Glenn Beck Booted Off Fox News: What This Says About America

by Dr. Boyce Watkins, Syracuse University – Scholarship in Action

I admit feeling a bit of glee upon hearing that Fox News is going to part ways with Glenn Beck. After watching his ratings decline, the network decided that it’s best that Beck take his chalk board elsewhere and find something new to do with his time. The departure is likely good for America, for Beck became one of the most divisive figures in the country.

What can’t be overlooked in Beck’s break from Fox is the fact that the decision was likely a financial one. Fox was losing millions when advertisers decided to boycott Beck’s show, largely because they didn’t want their products to be affiliated with a man with such extremist viewpoints. According to, Beck has lost 300 advertisers, primarily because of comments he has made about President Obama having a hatred of white people. Remarks like this one, along with other conspiracy theories Beck threw at the nation every afternoon, likely led to his demise.

I once watched Beck’s show with my head cocked to the side, wondering how a man with such ridiculous views could have such a loyal following. I thought, “Do tea partiers really believe the stuff this guy is saying?” While there are likely millions of Americans who are in lockstep with Beck on every issue, there are quite a few who chose not to continue to ride with Beck on the Ridicu-bus. For those on the right who at least try to engage in some degree of rational thinking, I applaud them for rejecting the antics of a man who is nothing more than a walking cartoon character.

Oddly enough, Glenn Beck’s boot off of Fox News does say something good about America. First, it says that via concerted efforts like those of Color of Change, the National Action Network and the Your Black World Coalition, we can counter the hatred being spewed by the Right Wing. It also says that there is some degree of decency among American corporate leaders who are choosing not to be affiliated with a man who is dead set on undermining both the presidency and our country. Finally, it says that there are some on the political right who want to pursue their ideas with courtesy and mutual respect, rather than the kind of vile, nasty attacks that we’ve seen being thrust upon our president. It is possible to critique President Obama’s performance without seeking to destroy America in the process. Glenn Beck’s poison is the kind of thing that ultimately tears down a nation.


Dr. Boyce Watkins is a Professor at Syracuse University and founder of the Your Black World Coalition.  To have Dr. Boyce commentary delivered to your email, please click here.



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69 responses to “Glenn Beck Booted Off Fox News: What This Says About America

  1. AntBee

    AMEN to all of that!


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  4. Jean Rhodes

    I’m very happy to see Glenn Beck Go somewhere but here real soon!!
    Media Matters had alot to do with gettin this idiot off the air too!! Combining
    forces are a good thing if it gets a particular job done. I think it needs to come back from the MLK days to the present. Poor Folks and the Middle Class
    have suffered under the weight of the Corporatists in this country and now we have to get back to what some of us perceived as the “American Dream”.

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  8. Glenn Beck has effectively done his job if he were to never show up on mass corporate media tv again. His position on one of the major networks was not by mistake. The same major network moguls that enjoyed his kind of propaganda have profited from his madness in many ways and will continue to profit in some form because Hell, they own so many businesses that it is difficult to keep up with which one will profit from what.

    The people who would listen to, believe and follow someone like Beck are people who’s social ideals are based in color coded racism as a base to start from. All other issues circle around keeping anyone but whites from having a better life even if it means they must suffer. That segment of the U.S. has been tagged with a RED color. They still hold on to memories of slave ownership and secretly celebrate Hitler’s point of view. Yes America is loaded with deranged people and dare I say not all of them are white, but some who aren’t actually believe they are!

    The psychosis of the U.S. is of a confused and misguided populous who find good in bad things and misunderstanding in who is for them or against them. We have been conditioned to trust our system despite all of the obvious and hideous signs it reveals. We seem to be unable to digest the complete picture and so we continue to be deceived, lied to, and misguided at every turn. When Obama, and Beck are through with us we will still be drowning in the same feces we have always swam in.

    If one is truly aware of our overall condition, one would not celebrate an Obama, or a Beck, or a Bush, or anything that doesn’t show complete good towards the overall populace of the country and of the world.

    Never forget that we are under the rule of greedy vile men who could care less about anyone, and who are always scheming against the people of the world. They have their personal puppets so don’t be too excited about who they put in front of us and what those people say!

  9. BARB




  10. Avery

    Good luck Glenn, sad to see you go, we need more people to ask the important questions and not be zombies who are just victims. Black people do not want to know the true.

