Mo’Nique: Black Women Need to Learn to “Submit” to their Men

Dr. Boyce Watkins, Your Black World 

Mo’Nique and her guests seem to think that black women work too hard to take control in their relationships.  In the video below, Mo’Nique goes into what women need to do in order to keep a man happy in a relationship.   Her disposition seems to imply that black women have been taught to be too independent and this leads to the breakdown of their relationships.

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12 responses to “Mo’Nique: Black Women Need to Learn to “Submit” to their Men

  1. AntBee

    In her opinion, does keeping a man happy mean that you allow him to see other women?

    Apparently Ms. Monique ‘s relationship is “open”.

    Sorry, but that is not my idea of keeping a man happy!

  2. Pollard

    Maybe I missed it but no where in that video was anything said about men seeing other women. In many cultures men are the head of household with success. I think the one of the reasons women don’t like the statement is because of semantics. It’s all in how one interprets it. There are actually many people who embrace the philosophy of wives submitting to their husband…republicans, Islamic fundamentalist, Christians fundamentalist, many African cultures, executives, CEO’s and many successful families. Why do we have to be the ones with consistent discourse between the men and women? I understand that I have to go out and fight the good fight, but I’ll be damn if I ‘m going to come home and fight in my own house. Peace of mind is worth a great deal to me and if I have to be alone…then so be it.

  3. R.C.

    The couple that was on her show, their relationship is “open” as well.

    No thanks, I’ll pass.

  4. Hmmm… interesting

  5. Honee

    Nothing wrong with submitting to a man, if he is submitted/committed to GOD. A man that finds a wife finds a good thing and he treats her like something GOOD

  6. I agree brotha,see it’s the system that want’s discourse in our homes and our women just fall right into it because they don’t see the big picture.Divide and conquer, conquer from the inside out.and they need to stop thinking about them selves.

  7. DarkChild_KC

    Honey I agree. I can’t conceive the idea of just submitting to just any man. I also agree that some of us (black women) are so independent and strong, that we sometimes don’t know how to let a man BE the man. I’m not exactly sure of the extent that Mo’nique suggests, but I can understand the need to express it.

  8. rdstrength

    interesting… I think there are valid points here. As a man, I won’t lie – I like the idea, and as they said at the end, there is actually power in submitting – or maybe it is letting the man THINK he is the King – and that may be all there is to it… but it is always more complex than black & white, it boils down to nurturing your mate, it is a 2-way street – if he needs to feel like a King and you’re down with that – cool… but he needs to respect and give back what the woman needs put her on a pedestal… I’m probably old fashioned, but it is what I advised my daughter to do.

  9. Rob Brown

    I agree to a certain degree that there are some women that are so independent that they don’t allow themselves to reap the benefits of letting the man be the man. I know you can do everything that a man does but do you have too when you a got a man that will do it for you! Don’t get me wrong there are some men that women should not submitt to because they are not trust worthy. I am talking about the good brother that got the ladies best interest at heart. The problem is that so many women like the thug who use and dog them out. By the time that meet a good brother they are so cold and distant and unwillingly to trust that they are better off by themselves. Just keeping it real.

  10. Rev. LPW

    I truly agree it is a two way street. You and your mate need to come to an understanding of what your relationship look like, as well as how you define your love for each other. I have no problem treating my King as the King as long as he treats me like the Queen I am!

  11. Bunny

    i am so sick of the one sided conversation about submission. God made both male and female equal, He created them. the man was formed first from the dust of the earth and the woman was fashioned by putting Adam to sleep, performing the first surgical procedure and created the woman. It is seniority, first, then second, in that order; NOT superiority. I have a great father who has remained in my life and has always wanted me to know the Truth. I agree wholeheartedly that order is needed in our society, households, workplaces, sporting events, etc. the man was made aHead (or before) of the woman. I want to submit to a man who is a great communicator, who truly listens to my heart, respects my views, ideas and opinions, is secure in himself and can fall back when an idea I come up with is better. I don’t care who makes the most money, has the most education, can use the longest words. I am not one to believe that my mate/partner/spouse is my competition!

  12. Hey! I could have sworn I’ve been to this site before but after checking through some of the post I realized it’s new to me.
    Nonetheless, I’m definitely happy I found it and I’ll be book-marking and checking back

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