LeBron James’ Mother Gets Sued by the Valet After Allegedly Hitting Him

Valet Suing Lebron's Mom for $15,000


A valet is suing the mother of NBA superstar LeBron James after she allegedly assaulted him both physically and verbally.  The lawsuit was filed on Tuesday and alleges “emotional distress, humiliation, mental anguish and lose of capacity of enjoyment of one’s life.”

The valet, Rock Feller Sorel, says that he was hit by Gloria James early in the morning on April 7 at the Fountainbleau hotel.  He is seeking $15,000 in damages.

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2 responses to “LeBron James’ Mother Gets Sued by the Valet After Allegedly Hitting Him

  1. People no matter who you are…. Ordinary People, Extraordinary, or Related to a Celebrity or Movie Star…. Act Decent and in Order everywhere you go…
    Someone is always watching you. The Cameras are rolling and on you.
    This is truly and embarassment for Lebron and his Family.

    Gloria James walk in respect and dignity daily. Be a Woman of High Standards in the Spirit of Quality and Excellence.. The World is Watching you daily and will continue to watch you more, after this incident. I don’t know all the facts of what prompted this incident, The only thing I can say is if at all possible , walk away from a heated or possible out of control situation, If You Can…. and Don’t Be the Attacker and Blasted on National Televison… This is something you will never live down in America. This incident is going to follow you to the end of time….Next Time, Think Before you ” Attack”

  2. Lain

    I found this mother’s behavior shocking and out of control and I don’t blame the person for suing. I don’t know why there is such limited information about it now. But what the mother needs to realize is that laws and policy are being redressed in this country by a movement of dellusionals who are financing…basically, more ways to havel evil control. What you THINK is okay may cost you jail and a hefty bill. My heart goes out to Lebron. It is an embarassment! But also no different, Lebron, from all the rest of the world’s outlandish and shocking human behavior. And LEBRON you know your mother better than any one. Maybe she has s serious anger management issue; You know, it does exist, such as road rage behind the wheel of a car. Whatever mental/pysychosis or dysfunction, your mother needs immediate help and counseling so that she can talk it though. Having her evaluated for her own safety as well, is very important. Money can buy food and shelter, but Lebron, it cannot by mental health and peace of mind. Don’t allow fame, status, and wealth to blur commonsense and family values. Your mother may need help. Find some one you can talk to and get the best advise you can at this time.

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