Jemele Hill at ESPN Says College Athletes Need to Stand Up


by Jemele Hill,

The problems in college athletics have been much in the news recently — from pay-for-play to unethical conduct by coaches and administrators — and it’s become clear that only a drastic measure can address the hypocrisy, the rampant rule violations and the widespread deceit permeating our so-called amateur collegiate sports.

A revolution is needed at the college level. But the only way we’ll see one is if college athletes do something so radical that it not only makes the powers-that-be take notice but jeopardizes their bottom line.

It’s an action that would require commitment, planning, patience and sacrifice.

It would come with great risk. It would make college athletes vulnerable to ridicule and criticism, and it might even have a bearing on their professional aspirations.

But it’s time. College athletes need to organize and stage a massive boycott, because unless their voice is heard this inequitable system will never change.


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2 responses to “Jemele Hill at ESPN Says College Athletes Need to Stand Up

  1. College athletes? We are all being thoroughly abused.

    How are we going to ask college student athletes to join together in unity when they are a microcosm of our overall society. A society that is being bludgeoned, battered, and devoured by the same group of men who profit from using the athletes in an antiquated slave-like method. They know exactly what they have been getting away with and even if and when they themselves speak against it, or have others in their hire speak against it, they are more privileged and accustomed to the prosperity it brings.
    Just as they use people like Obama, both sides of congress, the supreme court and all police and military leaders to speak for them. Their words are seemingly sweet, as they literally treat us as if “stealing candy from a baby”. So goes our treatment, so goes the nations of the world.

    They shot students at a peaceful protest in Ohio once. Don’t think that they won’t do it again!

  2. Chris

    The above mention action is needed to bring about a change. There will be some who suffer and education threatened. But then you must take a look back at Curt Flood, look at what he did. He gave up a career

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