Republican Leader/Birther Puts Obama’s Face on a Chimp


by Dr. Boyce Watkins, Your Black World 

Orange County Republican Committee member Marilyn Davenport is in hot water after distributing an email that features President Obama as the child of a family of chimpanzees.  In the email, which was widely-distributed, the long-standing committee member sent out the picture with the caption, “Now you know why – No birth certificate!”

County GOP Chairman Scott Baugh has called for Davenport’s resignation, saying that the picture was "dripping with racism and is in very poor taste." He also referred the matter to the GOP Ethics Committee.

Davenport, however, seems to think that the email has nothing to do with racism.  Instead of taking responsibility for her insulting actions, she described the email as a “joke” and wanted to find out who leaked the email, writing “Anyone brave enough to come forward?”

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33 responses to “Republican Leader/Birther Puts Obama’s Face on a Chimp

  1. msraingirl2

    I will wait and see if she is fired~~ It seems as though the rest of the GOP bunch thinks it’s “funny” her personal joke although she did it on official time, equipment and during the course of her job. But she is a GOP honey and can do no wrong so I am sure she will not lose her job she will probably get a promotion. That’s just the way it is. Remember although Obama is not 100% black he has a drop of black blood that qualifies his as black so he is only 3/5 human or 100% chimp according to the depiction.

  2. AntBee

    This racist, red neck, low-life, white woman is a disgrace to the GOP.

    No one can be that stupid to think that her Email was not meant to be racist.

    She thought she was sending it to people who she thought would enjoy it, and get a good laugh.

    It backfired on her when at least one of her “friends” did not see it that way and decided to bring it out front.

    She has been declared a disgrace by members of the GOP, and they are asking for to resign.

    On top of being a low-down racist, she is a lier as well.

  3. What many seem to be unable understand is that very little of this kind of activity is done without a reason, and without participation on both sides (fake republican vs fake democratic political machine).

    Remember that Obama is aiming at a second term. His sweet lies may not be enough to sway an angry public twice, but little contrived psychological pieces like this, may incite some of the people to side with Obama. A man, mind you, who is not doing anything to help end racism and white power discrimination, and very little to help the overall social problems.
    We do see and hear how the elite’s multinational corporations etc. do not pay taxes and also get taxpayer financial enhancements in the billions. (They tell us that a nation’s leader is evil as they use our soldiers and taxpayer built war machines to go in and pillage) Isn’t that what these tyrants have always done?
    It appears that the elite intend to retain Obama, therefore everything tossed out to us by their pervasive media is intentional. Try to think about the motivations of a overly Anglo-Elite to use a ‘black’ face at this point of ‘Americas’ ongoing ‘Manifest Destiny”. Study long but don’t study wrong!

  4. truthceeker

    People have not noticed this but apes and monkeys have black hair covering theri white skin……and with those flat feet, you know that they had to be white skinned.

  5. Whats the world coming to????

    It’s funny how some white people think black people come from monkeys because they have got to be some of the hairiest creatures on earth. My goodness..have you seen a white man’s back and legs?? Now, if any human comes from a monkey, they need to look a little closer at their roots and stop obsessing over ours.

  6. Scientist and biologist have placed all humans into the same genus as the chimp. No one is exempted.
    To degrade the chimp by portraying it as something to be loathed, and an animal to be separated from, is to make understood who the true beasts are in this world. The chimp is a precious animal It is one of millions of precious but exploited animals. These exploited animals have not done the kind of damage to humans, or other animals that we are guilty of. Chimps and other animals have not brought the world close to total annihilation of all species and plant life.
    It should actually be honorable to equate oneself with a chimp, but our minds are too conditioned and corrupted to see the irony.

    What is also a subject to take note of is that everything we are subjected to is preconceived and generally contrived by some very sneaky tyrants. We are controlled by ill-willed men, but cannot see how they play the hoaxes on us.

  7. Avery

    I agree with WizardG, it is very easy for Obama to use black people for his political gain. Obama administration will use the media for his re-election and thats it. Black people think, why would this come out now? We are bankrupt and the president has no answers he needs someone to feel sorry for him.

  8. ronnie patrick

    This TEA PARTY is the CLAN and it needs to be dealth with. I am sick about this article and we need to man up in forces and deal with this. I have never heard of any President in history being tormented like our President Obama. It is down right sad and mad these TEA PEOPLE are. Now tell me what are we going to do about this terrible unjust that has just happened to the President? My God how terrible is this makes me sick and mad at the same time.

  9. AntBee


    Your statement/post was foolish.

    “needs someone to feel sorry for him”?

