Jalen Rose, Drunk Driving and Being the Fattest Pig


by Dr. Boyce Watkins, Syracuse UniversityScholarship in Action 

Former NBA player and Fab Five member Jalen Rose was suspended indefinitely by ESPN after reports surfaced that Rose had been arrested for drunk driving. According to ESPN, Rose was being sent to the bench for not reporting the incident to the network. Rose allegedly failed a blood-alcohol test after his truck crashed in Bloomfield, Michigan on March 11. The incident didn’t get to ESPN until a Detroit station contacted the network to get more details for their own story.

"Jalen has accepted full responsibility for his actions. Both parties are taking this very seriously, and as a result, we’ve agreed that he will not be on our air while he addresses this situation,” ESPN spokesman Josh Krulewitz said in an e-mail to USA Today.

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3 responses to “Jalen Rose, Drunk Driving and Being the Fattest Pig

  1. The youthful athlete and his immaturity is a natural human trait. Without the proper guidance and factors of emotional and psychological problems we are not privy to, lend us to a resolve of not judging this person.

    Many of us have indulged in too much alcohol to a point where we have no idea whether we should drive or not, or whatever. Others have never touched the stuff, and still others hide their secrets and criticize others.

    Many have done this and survived it many times while others have met with very unfortunate reactions and situations. Such is the case for this young man. The good part is that he will survive this. It will pass, the bad part is that it may hurt his already bulging bank account and a level of public trust.
    And to think. I don’t even know who this guy is!

  2. Soul Sistah For My Folks

    Being over the limit and being drunk are two different things. Jalen has to understand that he can’t slip up. He has taken on the modern day slave owners, the NCAA. In light of all the media talk about the money and the corruption that takes place in the NCAA , there are some folks who are mad that their secret society is no longer a secret. Jalen should have told ESPN as soon as he was arrested but he did not. I hope that he was over the limit and not drunk because he could fight it in court and win. Jalen is a big man and a couple of drinks with dinner over several hours may not have impaired him. The road conditions also could be a factor. I’m not a drinker but if I’m out my limit is two. This does not make me drunk, but it could put me over the limit. I’ve driven home after working long hours at work and have been more impaired than anytime that I’ve gone out to drink and then drove home.

    People are upset with him over his film, which I loved. I loved that he said what he was feeling as a teenager. I have loved and watched basketball all my life and I had similar feelings toward Duke. As we grow and mature perspectives change and there’s an understanding that some have different opportunities than others. I love Jalen’s courage and I wish more athletes would take a public stand. Just like Lebron has been whipped for wanting to be, FREE, to make his own business decision, Jalen will feel the sting also. What will it take for our young, gifted, black and rich African American Men to UPRISE!!! This will make Jalen smarter, better and stronger. Love You Jalen

  3. BARB


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