Officer Shoots Black Man, then Named Officer of the Year


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by Dr. Boyce Watkins, Syracuse University – Scholarship in Action 

The Pleasantville Police Department in New York upset the African American community by giving an Officer of the Year Award to the policeman who shot a young black college student in a racially-volatile incident.  Danroy “DJ” Henry was shot by officer Aaron Hess last year at a night club under questionable circumstances.

“The (Pleasantville Police Benevolent Association’s) Award is an expression of support for the dignified and professional manner in which Officer Hess has conducted himself throughout this ordeal,” wrote President Matthew Listwan in a statement.

Hess shot into Henry’s car on October 17 after the officer inexplicably landed on the young man’s hood.  Henry, who was 20 years old on the night he died, is accused by officers of being drunk behind the wheel and speeding away without stopping according to the officers’ instructions.  The family claims that Henry was following orders to drive away when Officer Hess jumped in front of the car.  Henry’s family attorney, Michael Sussman, says that firing at a moving vehicle and jumping in front of it are violations of state law and department rules.

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3 responses to “Officer Shoots Black Man, then Named Officer of the Year

  1. I’ve said this before. There should be a compiled account of all blacks in this country who are accosted, beaten, framed, hung, or shot by whites and the police agencies around this most racist country. Even when supposedly ‘black’ leaders are in fake political positions the number of abused, incarcerated, and murdered ‘blacks’ doesn’t decrease, in fact I would wager that the numbers are increasing. There is a special task force formed to make sure Jews don’t get abused in this country, but what we have for organizations are too busy kissing butt, and making unnecessary awards and shows. None of this has done the ‘blacks’ in this country very much good as far as the real help we need.
    We have no viable leadership, organizations, nor a president who will help us out. We are on our individual own and therefore up the proverbial creek without a paddle
    This is not the first time police or whatever have been awarded after murdering black people and it won’t be the last. In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if another incident of the same magnitude occurs tomorrow!

    We have a so-called ‘black’ man in the office of president. So what? He doesn’t seem to be any real use to anyone who isn’t wealthy and powerful, he certainly talks a good game but that is all it is. Un-kept promises which appear purposely made, while knowing they will not be kept. And in the constant day to day suffering of unemployed discriminated against blacks, more go to the prison slavery systems and more are murdered in the streets by whites and confused others with licenses to kill. I’m not going to expound on the ignorant blacks fighting the illegal wars and who gets paid the lions share of war wealth. Who is really in power and in charge of ‘America’? Why the usual suspects of course!

  2. Sometimes you can’t help but wonder, Is there any Justice in this country for African American Males and Females. What a travesty to Give Honor and Recognition to a Officer for Killing this young black made…This is a Slap in the Face and Kick in the Butt. One day, Police officers, Judges, Prosectors and Individuals that have done unjustly crimes will come before the Great One
    ” Lord , God Almighty” and be accountable. No one escapes the wrath of God.

    However, I do have a powerful testimony of how my son was falsely accused of a crime with IRS… 14 Charges of Tax Fraud was filed… My Son was acquitted on all 14 Charges with the Government.
    Primarily because of a Praying Mother, praying Friends, Money for a Good Defense against the Government, and God Fighting and Winning the Battle on his behalf . The Battle was not His… It Was the Lord. There was no way he could have won a Case of 14 Charges, not being Found Guilty on Not Any of the Charges, and Being Set Free to Leave thru the Doors of Federal Court. This is not the norm for any African American Male in this world. God Worked a Miracle in my Son’s Life and thru many others present in that court room that day. They would have never believed it, or seen with their very own eyes, What Happens when you do right by people, Treat others right, Trust God, Pray, and Have Faith. My son made sacrifices daily helping many poverty stricken with Real Love for inner city kids daily . We once lived in the project area, where he was raised, and he grew up wanting to give back and help these children, because he remembered what he went thru in these same projects as a child. God Saved and Set him Free from the Hands of the Government ” This was an African American Black Male ”

    This young black male was taken away from his family at the young age of
    20 years old. It most likely didn’t have to be. Most likely was ” Unjustified”
    While the Family is in great pain…. Some people over there, are looking for ways to Show Appreciation and Award others for their wrongful actions…
    however, God looks down and sees all, and this officer will receive his Due Pay and be Accountable for His Actions and will be Accountable in the presence of God for the wrong he has done.

    My Prayers are with the Family of Danroy ( DJ) Once a Life has been taken it can’t be Restored or Revived. I ‘m Thankful to God for sparing, saving, and delivering my child from the hands of others that would have destroyed him for Life, and His Family.

  3. linda ross

    Here we go again. This has got to stop! What can I do?

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