Campaigns to Support Obama’s Budget for 2012


Dear Fellow Democrat,

On Friday, John Boehner’s House Republicans plan to ram through their rightwing TeaParty budget for 2012, which would destroy Medicare to pay for bigger tax breaks for billionaires.
But the Congressional Progressive Caucus (CPC) fought for – and won – a separate vote on the "People’s Budget," which fights for the priorities we and most Americans support.

Tell your Representatives to vote for the CPC People’s Budget.

In a nutshell, the CPC People’s Budget:

1. Eliminates the Deficit by 2021 without devastating Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security.

The CPC budget targets the true drivers of deficits: the Bush Tax Cuts, the wars overseas, and the causes and effects of the recent recession. By implementing a fair tax code, by building a resilient American economy, and by bringing our troops home, it achieves a budget surplus of over $30 billion by 2021.

2. Puts America Back to Work & Restores America’s Competitiveness

The CPC budget rebuilds our roads and bridges, ensuring that those who use it help pay for it. It rebuilds our education system by training more and better teachers, restoring schools, helping each student graduate, and supporting community colleges.

3. Creates a Fair Tax System

The CPC budget ends the Bush Tax Cuts and estate tax breaks and creates fair tax brackets for millionaires and billionaires. It ensures the banks that wrecked our economy pay a modest financial responsibility fee and that exotic trading by Wall Street traders is taxed. It guarantees that hedge fund managers do not get special treatment by taxing capital gains and dividends as ordinary income. It eliminates charity to oil companies making record profits from price gouging at the pump. And it taxes US corporate income as it is earned, in much the same way Americans are taxed.

4. Brings Our Troops Home

The CPC budget responsibly ends our wars that are currently paid for by American taxpayer dollars we do not have. It also realigns conventional and strategic forces, resulting in $2.3 trillion worth of savings.

The People’s Budget is endorsed by Katrina vanden Heuvel, Jeffrey Sachs, and many other progressive leaders.

Tell your Representatives to vote for the CPC People’s Budget.

Thanks for all you do!

Bob Fertik


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One response to “ Campaigns to Support Obama’s Budget for 2012

  1. Still no understanding on what is really going on eh? The Republican and Democratic Parties are a two headed snake. One shows itself to be evil the other to be good, one is supposed to fight for the wealthy the other is supposed to oppose the wealthy and fight for the downtrodden and poor etc.
    One shows itself to be supported by the wealthy media which is also owned by the wealthy Anglo-Elie, and the other shows itself as timid and docile but also less supported by the Elite’s media. (Yet are part of the plan).

    We have not been properly conditioned for these kind of tricks. We cannot understand the severity of such a broad con. We are rather already conditioned to accept the ‘status quo’ as it were. We are born into a special understanding of this republic and without proper guidance we are unable to find our sight and our way out of the loop.

    I remember when I was too ignorant to see any of what I can see today. When I look back on those days I understand what people are faced with today without someone helping them understand the dilemma.

    Obama is now being set up by the ‘Elite’ to run another term. Everything he does and says, everything the media is directed to do, everything congress is directed to say and do, everything the other head of the snake is instructed to say and do is all in favor of setting up in the minds-eye of the general public the re-election of Obama.

    Once all is said and done and he is in his final term things will be falling down at a faster rate. What is to be anticipated NOW is who will the ‘Elite’ be using as a figure-head when they are through with Obama and what will their next agenda be? Much more important how dire will it be for the ‘American’ populace and those of the world?

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