    Please stop the stupidity!

  10. Remember When

    Just a reminder and a wake up call that there are people out there in low and high places that think like that and they always will. Remember they threw a black cat on the field when Jackie Robinson came to bat. They stopped after Jackie hit home runs. They don’t wanna get Obama mad.


    whites always SAID”” there will never a BLACK MAN IN THE WHITE HOUSE!!!!THIS is what they ALWAYS said,,,,but if i was YOU i take my monies from being in the white house for (4) years and my family,,and sit back and enjoy life….for it took one clown to put the USA,,,in a BAD situartion that its in now, so let the other clowns put the USA in the bread & chesse line…that will put us back to the 20″s & 40″s depression,,,,but no worries for you or your family….so it would be the clowns and the tea party.. WHO.both hate BLACK PEOPLE,,,,but the tea party seems to forget what happens to the black people is going to happen to them…SIR TAKE THE MONIES YOUR FAMILY AND ENJOY LIFE…..AND BRING IN THE CLOWNS!!!!!ALL I CAN SAY TO YOU SIR….IS.JOB WELL DONE… RET, USAF…..SMSGT….JOB WELL DONE……..SIR,

  12. Fighting fire with fire is one way that a person can lower their IQ. I am so glad that our President shows his high standards and grace by tolerating their advances. The ‘Tea Party and Racist GOP members are the ones who actually act chimp-like and ignorant species throw-backs not him. He has handled each of their affronts so masterful that they should be embarrassed but lower species don’t have the capacity to feel embarrassment Oh! I forgot pardon me folks!!

  13. Elrancho

    There was a time when someone like Davenport could safely assume all white people would think in the same racist way she does. That time has passed. Many white people have evolved and some of us have been brought up to be decent human beings. The GOP and the teabaggers are gravely mistaken if they think they can continue like this. As far as I’m concerned they are the lowest of the low.

  14. Anthony 1

    The fact that this photo could leave this women’s desk as a “joke” as she calls it, is clear evidence that the novelty of a Black president has worn off and the reality has set in. I know that many White Americans have moved past this kind of de-humanizing character assassination based on race but this incident strongly indicates that a post-racial America has not arrived yet.

  15. Tewdros

    what a contradiction, if it has nothing to do with RACISM ,why is she worried about it being leaked? what this also proves, rather people want to acknowledge it or not is that RACISM is a WHITE PEOPLE problem not a total white male problem ,but a white people problem completely.

  16. jenkinsk

    When so-called white people initiate and sustain a national/international movement to expose as well as educate other so-called white people about the evil of white supremacy… I will believe white (to include white Americans) have moved past de-humanizing non-whites.


  17. Moon

    You dont get it the real game plan has been put into play to get everyone at each other throat and to never every put some one of color in charge of anything as well as to cover up the support of there terra network of kids who protest the war support the terriost and thought this would be a black thing to bad? If you stop and look at the federal facts the terriost abroad are trying to kill who and the local americans are threating the president dose it appear to be the same people half of the world knows it is and they dont support any one while the campain game is on ,

  18. Reneegede

    They just never get enough of themselves, do they? Isn’t it pretty obvious that folks who do things like this are in dire need of mental health counseling? They can’t help themselves. It’s like a drug addict or an alcoholic who can’t quit. They start seeing things like alien plots coming out of places like Kenya for Obama to be born and take over the white world, and beheaded Mexicans out in the desert, and anti-Christs rising up out of Chicago followed by a bunch of blacks who used to live in defunct Cabrini-Green following him to the “Promised Land of Milk & Honey” and rising up to take over white domination and control and dish back out to white folk what their ancestors dished to blacks … it’s stupid and they’re all a bunch of nutcases. What they really should do is paint President Obama out to be the Maintenance Man, if they want to use racist innuendoes. He went to DC and stomped the 4377 out of ALL those cockroaches and applied the RAID to their butts. They came crawling out the woodworks when he went to DC – all those dark and dank and mildewed places where they had been hiding and infesting this country for so long. Pres Obama needs to pull out the COMBAT now — and tell them emeffers to check in so they don’t check out. ROTFLMAO!!!!

