The Scott Sisters Won’t Get Pardoned by Gov. Haley Barbour

by Dr. Boyce Watkins, Syracuse University – Scholarship in Action 

Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour has stated that he has no plans to pardon Jamie and Gladys Scott.  When he was asked if he planned to pardon the sisters after releasing them from prison, Barbour told the Associated Press, "Tell ’em don’t save any space in the newspaper for that to be announced."

Jamie and Gladys Scott were recently released after being incarcerated for an armed robbery that netted just $11 back in 1994.  The sisters were released on the condition that Gladys donate her kidney to Jamie, who has been diagnosed with kidney failure.  Gov. Barbour likely chose to release the sisters to alleviate some of the pressure he’d received for sounding like the racially-divisive political figure that he actually is.  Many of his comments about President Obama and black people in general made him sound exactly like the kind of man who’d be elected governor of a state like Mississippi.

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6 responses to “The Scott Sisters Won’t Get Pardoned by Gov. Haley Barbour

  1. How about that? A corrupt politician/ governor who refuses to pardon two ‘black’ women. What else is new?

    A ‘black’ man imprisoned for a crime he didn’t commit. What else is new?

    A ‘black’ person beaten and/or killed by ‘white’ police. What else is new?

    A ‘black’ politician (supposedly) in a position that could help ‘blacks’ gain some kind of social equality with the status quo, but does nothing, and in fact often creates an atmosphere where it is easier for the ‘white’ elite in positions of power to abuse ‘blacks’ easier. What else is new.

    A ‘black’ leader who is sanctioned for speaking truth to power. What else is new?

    An abundance of ‘blacks’, ‘whites’ and others, who do not have a clue as to what is real, or fake, fantasy, or reality, true or false on the world stage, and are helplessly open to total confusion and manipulation.

    So tell me….What else is new?

  2. msladydeborah

    A national movement grew to support freeing the Scott Sisters. If Haley Barbour is goig to demand that they return to prison for life-he needs to prepare for a fight. If the state of Mississippi cannot afford to provide proper medical care for Gladys, then what is the point of having them return? The time and the size of the crime does not balance out to reasonable.

    This would only help to expose the manner of man that he truly is within his mentality. I believe that the stipulations that he placed on the sisters release can be challenged. Haley Barbour is not a doctor. He has no knowledge of what pre-existing conditions need to be in place for Gladys to receive a kidney transplant. That was not his call to make since he is not working as their physician.

    There are grassroots activist watching to see what is going to happen since the sisters cannot give and receive organs according to the terms set by Barbour. If he actually moves on this idea-he will meet with a force of resistance to it being enforced.

    This man wants to be on the GOP ticket as a the POTUS contender. While he might feel comfortable with playing to a sector of his base (if he honestly has one) but he will not do so uncontested. The effort to free the Scott Sisters took years to occur. Now that they are free does Haley Barbour really want to have at it with the nation over this particular case?

    To retur the Scott Sisters to prison at this point would be like declaring that he is willing to let Jamie Scott die due to inadequate medial resources.

  3. msladydeborah

    I made an error in the beginning paragraph. The state of Mississippi cannot provide adquate medical care for Jamie and Gladys. is what I meant to say.

  4. Lula

    It is clear that there is still unequal justice under the law. Do you all remember the “Barbie Bandits” in Georgia? Or, that Scooter Libby did not serve any time for what should have received years in prison for the Valerie Plame CIA outing. George Bush said that Scooter and his family had gone through enough! If you are not familiar with the details, please Google. We have no power by choice. Just think, if we were to decide just one week to stay out the malls, grocery stores, or target other consumer-based venues, then we would not be seen as such a pathetic race of people. Remember the Montgomery Bus Boycott?

    Former Georgia Senate Majority Leader, Charles Walker, is serving 10 years in a South Carolina prison for what amounts to supposedly overstating the readership of his newspaper to inflate pricing to customers advertising in his paper! How do you accurately state numbers for a free newspaper? Walker is starting his 6th year in prison. His major flaw was being a powerful black politician in Georgia and refusing to kiss the rings of white power brokers or the asses of black buffoons.

    How soon do we forget? Former Governor Sonny Perdue’s Oaky Woods land deal for which he served no time. And the current Governor, Nathan Deal’s improper use of his office to push policy that benefitted his family’s auto salvage company. All this took place while he was a member of Congress. Deal was found guilty of violating House rules. If Charles Walker deserves to be in jail then there should be a whole lot of others in there with him. Ralph Reed has yet to answer for his unethical behaviors as is the case with many more. I guess I don’t know of many blacks getting the proverbial “slap on the wrist” such as a verbal admonishment. Blacks go straight to prison.

    The only thing Injustice understands is lost of revenues. Rather than trying to dog-out President Obama at every juncture, perhaps Tavis Smiley, Cornell West, and all the other loud-mouth posturing negroaches could start a movement and target halting consumerism among black people. They, more than likely, wouldn’t do that for fear of antagonizing their sponsors. Crack whores will always complain about how rotten things are, including the crack, but giving up their crack is not an option. As long as they are so easily bought and sold, very few people will take them seriously.

  5. Joseph Williams

    Racist maggots are often in high positions…

  6. vernrudolph

    At least we agree on the boycott thing which i have been advocationg long and loud about. People bitch and moan about the economy yet they live in the malls buying cheap chinese products while driving imports from the cheap to the expensive but imports nonetheless. I’m from Detroit and it hurts me to see my hometown in the news the way it is 2day. I look around me and its easy to discern why looking at the numbers of foreigh made cars we drive. I drive a Cadillac, an old Deville and my motto is better an old Caddy than a new import. Would that all Americans understand the relationship between jobs and the car u drive. Thank u for your comments, its refreshing to know we aint all stupid.

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