Marc Morial: Budget Deal’s HUD Cuts Will Harm Millions

by Urban League President Marc Morial

The continuing resolution that averted a shutdown of the federal government contains a potentially disastrous provision that would eliminate all funding for the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Housing Counseling Program.  To scrap this valuable program in the midst of the foreclosure crisis is incomprehensible. Since 2009,  HUD-approved housing counseling agencies have more than 4 million families with individual housing counseling.  These programs have worked to prevent mortgage delinquency for 2.6 million households, helping more than 800,000 avoid foreclosure.

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2 responses to “Marc Morial: Budget Deal’s HUD Cuts Will Harm Millions

  1. msraingirl2

    while I agree partially with you I am sure you know the target is black people. Having said that there are many who should never gotten a mortgage in the first place. The banks once again used blacks to their advantage and when the bottom fell out for the banks they threw blacks under the bus. They knew the possibility loomed greatly that the mortgage agreement would never come to frutition. The banks just got a lot of free money; recovered their properties and will resell them again and again. This is the type of corruption this country has thrived on for decades. Why are we surprised

  2. Jana

    Not being surprised does not make it right. Banks should be accountable as well, but agree they simply skated away with free money and left those citizens who bought the big lie holding the gab.

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