Dr. Boyce Fights with Black Conservative Armstrong Williams

Your Black World reports

In this audio clip, Dr. Boyce Watkins and conservative Amstrong Williams debate on “Open Line” on Kiss-FM in New York City.

Dr. Watkins and Mr. Williams stand on different sides of the ideological fence as it pertains to how to cut the national debt.  Williams argues that deep cuts in government spending are necessary, including Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security.  He says that the United States government is at risk of default within the next 10 years, which could send our country into an economic tailspin.

Dr. Watkins argues that social programs have been cut to the limit, and that it is the Bush tax cuts from 2001 that have created the massive national debt accumulated over the last 10 years.  Dr. Watkins argues that if the rich were simply asked to pay the same level of taxes that they were paying before the Bush tax Cuts, the deficits created under the Obama Administration would have been cut in half, due to higher government revenue.  Additionally, Watkins argues that higher spending under Obama is largely due to the unprecedented bailout that was needed to save banks, and is not the reason that the deficit has increased to current levels.  If the US were to withdraw from Iraq and Afghanistan and get rid of the Bush tax cuts, the budget could be rebalanced and the national debt could be reduced substantially.

You can listen to the debate by clicking here.

Dr. Boyce Watkins is the founder of the Your Black World Coalition. To have Dr. Boyce commentary delivered to your email, please click here. 



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8 responses to “Dr. Boyce Fights with Black Conservative Armstrong Williams


    Armstrong Williams is so pitiful! I don’t believe it is possible for anyone to have the deep self-hate that he does! It’s been so long since I have heard his name, I thought since “ole massuh Bush” left the WH, Armstrong had retired close to his beloved cotton on the plantation singing his favorite song, “I is comin’, ole massuh, I is heah;” to the tune of “ole black joe”

  2. Ed Williams

    Armstrong should be forced out of politics. Nuff said!!

  3. Richard Packard

    Dr. Boyce Watkins and Armstrong Williams both made valid points regarding the deficit and budgetary battle now taking place. Dr. Watkins point about “if” we could have the tax rate that was in 2000 with spending levels remaining at that same level, there wouldn’t be a deficit like we have now is valid. Also Mr. Williams’ point that taxing the wealthy “is not” enough, that there has to be some “cuts” in the entitlement programs along with tax increases for the wealthy. The idea of “raising” the retirement age of the young today would help off-set the increase cost of social security for the future is another valid point worth considering by both sides. The fundamental issue for black folk is to “create” an economic infra-structure for themselves, this has been spoken by Marcus Garvey, Elijah Mohammand to Malcolm X. American corporations are “white controlled” and until blacks begin creating their “own” corporations doing business internationally as well as nationally, they can not rely upon American corporations to provide them with jobs and opportunities. Unfortunately, blacks bought the idea that integration also meant job security and opportunities when in fact it just meant “social mobility” and the opportunity to walk through and visit affluent neighborhoods that you can not obtain because you don’t have a economic base or job! Black folk have entangled themselves in the “web” of government handouts and rules therein (which discourages self-sufficiency) and have become “addicted” to the idea that “they deserve” (generally speaking) rather than creating their own economic engine and financial base. This whole debate about national debt, tax rates, investments, etc. is over-the-heads of “most” black folk and is not a part of their everyday discussions, therefore, “our” input in critical-mass is limited in the public discourse of such matters, and the benefit we receive is reduced to the “scraps” thats left after the decisions are made.

  4. Shahid Raki

    Armstrong Williams and Michael Steele are two individuals I have come to dislike because they don’t seem to realize or care that they have become so insensitive to the well being of people who look like them. They have both gone over to the other side in their misguided thinking. I saw how Armstrong portrayed his thinking on “America’s Black Forum” and some of his comments were disrespectful to the guests that were on the show and disheartening to think that a black man could be so heartless, especially one who seems to be somewhat educated. Michael Steele has hopefully learned that no matter how educated and connected he is, there are still things that the other people will not allow us to, whether they be something considered ethically correct, but consciousnably questionable. I think Michael may have learned that he ain’t gonna git away wid what da ole boyz do. He rails against Pres. Obama as if he actually hates the man. That’s something else I don’t like to see coming from amongst us against us. When one of us is succeeding and trying to do something to help, don’t stand up and rail against them when possibly you might be jealous of what they have accomplished and you haven’t. We sometimes still act like crawdads in a bucket. This has got to stop now. We have the rougneck brothers who just resort in violent acts against each other and then we have the educatied brothers who use more subtle tactics against one another. One act may take a life, while the other will take away another’s since of self and possible livelihood. It’s not good either way because it’s still us against us.

  5. Jan Ramsey

    It also amazes me how our Black leaders surrounded Bill Clinton as though he was the Great White Hope and yet they only criticize President Obama. If we as a “people” used our UNITED voice and energy for a real cause like the Tea Party and rallied behind our President we could get our agenda accomplished. He is only ONE man (not Jesus) fighting a hostile Congress and a divided Senate, he inherited an out of control budget, two wars, and a mountain of world issues. He has the weight of the world on his shoulders and will never please everyone and can not just be the Black people President but has to be the President of the United States. Our Black leaders (ministers, educators, elected officials, military leaders, etc ) should be taking the issues to him not expecting him to bring home the bacon, chop it, dice it, cook it ,serve it up and spoon feed it. We have to do our part. Some seem to suffer from the “illusion of being included” when at the day you just served the other’s purpose.

  6. Larry Hall

    As a white man, I can’t believe you are crapping on the only hope you have had since Reconstruction. The guy has been in office for 2 years!!!! Give him time! He is so fine as is his family, and you should be so proud. It’s hard enough listening to the Tea Baggers, but when the Black commnuity gives up, i am lost.

  7. Shahid Raki

    One of the saddest/sorryiest comments I can remember from Armstrong Williams was when he was relating the time he spoke to former Pres. Ronald Reagan and how his face seemed to be all a glow from having that experience. I’m afraid that Williams has forgotten how much Raegan left us out of so many things in his 2 terms. Reagan tried to act like we had no racial problems in this country. That one thought let me know that there would be little if anything positive to come out of his terms in office. Gaining the Martin Luther King holiday was not of his doing. He was outvoted on and that is why we have the holiday. I hope his partnership with Stedman Graham has no adverse effects on Graham. I am very distrustful of our own who cower to those who are least like us.

  8. Jana

    Just never surprises that Armstrong, Michael Steel are Black men that find pleasure in throwing their heritage Under the bus all for a DOLLAR.

    Remember President Bush gave Armstrong $250,000 To trick Black Folk into supporting No Child left Behind when Bush and the Republicans were leaving all our Black Childrene Behind. Education Sec. Page is another one who participated in this venture to hurt the children as well

    When it became Public Knowledge that Armstrong Was give $250,000 to basically lie to the Black Community, President had to cut him loose and then he complained about having been left out in the cold by the Republican Party and all those Rich white folk and how he lost almost everything he was pretty up set

    Now he’s back again and apparently learned nothing from tht experience.

    Money as the Lord says, Is the Root of All Evil

    His next fall will be significantly much harder.

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