Police Release Video of Black Teen Being Shot

Your Black World Reports

The shooting of 18-year old Andre Pitts in Brooklyn is nothing short of a tragedy.  In order to find the killer of Pitts, the NYPD has released the video of the teen being shot as he enters into an elevator.  To date, gun violence is the number one killer of African American males, and efforts to slow down the manufacture and sale of guns have failed.  


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2 responses to “Police Release Video of Black Teen Being Shot

  1. This is a damn shame. For New York to have the toughest laws on the books about guns, this is totally out of control. This is being sent to all the men and women of this unit. There are a bunch that are from New York and New Jersey. I hope they catch that B@3$%D before one of us does.

    Colonel D.X. “SIXX” PRINCE

  2. I have a solution but it seems the dr never responds.
    please go to my website and see who I am and what I stand for

    How can I get a meeting with DR. boyce?
    I’d like to reach out by phone to him is that possible or do you only pass out the news?

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