NAACP Report Ties Lower Educational Spending to Mass Incarceration

Media Release from the NAACP

Conservative voices Keene and Norquist join NAACP President & CEO Benjamin Todd Jealous, Former Secretary of Education Rod Paige, Lotus founder Mitchell Kapor, largest prison guard unions, others in bipartisan call to reduce incarceration

Multi-city billboard campaign will kick off regional efforts to reform criminal justice policy and influence state budgets

April 7th National Press Club; 1:30 p.m.

(Washington, DC) – David Keene, former Chairman of the American Conservative Union, and Grover Norquist, President of Americans for Tax Reform and a board member at the National Rifle Association, will join a group of bipartisan leaders April 7th to speak about the NAACP’s upcoming report, “Misplaced Priorities: Under Educate, Over Incarcerate”. The report examines escalating levels of prison spending and its impact on state budgets and our nation’s children. It uncovers a disturbing connection between high incarceration rates and poorly performing schools.

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4 responses to “NAACP Report Ties Lower Educational Spending to Mass Incarceration

  1. When you understand the kind of society we really live in and the true rulers of this nation (not Obama), you will begin to understand that there is more profit at the top in all of the things we detest. Incarceration makes them wealthier in ways many could not imagine. Removing funding from education and making the public pay more to invest in poor education is also profitable as well as reductive. (Even college athletes are in a sophisticated form of slavery).

    The Anglo-Elite (who stole this county and many others), do not want an educated nation nor a properly cared for social structure. They understand that it is better to keep the masses poor, and ignorant. As you can see the two arms of the Anglo-political spectrum continue to put on a show for the masses to consume. The masses are too ignorant and too poorly educated to grasp the magnitude of what we are all victims of.

    Any attempt to correct the vile and malicious path the Anglo-elite have set us on will be met with complete and utter resistance and failure. You can take these words to the banks. They take every tragedy, every nation conquering lie, every dollar made for the many war weapons discharged to the banks and all at taxpayers expense.

    The reality of our condition is surely hard to swallow, but when it hits some of us, it comes down like a ton of bricks and surely, “You can’t handle the truth”!

  2. pmbalele

    It’s time for people of all races to work together find solutions why many of us (African-Americans) end up in prisons. But I know some reasons contribute to this. Even those A-As who are given supervisory positions, abandon their own kind. I have a few examples, but I won’t tell them here today. Briefly now, I should say most A-A given supervisory positions don’t be believe fellow A-As can have technical know-how as whites or other races. They think we are given high positions by Whites to show they like diversity. I am asking all A-As, if given a supervisory positions, please take advantage and hire qualified A-As.

  3. Herb Dyer

    Better late than never, I guess. Michelle Alexander’s extraordinary book, The New Jim Crow, has been out for over a year now. She provides the most comprehensive study to date of the history and effects of the mass incarceration of Black people — laying the blame squarely on the country’s embrace 30 years ago of the “War on Drugs.” Angela Davis, the late Manning Marable, Jesse Jackson and Louis Farrakhan — all have for many years been sounding the alarm about this issue. So, it’s about time the NAACP joined the party.

  4. Viviaan Timlic

    Hispanics who are incarcerated in the US have millions spent on them every year to teach them english before they are deported. They also have special classes in math, they have funding in the prison for them to obtain their GED and they have special spanish supplies, reading material, classroom books etc purchased by Federal dollars whey they are in prison. They also receive special spanish publications and special areas in the prison libraries for their literature. Please help me answer why we spend educational dollars on this population and reduce the spending on our children in public schools? As an instructor in the prison population in NC, I know what I am talking about. The school rooms for hispanics at the facility I taught at was much larger and than any of the black or white school rooms. Hisanics are automatically deported once they complete their prison sentence. So please tell me why we spend money on their education while they are incarcerated? They were the most feared inmates at the facility. In addition, they stuck together and would intimidate all other races with their tactics.

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