  19. mozell brown

    I think is very sad and a disgrace that the President of these United States is being so disrepected. Remember he did not put us in this mess the Bushes did this. Did the GOP put Bush face on a chimp no they praise him for the mess we are in but they all going to paid when it comes to judgement day they all going to hell. It just makes me sick to my stomach to see all the hate. People who hate, hate themselves. Concern African American Women

  20. catherine

    To know better I was always taught is to better. What Evil Beings these must be as to desire to even think such a thing. Disrepect for our President is an awful thing. As someone said we must remember “he did not put us in this mess the Bushes did this”. To place his face on a chimp is so ugly and petty. If I had the power to swish the faces believe me I would. I would place them on the artist and all that join in with him, so God knew what He was doing when He did not grant me this power, it would make me no better then those that did this ugly thing. Yes they praise the Bushes who did this mess, it do not matter that they are the ones that got us in it. It is sicking. I said in the past the president was allowed to take this seat just as was President John Hanson. America has become totally corrupted and God is coming down hard on her. The Milk and Honey is slowing turning to Poison.

  21. catherine

    Yes Chimps are loving creatures who have help America to learn and do a lot of things but we aren’t speaking of a Chimp, We are speaking of OUr President. And he is to be respected. How long will these people who think they are a god be allowed to cut down and destroy others? How long O Lord”, How long is the question. They die just like the rest of us. But what race in history have carried so much Hate? Not even Hilter hated as these people do and they get away with most of it. Hell I believe is real, and Hell I believe will not be able t contain all them and their evil deeds. Thank you for your statement of reality. Chimps are loved and teachable, but we aren’t speaking of a Chimp at this time.

  22. Pat

    An extraordinary thing occurred in America, its voting population elected a Black man as its chief operating officer (the President) in 2008. Like him or not, he must be respected as the President of the United States. I despise the ignorant and unintelligent manner in which this GOP committee head depicted our President; but I also decry the tone in which Cornel West belittles him too. It’s too humorous for tears how so many of us expect more of this one “superhuman” than we’ve ever asked of preceeding Presidents.

  23. Obama isn’t running the show….Hillary is!. Read the “Clinton Trilogy”. There are 3 volumes. Also, go to (, scroll down to “They Dare Not Speak Its Name” Until you understand the OWO/NWO, that stands for the
    One World Order/New World Order, you are just another ‘thing’ to these
    animals. DO YOU HOMEWORK!!! READ READ READ!!! Here is another….

    There are 67 pages. Please take the time to read it. I paid for it, but well
    worth the money. I want our young people to understand how the game is played. They are the ones to turn this world around.
    I would love to hear from you.

  24. Max-A-Milliion

    The true test of Character and Integrity is not what you do when someone is watching but what you do when no ones watching, and the woman who sent this email told on herself LOUD and Crystal Clear! I honestly feel more Pity for her then I do anger because what’s so sad about this situation is that it’s been two whole years since President Obama was elected and racist White people and self loathing Black people still have not gotten over the bewilderment that the Wise citizens of this country, many whom were White, used their liberity to elect an African American as this country’s Commander-in-chief!!! I mean this woman is so Pathetic because what she did doesn’t change who President Obama is one bit, it just proves how consuming and important he is to her that she would take time out of her day to construct such an ignorant, juvenile and and infantile piece of communication. But what’s even sadder is the comments of Black people, who like racist White, continually criticize, berate and condemn EVERYTHING the President does. I mean what exactly did Black people think was going to happen when he was elected. HE’S JUST A MAN!!! He’s not Jesus, he can’t walk on water, Can’t Stop Racism, can’t wave a wand and make everything equal! The mess of this country that took DECADES to create and that he inherited IS NOT going to be corrected in 2 terms, 4 terms, 6 terms or even 8; that’s why it’s called Long Term Strategy. What I really don’t understand is why we seem to hold this President to standards that we didn’t hold any of the other Presidents to? I tell you why, because the other Presidents were White and Black folks knew that with the mentality we hold when it comes to White people, we were going to be last on the list (if we were even on the list) and an after thought. I mean President Obama is trying to be a President of ALL people!!! He’s trying to put legislation in place and rebuild a foundation that will give EVERYONE a fair and equitable piece of the pie. Anything beyond that we (Black folks) need to get out there and make it happen for ourselves! If that means going back to school or training for a trade – DO IT!!! No one give President Obama or his wife anything; they got out there and worked for it themselves. Black churches are packed every Sundays with our people listening to Clergy who deliver messages of inspiration and hope, yet we don’t blame them when our circumstances don’t change day after day, month after month, year after year or decade after decade. Again, why do we hold President Obama to a higher standard? I APPRECIATE HIS INTENTIONS whether things change or not! Finally, Black folks we don’t have to vote for President Obama again but I ASSURE you there won’t be another President any time soon that’ll have you or what impacts you in his/her thoughts when making decisions that affect this country. Who you going to blame then?

