How Your Mind Shapes Your Reality

by Dr. Boyce Watkins, Syracuse University – Scholarship in Action 

A friend once told me about a teenage girl she met at the doctor’s office.  The girl talked about the fact that she thought she was pregnant and was looking forward to having her baby.  After the girl left the office, the nurse told my friend in confidence that she felt sorry for the teenager who’d come in right before. 

Apparently, the young girl wasn’t pregnant at all, but just wanted to be.  In fact, she wanted a baby so bad that her body had taken on many of the characteristics of a pregnant woman: Her menstruations had stopped, her stomach started to protrude, she got morning sickness, and she even started to lactate.  Because her desire to have a child was so deeply ingrained her psyche, her body convinced itself that she was indeed going to be someone’s mother.

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One response to “How Your Mind Shapes Your Reality

  1. There is only so much that a psychological implantation into thought processes can produce. There are other factors and variable that must come into play for a mental concentration, or focus, on any ideal to become a realization. So even if a child or woman’s mind can want a child to the point of psychosis, it will not happen until she is actually impregnated. Which is easier done than having a psychotic fixation create a representation of fantasy.

    It would be rare that a child could actually mimic pregnancy because she/he wants it so badly. It is not rare that the mind is capable of achieving things man has yet to understand, because the brain is still vastly unexplored territory.

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