The Obamas Take a Pay Cut



 Your Black World  Reports


It appears that the Obamas earned two-thirds less this year than they did last year.  According to their tax returns, Michelle and Barack Obama earned “just” $1.7 million this year, after earning $5.5 million last year.  The family also gave 14% of their income to charity.

The decline in income is due to the fact that President Obama’s books, “Dreams from My Father” and “The Audacity of Hope” are not selling as well as they did in the past.


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2 responses to “The Obamas Take a Pay Cut

  1. What a corrupt media is able to report about a corrupt government office and its officials must be held in suspect. Nothing is as it appears and if we accept anything from this kind of racist and lopsided society tosses at us, then we are clearly the fools.

    In other words we should expect that the media has been told to lead us to believe that the Obamas took a decline in wealth income in a certain period when we should all be aware that everyone in the upper echelons of society have financial advisers etc. who help them shield their true wealth, and secretly deposit large sums in offshore secret accounts.

    Try to get the crooked big banks to give out the names of the people who cheat their tax responsibilities and post wealth that is untraceable and you will see how fast they clamp down.

    We should know by now that we are being conned, and hoaxed. We should know that no wealthy people, with their built in greed factor should be in control of the masses of hard working and poor peoples.

  2. Diehl

    Seriously, you have issues. Who cares what he makes, it is far less than most of our previous President’s. And since he came into office a relatively speaking; poor man, if he made 6 ml what does that have to do with you?
    You spew much rhetoric, I am interested to know how many poor people do you really know? And if it were not for some rich folks non of us real poor folks would have anything. You don’t like Obama I got that,; but who would you like to see in office? Because honestly Wizard Mr Obama was the first Black viable candidate we have ever had. Peace

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