The Case of Rodney Stanberry: Incarcerated for a Crime He Did Not Commit

Dr. Boyce Watkins, Your Black World 

Rodney Stanberry was sent to prison for a murder that he didn’t commit.  There is currently an international campaign to secure Rodney’s freedom, as the Your Black World Coalition is joining forces with Rodney’s other supporters to convince the District Attorney to re-open Rodney’s case.  We’ll keep you updated on the situation as it evolves, but we encourage you to join the fight and find out the details for yourself.


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4 responses to “The Case of Rodney Stanberry: Incarcerated for a Crime He Did Not Commit

  1. What is happening in ‘America’ is that the ‘black’ man is totally disrespected, used, abused, and confused!

    What should have happened by now is that our so-called organizations should have requested that the issues of racism against us, the discrimination and lack of financial appropriation be forced onto the “government” to address!

    At every turn anyone ‘black’ who has access to the media, any media, should make it a point to have government address our very serious questions and our very serious problems. As it is wealthy ballers, singers, actors, politicians, upper echelon government officials, etc. of ‘black’ persuasion seem willing to keep their mouths shut and let the rest of us just suffer, and suffering has become second nature to ‘blacks’ in America.

    When the statistics are rattled off about our negative societal problems, it reads like a cause for a ‘State Of Emergency’, but in this country everyone is so hush hush and the government is so over-the-top. That our lives don’t seem worth a plum nickel.

    So I ask again. When will our so called leaders and famous people stand up for us? When will they sit idiots like Bill Cosby down? When will they stop praising charlatans and A-holes like Clinton and Obama and start raising hell?

    I say use every chance you get to let this skank government know how we really feel and what we expect them to do about it!

  2. I Agree, with Wizard G in this respect .. My Views and objectives relate to the fact there are so many influential people in this country that could take a Stand for ” Justice and Financial Disappropriation
    on many issues. One thing for sure, it seems as though when People get
    Wealthy, Some appear not to have the Love and Passion for those less fortunate… This Statement does not apply to all wealthy folks.
    Some of the Rich and Wealthy are so far removed from situations of having to balance a check book , needing money to get gas, and wondering how I am going to pay these bills.

    Referring to our Justice System…Prosecutors Sending Many Black Men and Women to Prison Daily for Crimes they know indeed these individuals did not committ. Makes you think the Message is ” They are Black, Who Cares?
    Same priniciple applies for Black Males being shot daily and weekly…
    No Questions asked, and those who Kill them are always ” Acquitted” Mainly if Death was caused by Law Enforcement, Because , No One Cares if it was an Innocent Black Male or Female…. Point being made is Society is saying…There is absolutely nothing wrong with killing African American Males, their Lives mean nothing to ” US” or their Families. You can’t avoid feeling this way with the amount of devastation , senseless crimes and murders being committed daily.

    Therefore, it is No Surprise another Innocent Black Male has been prisoned for a Crime he did not committ. No Money, No Good Defense.

  3. msraingirl2

    It makes one wonder just how influential blacks sleep at night knowing that there is so much unjust pain, hate and corruption imposed on blacks from every facet of our government. The prison complex syndrome , the cold blooded killings of blacks by white cops is mind boggling. This is proof that this country sees no value in treating blacks equal or recognizes blacks as human. the presidency of Obama only gave whites renewed reasons to boldly assault, kill blacks and send masses to prison just to prove that they can do anything they want to blacks with no consequences. As far as another black stepping up speaking out you can forget that; once they “Make it” they become as white as their so-called equals. LOL A black man , even the President of this country is seen as inferior and gets the same old “Boy stay in your place” responses from the White elites. Bill Cosby seems to be suffering from white fright clearly, he is black but he don’t know it. As for the Sharpton’s, Jackson’s,Jealous, Eric Holder crowd they are looking for acceptance, a seat at the proverbial table and to get their 5 min. of fame on the tube and a pay check and if it means kissing butt to get it so be it . Blacks are the only ethnic group who have continuously remained in an oppressed state with all the trimmings ie false imprisonment,physical abuse, continuous racial profiling and the inhumane chorus of blacks being only 3/5 human. All of these injustices are brought on by the government and its high rolling leaders. If the Koch brothers or Geo. Soros told the white house to deal with the racial issues in a positive way in this country it would be resolved yesterday but……. that will never happen. Education is one of the keys but even educated blacks catch hell trying to lift themselves above the entrenched norm of racial hatred and discrimination. There are still enough blacks to turn this miserable saga around but….. blacks just cannot seem to support one another in a strong positive way. We are too selfish, afraid, and have little or no will to make a change as evidenced by the historical struggle that we have endured for much too long. So we Pray clap our hand go to church every Sunday and remain steadfast in the morrow of sorrow.

  4. gcompany82

    I agree with this post wholeheartedly.There is no doubt a
    n agenda set aside by white society geared towards the annihilation of Blacks in every which way and that today even,we remain as a people,a captured nation oppressed by the very capitalistic system built upon our backs.there is no other recourse but a strong determined and concerted effort to get justice.My suggestion is to first attain economic strength and that through aquiring businesses and other money-making tools making them strong and viable enough to first sustain ourselves where we would no longer have to get employment from whites thus freeing ourselves from facing the day by day indignities that accompany servitude andmaking our communities able to manipulate and control the economic well being of those who want to oppress us .Garvey preached and practiced that rule andthereby aquired over 150 retail outletts in new york city,everyone in his organization worked for his UNIA organization and were for that time free from the opression of whites.In the Mississippi Delta region,there is a man by the name of Luke Edwards he is the Bishop of Victory Temple church. A student of Garvey,He led his flock in raising enough money to aquire 14 retail outletts including 5 motels and 7 restaurants ,all strong enough to provide employmentfor every member of his church.This church and its members also enjoy a greater deal of respect amoung local white law enforcement in the middle of what most perceive as the most racist area of the United States,…if they being black people can do that, just think what the rest of black america can do….lets be honest people,we will not get respect here in america untill we aquire the teeth of economic power

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