Harvard Admits Record Number of African American Students: Who Cares? I Sure Don’t

by Dr. Boyce Watkins – Scholarship in Action 

It was recently announced that Harvard University has admitted a record number of African American students this year. The UK Guardian has revealed that 11.8% of Harvard’s incoming freshmen are African American. This is quite an achievement for nearly any university, especially one that exists among the elite. Harvard’s latest president, Drew Gilpin Faust, should be congratulated on her accomplishment.

While we are tempted to jump up and down in excitement over the school’s decision to accept the fact that blacks are just as bright as whites, we might need to take a moment of pause. Even though the presence of black students is very important to a campus, the reality is that admitting students of color neither requires significant courage nor shows any real sign of meaningful progress when it comes to truly shaping the direction of a university. The holy grail of power in any academic environment is the number of tenured faculty positions, which Harvard continues to keep African Americans from obtaining.

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2 responses to “Harvard Admits Record Number of African American Students: Who Cares? I Sure Don’t

  1. I have tried to inform the people that the signs are blatantly shown to us and we are unable to read them properly, or not at all! We are aware that ‘America’ as a nation, is still run and maintained by the Anglo-Elite, but we are unable to understand that everything that occurs (which includes choosing presidential figureheads), is in their purview.
    We are literally sitting around debating on what is right or wrong about everything the ‘elite’ own. Many try to rationalize and make sense out of everything that is going on in our nation and how this nation spends our monies etc. Nothing is done in this nation without the approval of the Anglo-Elite, and their very racist based power-structure. Everything they do has some reason behind it. If you’re talking about ‘blacks’ getting into Harvard, next find out what information you can about who these ‘blacks’ are and what the true significance of their attendance at Harvard is.
    When you focus more closely on reading the blatant (and mostly negative) signs, you will see a more clearer picture of the devious sociopaths behind it.
    It is very, very difficult to believe that things are truly not as they seem. The people have not been wired to believe that, but they have been wired to believe other things that are totally unbelievable! Go figure?

  2. Shahid Raki

    It may seem like something trivial or even not worthy of consideration to many of us because Harvard is one of “those” institutions where it is hard for a black person to get into, but one has to look at what criteria they are using or are they being admitted on their own merits? That is the one thing to consider first and foremost. I won’t say that there are no HBCU’s that have more than a masters level program at their insstitutions because I could be vastly wrong. I can say that there may not be very many and not be wrong. I live near two HBCU’s in Ohio and know that each has Master’s level programs, but not certain if they offer anything higher than that. We have to at least look at the fact that our young and maybe older than traditional student age prospective students have been admitted into this institution. Let’s just hope that in doing so these students are doing so on their own merit and not be accepted as tokens or through lowering of standards to be admitted. We know that we have blacks who can very well earn their way into any insitution of higher learning in this country.

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