  25. Diehl

    OK, so let me understand this WizardG; the problem is not about how he was portrayed but that because of this he is going to incite sentiments that will cause his re-election? You must be on the other side of “What”? I struggle to comprehend the elite academia’s of our society, who want us to believe that because he is Black and has not changed the world he is a failure to the Black race. That’s almost as insane as viewing this picture and saying it is not racist.
    Obama brought an agenda, but very few favored or listened. More importantly very few voted. Congressional leaders failed us, but our social woes are not because of our President they are in spite of our Black President.
    We accept mediocrity and call it profound, we encourage ignorance and call it “First Amendment” rights, we think that by crying out with enraged voices for one program or another that we can shake a reckoning with people’s conscience to do the right thing? The continual issue is that; we are the accountable ones. Our rights are stripped when we commit a crime and no one says, STOP, I tried to get an understanding of your triad but all I did get is thank God, I have a God and Obama is not that; he is just a man that I helped and will help again to get elected as the President of the United States of America.

  26. Arthur Davis

    Thank you Max-A-Million. Yes you have said it and it was well said. We should be doing all we can to take advantage of this opportunity. It is an opportunity and we still have another term to make ourselves known as a people or a person. Like was said, do your own thing. Who is gonna make a change for us? Us that’s who.

  27. Dulcemena

    Thank you Max A Million. What a level of romanticism when we thought that President Obama would right all the wrongs that White America has done to us. Please give the man a break. I only pray that his heart doesn’t give before he finishes his assignment. Why do we always have the mentality that someone should always do something for us. I agree “He is only a man!” We blame Condi, Colin Powell and now President Obama!! Any black person should be scared to take public office for the extra burden they will have to carry from other black folks. Let’s go seek therapy and take on our responsibility as citizens to realize our own dreams and learn to treat ourselves better. I pray that God continue to watch over President Obama and his beautiful family. I hope he can rest at night and not think about Black America is expecting him to wave a wand and take them out of poverty and put them in a mansion.

  28. Anthony 1

    Good point. It is not my intention to minimize, BY ANY MEANS, the de-humanizing methods and impact of “so-called’ white supremacy”, because I know as I’m sure you do, that “white supremacy(?) is a lie. The tactic used by this women of putting the intent out, then following up with an empty apology is not new and as you mention, is part of that national/international movement to continue the spread of de-humanizing rhetoric and actions.
    I was referring to specific people like Howard Zinn, or Noam Chomsky who seemed to know better in many regards and shared their insights in their writings and actions.
    I’m not one to throw the baby out with the bath water, but I can emphatically acknowledge that the bath water is not only filthy but bloody and has been for too long. Implementing that international movement is our job, our task, our struggle, because that baby is us and it is happening.
    I appreciate your reply.

  29. AntBee

    THANK YOU Max-A-Million!

    You have hit the nail on the head and I sure hope those who need to read your words will do so!

    THANK YOU Max-A-Million!

    You have hit the nail on the head and I sure hope those who need to read your words will do so!

    Some Black folks sitting around thinking that Mr. Obama was going to just give them their 40 acres and a mule, and when that did not happen, he is a sell out, not black enough, not sympathetic to Black people, and all the other foolishness.

    Give this man a break!

    As you so stated he is not JESUS/GOD!

    President Obama is about the smartest man we have have in the White House in a long time. If he does not make it back for a second term, I just want to see what these folks will be screaming and moaning about then!


  30. Diehl

    Amen, and least not forget Tavis and all the rest of those that think somehow their blackness won’t be revealed one day. If President Obama does not think himself Black then who does Mr Steele think himself to be?

  31. dorothy a. martind

    Max-A-Million………………U said it all *********************Thanks for saying what we as a person, would”ve like to have said as a human race…iTo the public, if u dont understand what i”ve said by reading my comment..then i suggest ,you go get ..Webster?,,,,G-Day

  32. cat

    Firing is not enough. How dare she insult the President of our country in such a manner and dare yet to call it a joke. The only ones laughing are racists who are so insecure they must loath everyone they perceive as different. I am so livid over this continued nonsense by supposedly learned folks. It is bad enough when ignorant, undeducated, unsocialized folks behave in this manner. There is no excuse for her behavior.

  33. Roosevelt Thompson

    in reply to max a million. I did not vote for president Obama because
    he is black I voted for him because I feel he is the best person for the
    job, I do not expect him to give me anything I don’t have coming. I do
    expect him to be fair in governing and create a fair and level playing field
    for all americans,and I feel that we are slowly making headway on the field of equal opportunity,we can not let our enemies determin our progress.

    p.s. I am a black American and a veteran.

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