  11. Mark

    ” Never forget that we are under the rule of greedy vile men who could care less about anyone, and who are always scheming against the people of the world. They have their personal puppets so don’t be too excited about who they put in front of us and what those people say!… The people who would listen to, believe and follow someone like Beck are people who’s social ideals are based in color coded racism as a base to start from. All other issues circle around keeping anyone but whites from having a better life even if it means they must suffer.”

    Wizard G, sorry that “the man” is still keeping you down. I guess the black millionaires in my neighborhood don’t exist… or perhaps people were tricked into believing Obama was a real black man. (I have to say it’s a little confusing to people who work their butts off thought Obama was black, and now find out according to ?? he isn’t a real black man.

    I have never seen anyone succeed in life by focusing on negative BS like your quote above. Please show me your model for success, with One …Just one, I’m waiting… only One… still waiting… one country, one civilization that has made it past 50 years following your model… America’s poor are poor, especially relative to America’s rich, yet 10?15?20? times richer than the rest of the world.

    What is it? Lay it it out? Want to play the race card? Play that BS. Play the the capitalist card . Show me your model for success.. I want to here it…. Raise taxes??? Your say the white people have an agenda what is your plan for success??? How will you succeed? Spell it out… I’m still waiting… Venezuela, Cuba? Capitalism isn’t perfect, but find me a model that has done more for out planet.. I read tons of books. What books should I read to gain the wisdom of Wizard G….? Where, if we follow your wisdom we will oppressed persons find a better life? Give me one economic system…one country that does has done better for their poor than America…

    If you focus on looking at successful people as “greedy vile men who could care less about anyone”, then I promise you that will continue to write bitter commentary for years to come.

    If you focus on visions of people like Martin Luther King and our founders, that all men are created equal and should be free to follow their dreams and enjoy the fruits of their labor you may turn that pissed off attitude into something productive.

    One question, MLK had vison and described what it would look like.. What is your vision??? Uh…….. White people are vile… Uh White people….Uhhhh…they’re greedy… What are you??? What is your vision for America? Revolution!! Change???

    One who has followed history understands that people like you are waiting for the bad times to convince people that they are victims and oppressed when all hell breaks loose. The reality is you have ZERO track record of a better system but are waiting for our system to find a trough…. Please… Go to Europe, or Venezuela, they love this stuff down there… you will find a great market for your socialist BS. I have more confidence in Americans of all colors than I think you do.

  12. b. alston

    Glen Beck also upset The Jews and George Soros. Not good. He was rebuked by the leading Rabbis of this country for his statements.

  13. james pinkard


  14. james pinkard

    I couldn’t stomach the dude. I am glad the advertisers finally came to their senses. Dude was making big dollars from very little sense. I don’t like saying his name. Dude began to get so ridiculous the powerful would not lay their money down.Too bad it took the advertisers that long to realize but at the same time I am overjoyed dudes’ reign of riducu-bus is silenced for now, anyway.

  15. Glenn Beck was a good entertainer with a significant audience who should also be dismissed.

  16. james pinkard

    Excellently put Jean.

  17. Pat

    JC and Joesph they should have never let this fool on TV period! After I seen him cutting a watermelon saying it was Obama’s health care plan or something of the sorts. But like most people that get kick off of TV for being racist mark my words “he will be back!” maybe he will join forces with Don Imus, or Dr. Laura?

  18. Lain

    Indeed Dr. Boyce Watkins,
    It is time to get liars off of the airwaves and off of the microphones. They need to go back under the rock they crawled from out under with their nasty lies and evil. This is the time for honest communication in news and information. We are a nation of builders. Interestingly this happens the week we honoring Dr. King’s death. Well, well!!! Let freedom from Beck RING!!!


    And a shout out to those corporate entities who muscled their power to shut his mouth…enough of the hateful sinister rhetoric. America can be better than that and this is living proof!

  19. William M. Brown

    Make no mistake the likes of Glenn Beck are alive and well on the air waves. Its called “mean spirited” infotainment, disguised as news on a daily basis, motivated by the suites making “Big Bucks”. Power to the People, in this case means, turning the dial, boycotting sponsors, organizing, strategizing and mobilizing. The formula works every time. Make the economic connection hit them in “the pocketbook”. Don’t forget The Montgomery Buse Boycott.

  20. yonah hall

    He may have upset some of the more liberal Jews,but the religious Jews are very strong supporters of Beck,because he stands with Israel.

