Survey: Three-Fourths of African Americans Believe Nation of Islam Killed Malcolm X

by Dr. Boyce Watkins, Your Black World – Scholarship in Action 

According to a recent survey conducted by, three out of four African Americans (76.8%) believe that the Nation of Islam was behind the assassination of Malcolm X. Additionally, two-thirds of the respondents (63.3%) believe that the government played some role in the assassination, by either being directly involved or helping someone else to kill Malcolm.

The results of the survey are interesting in light of the book written by the late Manning Marable, the Columbia University Professor who died shortly before the release of his book. Marable goes into detail about the life of Malcolm X, elaborating on the role that was allegedly played by Nation of Islam leadership.

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5 responses to “Survey: Three-Fourths of African Americans Believe Nation of Islam Killed Malcolm X

  1. AntBee

    Does not seem to me that anyone needed help in killing Malcolm.

    The man was out front for any fool who wanted to kill him could certainly do so.

    I am one of the believers that feel that the Nation was behind the killing, however open to the fact that the men who actually did the shooting did so on their own because many times some African American folks get too emotional about some things, and they take it too far.

    We are so quick to believe that white/FBI/CIA/ or whomever (as long as they were white) set up the killing, but one has to wonder why? Sorry, but Malcolm was not that big of a threat in my opinion, so again, why?

    No matter, the NEGROS who killed him were the murders. No matter who told them to kill Malcolm (if in fact someone did), they being stupid enough to do so was low-down, dirty, and cowardly. Something a low life Negro would do.

  2. Dr. Watkins:

    The very first video in this posting is :

    Farrakhan Killing Confession – Malcolm X Assassination!
    It is chilling!

  3. curtis curry

    i believe the nation actually commited the assaination, however the FBI wanted to kill him also. Once the feds realized that a subordinate of elijah Muhammad had ordered brother Malcolm’s death I think they stepped back to let it happen. Sister Shabazz also learned who was responsible for the cowardly murder long before her death.

  4. AntBee

    @ curtis curry ,

    Please tell us why the FBI wanted to kill him?

    Also, share with us how the FBI knew that a subordinate of Elijah Muhammad had ordered Malcolm’s death? Did the murderers tell the FBI?

  5. Curtis curry

    If you can remember Bro.Malcolm took the civil rights agenda to a higher level, the level of human rights. This didn’t sit well with the boys in the capital. This put our problem on a world stage and as the leader of the free world the u.s. Was exposed as not practicing what they preached. Malcolm was becoming less divisive and more inclusive of all the peoples of the world. At the same time Dr. King was still pressing for civil rights, however against the advice of his close advisors Dr King began to identify with the struggles of the Vietnam people and the Human rights issues on the African continent thus putting him on a collision course with the u.s. Government 3 years later. If bro. Malcom and Dr. King had met as was planned (the meeting had been scheduled but Malcolm was killed a week before the scheduled meeting) this country and our condition might have been greatly different.
    The Nation of Islam and the organization of African-American Unity had been infiltrated by the various agencies under the guise of national security they new everything that was happening as they do today and let Malcolms assassination unfold.

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