda

    Aaron, you sound like you are gay, but did I insult you. And, sex is not the answer, and a man can’t solve all problems, only God can. AIDS is real! Aaron you have a mighty name, but you replies are very offensive and un cause for. If we are going to debate, less be decent, and humane.

  28. Linda

    Sex is not the answer Aaron, and it’s very easy to obtain, But AIDS is real. A man is not always the answer to a single woman’s problems, but God is always the solution. But, I ask that we have a decent humane debate, lets stop the bashing, it’s very ignorant. And yes, I am a MAD black woman.

  29. Linda

    I am a 1 woman’s army, I don’t give a damn about their attacks. Many of them won’t even do their research. I truly hope I am wrong, I want only the best for my people. Obama bailed out the banks, but hurt the ppl who need it the most, those drawing Soc. Sec benefits. (living on the same income since he’s been in office) Food, gas, and everything is rising, but your income. Obama hurt me dearly. I thought he was one among many, but I don’t see the guy that was running for office anymore, I see business as usual. He bowed down to these liars and thieves, and forgot his mission, which was to bring down their establishment. I man that is not wiling to die for something, is not a man worth living, MLK.

    My son was born on Aug 4th, as he, but he is not being the LION, that he was born to be. I am a LION, as well, But, I bow to NO ONE, but GOD.

  30. Linda

    I Obama claimed all during his campaign that he was going aftert these speical interest groups, big banks, etc… However; when he got in office, what did he do? Bail out!!! Who? Surely not the Poor folk and middle class he spoke of during the campaign. He said, ” He was going to end the war. Has it ended? In fact, we are now fighting against Lybia, oh I’m sure John McCain is happy to assist in this. They have Obama fighting against his own people. Just like they got Obama to denounce Minister Louis Farrakhan before the whole world. He chose the bad guys over the good guys.

    There is a plot against muslim countries, all based on a bunch of lies, extortion, greed, etc… Obama is busy trying to save his own life. If he is not equipped to stand up against big government, than he needs to be man enough to apologize to the American ppl, especially the poor ppl & middle class, in whom; he duped, and step down.

    He is an embarassment to our race. Our ancestors shed a lot of blood, and we didn’t vote him in to rub shoulders with these corrupt leaders. Where is MY CHANGE HE PROMISED ME!!!!!!

  31. Aaron

    Linda I don’t have to prove my manhood to you because I was joking about what you needed, for all I know you could be gay! First off. with my wife and children went door to door in areas you didn’t feel safe, what areas? We were helping his campaign throughout the inner-cities and felt more secure than in any suburban gentile strong holds. I grew up in a city deemed the worse in the nation yet my family did not join the mass exodus. Our neighbors were family, we stood with each other through thick and thin, shared food and what little money we had because all Jews don’t have silver spoons! I abhor any Black, Gentile or Jew that says disparaging remarks about our President Obama, if he didn’t do enough for you, than seek gainful employment elsewhere “washer woman”! You have nerve saying he didn’t have balls, he took over the reins when this country was going down the toilet, you haven’t mentioned a word of what G.Bush has done and won’t open your fat mouth about that! My buddy is sitting besides me, he says you’re just another of those wannabe republican kneegros!

  32. Alberta

    Speaking of doing research, any reasonably intelligent person would know that for the short time the President has been in office he has done a way above average job in spite of being attacked and fought from every side by the hardline conservatives and some not so conservatives hoping to derail him – publically stating that they hope to be his Waterloo… These detractors are determine to not let President Obama make the CHANGES he so desperately want to make. YOU SHOULD BLAME CONGRESS!
    On April 22 Sherie was right on target when she shared that, “One thing she’d never understood about black people is their disloyalty to each other. They can turn on each other quicker than any other race.” she is so right and this phenomena seems to be continuing.
    Personally I am going to expend less energy on trying to convince some people of the fine job our President continues to do and more time on working to get him re-elected so he may continue to do the work for ALL Americans.
    Please join me…

  33. Lain

    I see it both ways…and yes, I sent money, and had high hopes for the president like all of us. What disappoints me is that Obama failed to grab the bull by the horn; he instead caved in to the right and it made him seem weak on genuine leadership. Obama is not in the category of Linden B. Johnson, Teddy Roosevelt, or Lincoln, who all stood up to the unpopular opinion. Obama is too busy trying to be a bipartison leader, blacks are disappointed as well as whites. I don’t see how he can win a second term. He cannot be trusted. And I’m not going to make up any excuses for his business as ususal tactics in the white house. We were all blatantly mislead on some level. Obama is an intellectual, yes! But a strong leader for change, I have to say NO. Having said that I express outrage toward the T partiers for their lies and audacious sense of entitlement. They forget that this country was stolen, from one group and built by another. They have no rights to anything, except the right to pay back reparations.

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