  21. yonah hall

    I watch Glenn Beck on an almost daily basis and he said today that he and FOX have not severed all connections,just the 5pm slot.He will continue to produce specials for FOX,and he earged people to continue to support FOX.

  22. yonah hall

    my bad.urged it should be.

  23. yonah hall

    What about the 500,000 people who showed up in Washington,DC?Are they that easily dismissed?What about all the people that buy his books and go to see him in person?That is where the bulk of his 30 plus million dollars annual salary comes from,not from FOX.

  24. pmbalele

    Next to leave are the following: Sean Hannity, Malikn, Rush and Laura Ingraham; TEA Party leaders; Sarah Palin, Michael Steele; the bumbling Stuart Varney, FOX News CEOs, Ms Crowely and Megan. These have been haunting Obama since declaring his Presidential candidacy in 2008. Like Beck, It is time for them to intro-inspect themselves. TEA Party is dead-killed by Scott Walker and other GOP governors now abusing the American people this year. In 2012 we will have a clean democratic Senate and Congress. President Obama will then steer us to prosperity with these republicans whose plan to say “No” to everything.

  25. Linda Ruscillo

    Ya, ONE DOWN – HOW MANY MORE TO GO? It seems these nuts are all about MONEY!! The more awful, stupid, nasty and hateful, there will be those who follow them..As they fill their bank accounts.. Finally these nut went to far. I wonder where he will go now..

    Love to be able to post article on fb..

  26. Sheila

    Really Avery! Black people have always known the truth. We have had to deal with the truth since we step on the soil of the United States. As for asking questions, no one has a problem with asking questions or a difference of opinion. But, what black people do have a problem with is the racist, ridiculous statements which are based on lie after lie after lie. Glenn Beck can think and say what he wants but he does have a right to have forum for those thoughts if others do not want to listen to his thoughts. And the others ” his show’s sponsors” spoke just as loudly as Mr. Beck has been speaking. But, their message said no longer are we interested in what you have to say…take you vile point of view and go home. So on behalf of all black people, I want to say…Bye Glenn!

  27. Vic

    Mark, you make a valid point, though you may not be aware of this particular point. Too often we say “white people” or “black people” or name other groups as if the members of that group are all the same. Instead, we could talk philosophical views, which again are not homogeneous, but should be more accurate in language.

    Most minorities and liberals are pushing for changes that would actually benefit ALL Americans. Conservatives want to maintain power structures that increase the power and control of the wealthy. Poor and middle class conservatives have been duped into identifying with the very people that are robbing them. Beck is one of these robbers and he is delusional in his quest for more power.

    Yes, Liberals and minorities have made great accomplishments, even in the face of horrific oppression from conservatives. Historically, many of those triumphs have eventually been burned down, buried and erased from the history books by conservative forces. How else do you explain our ignorance of race riots that destroyed prosperous African American communities.

    If you’d like to know more facts go to

    Have a nice day.

  28. Vic

    FOX held onto the evil spoutings of Glenn Beck as long as it could. It should be FOX that is boycotted. THe Execs are just as guilty as Beck. If they didn’t agree with his message and tactics, they would not have been able to stomach him.

  29. jaydubyah

    Don’t rejoice too much consider Beck as a used condom he has served his purpose and now is appropriately discarded… the user of the condom will only find another to continue f***ing the country.

  30. Elrancho

    America – actually “the world” is a better place today. I just wish that a decision like this had been made because of decency and not because of finance. However, with Fox News it’s never about decency.

  31. sick of obama

    He DOES hate white people as YOU and your ilk also do!!!! wake up and stop the stupidity and admit and realize OUT LOUD that your the biggest racists and that you want to control the country!!


    People don’t be fooled, this knucklehead will appear on internet radio. simply because he still draws a number of sheeple who will spend money buying the stupid stuff that he puts out

  33. Pastor P

    That is the most racist attitude. Control of this country has and always be in the hands of white corporate America, and entitites such as the biased Fox news. Beck and his kind are a disease in this country, that no one can find a cure for. But one day maybe a cure will be found. I feel sorry for those who have been overtaken with the illness he caused.

  34. Mark from Trenton

    Like totalitarians everywhere, many of you are doing a “happy dance”. You believe you have suppressed dissent. And like totalitarians everywhere you will find that the “Blaze” of truth cannot be extiguished.

  35. Rossie norris

    So glad you said that. I hope readers will do a little research on Tulsa and what was known as “The Black Wallstreet”.
    Knowledge is free, powerful and VERY liberating.

  36. Rossie norris

    Ok. Glenn is gone…for now. Can we focus on getting these gas prices down some!! Help! Moveon.Org., National Action Network, etc. All of us need to be able to get to work or go looking for a job. Gas prices are prohibiting us from economic recovery.
    Please call our President t (202) 456-1111 and say ENOUGH! Thanks

  37. james pinkard

    Good and valid point – some tend to forget that a personality like that of dudes can reach the masses via more than one medium. Dudes crazy mass appeal is not a surprize but a bitter sickness that is steep in America’s history. Dude and people like him can flourish in America if powerful people get behind him. Dude himself probably doesn’t believe most the germs that fly from his mouth but if you have an audience….you can and will perform.

  38. james pinkard

    Pat you said a mouthful.

  39. Mark

    “Yes, Liberals and minorities have made great accomplishments, even in the face of horrific oppression from conservatives. Historically, many of those triumphs have eventually been burned down, buried and erased from the history books by conservative forces. How else do you explain our ignorance of race riots that destroyed prosperous African American communities.”

    Vic I spent a little time on thanks for sharing, and Rosie yes what happened in Tulsa was horrible as was slavery. History books have erased erased events and rewritten to fit perspectives that benefit the writers. My grandfathers farm was burned to the ground during the civil war, how much time am I supposed to spend being pissed off at the offspring of those people. Should I fly a rebel flag? Or should I take advantage of what MLK and our founders have created?

    One thing that scares me about these posters is that they don’t understand the importance of divergent voices. I don’t agree with most of what Farakhan, Al Sharpton, Rachel Maddow, or Michael Moore have to say but I respect their Constitutional right to say what they do. That freedom is what makes America special is what men have given their lives for 100s of years.

    And everyone that is celebrating anyone’s stiffling of free speech is dancing on a slippery slope. Glenn Beck isn’t going away, but shame on anyone for thinking that restricting anyone’s right to free speech is good for your cause. And if you have been celebrating, don’t ever call yourself a person that is tolerant of others views.

    Glenn Beck’s rally was attended by over 200 pastors, priests, rabbis and men of faith.

    MLK’s grandaughter spoke at Beck’s Rally and said:

    “My daddy, Rev. A.D. King, my granddaddy, Martin Luther King, Senior — we are a family of faith, hope and love. And that’s why I’m here today,” King said. “Glenn says there is one human race, I agree with him. We are not here to divide. I’m about unity. That’s why I’m here, and I want to honor my uncle today.”

    Be careful what you wish for and remember “Whatever you focus on, you will become.” It’s your call.

  40. Mark

    On a simpler note, can someone explain to me what the deal is? You really have to work hard to find Fox news. There are 100 channels out there? I switch to MSNBC from time to time and when I’ve had enough, I change the channel. Do you people really believe that silencing free speech will lead to more freedom and opportunity for ANYONE? Do your work on how well things work out for ALL citizens when freedom of speech is outlawed. Read about the constitution, find out why Fredrick Douglass loved it so much.

    Be careful what you ask for.

  41. sick of obama

    Once we get rid of the stench in the White House in 2012, then the world WILL BE A BETTER PLACE FOR SURE!!!!!!!!!!

  42. jamesg

    Doesn’t matter. Obama would have to kill someone not to be elected. Not because he’s teflon but Republicans won’t do what needs to be done. Beck, Hannity, Palin and the rest will need to be front-and-center for any Republican that gets the nominee. They won’t go after independents but have no problems catering to the lunatic right. Beck being gone isn’t a reason to celebrate. Just another pawn. Someone brought up a good point about low/middle income whites. They would rather hurt themselves than see minorities get the same benefits they would. Sad.

  43. WizardG is 100% on target!!!!

  44. sick of obama

    The minorities have been DRAINING the system since 1965!!!!! The faact that thr Republicans are the only adults in the room that know that the reckless spending Obamski have dropped on us will kill us!!!!! But minorities could care less about the future (Its always about them , now!!!) that is why the shutdown SHOULD happen and the DEMS should get all the BLAME!!!! They had the majority when the budget was due in OCT 0f 2010 and didnt do it because it would have pissed off voters (COWARDS!!!!!!!) so the Repubs have to clen up the crap just like the whites and repubs have to, and have been doing since 65!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. Gwendolyn

    @sick of obama: Thanks for showing the world your true ignorance and stupidty, it’s more likely that the world WILL BE A BETTER PLACE WITHOUT THE LIKES OF YOU AND YOUR KIND FOR SURE!!!!!!!

  46. Thelma Rosenfeld

    It worked. Thank you. Much more to do.

  47. Anthony 1

    The fact that Mr. Beck has been given the forum he’s had for this long is an issue that requires some attention. I too have sat through one of his shows and was almost physically sickened at the thought that anyone could articulate such hate under an umbrella of pseudo-patriotism. His views and methods of delivery are pure hatred seemingly for hatred’s sake. Someone who’s descended this far into that realm could not be counted upon to “love” anything much less the country he claims to speak for.
    I’m wondering why the move has to wait until the end of the year as I’m sure he will continue to spew this rhetoric right up until that time.
    To ‘sick of obama’, the fact that the $300 hammers and $500 toilet seats the defense department has been paying to contractors escapes your list of those things that have been “draining” the system is more indicative of your own denial of where the issues lie. The issue is not “spending” as much as the “corruption” that has been built into this system from day one. You must be gettin your cut.
    As an African-American who voted for Mr. Obama, I had to remind myself that I voted for him because he was still the lesser of two evils, not because he was Black. My awareness of the system clearly reveals to me that Mr. Obama, for all of his academic prowess was put together like some “dummy corporation” whose role is to wait for his marching orders and read the script as it is delivered to him for the most part. The fact that you would be sick of some flunky, regardless of their race indicates there may be some hope for you yet.
    Minorities and working class people are not the cause of the financial collapse(?) in this country. The robber baron mentality clings to life and the fact that they can trot our people like Mr. Beck and Mr. Obama to cloud the issues is a mechanism that has worn thin.

  48. BubbaT

    You Socialist, Liberal punks WILL get your due one day. You have continually torn this country apart with your backwards, destructive ideology and you will pay for it. In blood hopefully.

  49. evon

    You are an idiot. Thank God for freedom of speech. You and the Becks of the world use to wear white sheets, but now because of free speech we know who you are.

  50. Anthony 1

    If by chance your comment was directed at me for some reason, let me clarify something. I am not a Socialist, a Liberal, or a punk.
    As to the backwards, destructive ideology that’s torn this country apart, I would start with the corporate and politcal mindset that historically makes bad and unethical decisions regarding public and corporate policy, negatively affecting millions of lives, yet rarely if ever being held accountable for those decisions.
    Using minorities, socialists, liberals, and the working middle class, etc. as convenient scapegoats simply doesn’t wash.
    If your comment was not directed to me, then disregard this post.

  51. Mark who ever you are can you say clueless. This isnt MLK’s dream. Things are better than they were but dont get it twisted its still f—up for the black male. And what country does better for their elderly? have you been to Europe your ancesters home to see that their are no homeless all their medical needs are taken care of. And who cares how many books you’ve read and the history that you speak of where does it come from. My point is you cant believe all that you read. Think outside that box.

  52. yep dismis them to. and that 500,000 people that you heard was their where did you get those numbers from fox and friends. get a grip

  53. Thats not silencing free speech dumdum. Corporate sponsors used that idiot for as long as the cash was flowing once it stopped byebye. Lets not talk about Frederick Douglas and this idiot in the same text. Pickup Mr. Douglas’s Biography and understand him before you attempt to quote or say what he stood for dumdum

  54. The repub’s and the whites have run this country in the ground. Look at the infrastructure!!! remember they’ve been in charge. The world is passing this country by and will continue to pass us by dumdum. Obviousle Education is not priority for because it really does not sound like it and if it was the repubz and whites are taking that money away. If you had any intensions getting or furthering education. chances of that are more than likely slim to none.

  55. Jas Dixon

    Booting Beck, Great, How About Rush, And Hannity? Fox News this would be Breaking News.

  56. Mark

    Jay MC
    You say “Life is bad for the Black male.”


    1) Is racism or discrimination the main factor or just a factor?
    2) Discrimination…the main factor or a factor?
    3) Glenn Beck, Shaun Hannity . Get rid of people like them and black men’s problems will be solved?
    4) The decimation of the black family structure of the past fifty years?
    5) The decline in black education rates over the last fifty years?
    6) A lack of accountability and personal responsibility creating a cycle of dependency?

    Where is your rage about the current black teenage single mom birthrates?

    With regard to Fredrick Douglass, I’ve read a lot his papers and we would agree on three things..

    1) The Constitution is a great document of freedom.
    As he put it “interpreted as it ought to be interpreted, the Constitution is a glorious liberty document.” With that freedom comes the freedom of speech, including that of people like Beck and Farrakhan.

    2) Douglass believed that education was the key to improving the lives of African Americans. 84% Of white kids that grow up in a family in the poorest income decile and get a college education move out of the bottom income bracket themselves… Not too much of a surprise. What % of black kids move up the income level if they have a college education? 25%? 50% nope…84%.. Hmm. Is the man the big problem or a lack of education?

    3)Fredrick also believed in hard work, personal responsibility and continued self-improvement.

    You talk about Europeans taking care of their elders? That’s a big conversation. Have you noticed what is happening in the streets in Europe? Uh? Something about the country being broke, and not being able to afford to pay for all the
    health and welfare they have promised. You can make any system work for a few decades but eventually you run out of other peoples money.

    Jay MC – I think outside the box, and any success I have had has come from that ability. One my thinking out of the box solutions is that the best social program I can participate in is to help Black people become millionaires and live the American Dream. So that’s what I do.

    I can tell you success doesn’t come from the rants I read hear blaming Glenn Beck, Shaun Hannity, or anyone for their problems. No poor Black person will be more successful because Glenn leaves a daily show. WHEN the people here get as fired up about figuring out how to motivate children to study, take responsibility for their own pursuit of happiness, then many black males lives will improve.

    As you say life sucks for black males but somethings are true for all people. Life will only improve meaningfully when Blacks celebrate more leaders like Fredrick Douglass or Allen West, and quit running to the race card, and victim card people who seem to be so highly regarded on this blog. When they put racism in perspective, break free of other “Boogey man” myths about white people, focus on achieving their goals, develop an ability to focus on the positive no matter what life throws at them they will begin to experience change…

  57. Rossie norris

    Most excellently spoken! Thank you….

  58. Camille

    Perfectly said!

  59. Rickey

    I don’t think any better words could have been spoken. GREED will be the demise of our nation and the world as we know it. God is still on the Thrown. Amen!

  60. The main ingrediant

    You dum-dum. When you gonna get your head out of those corporation assets? It’s dark and stinky in there isn’t it?

  61. Everybody plays a fool

    500,000 my eye

  62. Edward Archer

    I looked looked through all of the posts for one that mentioned
    a specific falsehood, but all I could find were meaningless
    generalizations. Get serious about this discussion. Give me his specific
    comments that weren’t based on fact. The idea that what he says is
    wrong because you all don’t like he said, doesn’t work in this

  63. Beck exposed Margaret Sanger and her role in “The Negro Project”, and the white women that love her, including the darling of negro sycophants, Hilliary Clinton. As a matter of fact he exposed a bunch of racist. Maybe that is why he is leaving Fox. He was busting to many peckerwood Progressives?

  64. Ohreally?

    Got any more of the goofy juice you been drinking? What did you publish on msnbc’s taking the ax to olberman?

  65. Conservative voter

    I’ve watched Beck and have enjoyed his shows from time to time. I guess I can understand your reaction because I jumped for joy when Olbermann was taken off the air for a short while. I’d read some posts in this thread that I take issue with however. Like most in the conservative movement, the BASIS for my beliefs are founded in freedom, individual liberty, individual responsibility, free market capitalism, strict constitutionalism and a strong national defense (things that Beck sometimes talks about actually). Additionally, I do not agree with the tenants of socialism and oppose the progressive-marxists who have taken power in Washington D.C. Please notice that I did not say I’m a conservative because I want to keep minority races down and “in their place.” As proof, I’ll openly state that I believe there is more than enough room for African Americans, Hispanics, Asians, Arabs, etc…in the conservative movement. It’s our common beliefs that bind us—not skin color. Two politicians that I most admire currently are Congressman Allen West (Black republican) and Herman Cain (Black Republican Presidential candidate). I’m always very offended when I hear or read the gross mischaracterization that Tea Party = conservative = racist. Its hogwash, pure and simple.

    I visit the National Black Republican Association website every now and then…check it out if you wish to learn more

  66. Excellent beat ! I would like to apprentice even as you amend your site, how can i subscribe for a blog website? The account aided me a appropriate deal. I were a little bit acquainted of this your broadcast provided shiny clear idea

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