Cornel West has strong words for President Barack Obama

Click to listen to Prof. Cornel West speak on his disappointment with the Obama Administration.



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22 responses to “Cornel West has strong words for President Barack Obama

  1. AntBee

    Cornel West would do better to take care of himself and his image.

    Mr. West talks BLACK but SLEEPS WHITE!

    Who is he but another fool (he is even starting to look crazy), that thought Mr. Obama was going to be a President only for Black people, and would give Blacks their 40 acres and their mule!

    At least our President is married to a beautiful black woman, and he is not hiding his half white child like Mr. West is doing.

    Clean your own house Mr. West before you try to pull down another black man.

    Cornel West’s message is old, tired, and yesterday’s news.


    Black folks WAKE UP!!

  2. Prof. Cornel West is a very enlightened ‘black’ man. Unlike Obama, his ancestors were ‘American’ slaves. He knows what he is talking about when it comes to politics. Who he marries is of no concern to anyone but himself. We should be free to marry whomever we please if that is where our minds take us. Attacking Professor West will not make you a better person nor do you show your intellect when you pick on his personal marital choice. You don’t know the history of his life, or his wife. Remember that Obama’s mom is ‘white’.
    You favor Obama in the worse way, the way of a fool, because you have no clarity on the horrible things Obama is now representing. He’s not representing the ‘American’ people and I’m certain that I don’t want him representing ‘black’ people. Mr. Obama please don’t do the things you’re doing in our name and with our tax monies!

    While a ‘black’ face sits in the facade of the ‘Presidency’, his Anglo-Elite puppet-masters are free to (once again) attack ‘people of color’ around the world!

  3. WhereWereYou

    Uhm…Yeah@ AntBee you pretty much got shut the F down! I do hope you learn your lesson. You sound like a [stereotypical] angry black female that is mad “cause a brotha’ got a white girl”. Do you discredit Obama b/c he is also half white? Oh…I forgot, you seem to worship at his feet, completely blind to the fact that he is completing Bush’s 3rd term.

  4. I agree with WWY. Whatever West said about that bastard is right. I guess i will listen tommorow.

  5. Trudy

    I truly do wish that we as black folk would stop downing each other. This is truly President Obama’s first time in this newly pioneered position. Let’s give him at least the benefit of the doubt and not condemn him so. I just want to ask one question to Dr. West and that is simply this. If you were the president and you had to deal with all the facists around you such as Mr. Obama, how would you handle yourself? Because automatically having the white wife/significant other that you have, would give a lot of weakness on your part to those who are and have been in congress way longer than yourself. So I would hope that you would consider your self in Mr. Obama’s position before you start to criticize him so harshly.

  6. hank coon

    like everyone else tou are intitled to your opnion but it stinks as your mind. if you think that of your president. i for one think he is doing a great job concidering what he was left with, when that dumm president bush,left office. the country was left in ruin by the former adminstration. seams no one wants to address that part of americas was the former president who put this country in bad shape.

  7. Monte Moire

    Wow. What shock. Cornel West critical of president Obama…what a surprise. Perhaps Mr. West is not use to the political game, otherwise he would know that president Obama is do what other presidents have done and that is cozy up to big business, which is part of the game.

  8. Shirley Quinn

    ???Who Is The Intellectual Moron, Mad Professor with a stupid Agenda to Trash the Black President of the United States Every Chance He gets. Is that Sad disrespectul Cornel West; his Disgraceful afront to Our President a man who has a record of rightness… Cornell, and the Terrible Smile/West Radio show, reveals the evil, the lies setting a false platform to spil their venom on the AirWays. Know this; Smiley & West, you are the crooks of humanity, spreading a landscape of smear, black people of profound thoughts are Looking at the both of You.. You have lost much creditability, focus, and promise in the court of black people. Your dirty deeds show the masses your true self… Two Sticks In The Mud, Cornell weighted down with Slime and a Foolish attempts to be noticed by the President; which I hope is never welcomed or accomplished. You have become a bow wow Joke; you have never come out on a White President…

  9. jreaves

    The truth is the truth! If you all would just listen and not judge the man, He’s speaking as a black man, but for all poor people. People wake up! Just because our President is black doesn’t mean he has our best interest at heart, hell, all the past Presidents have been white and they haven’t had their white poor people best interest at heart either, so get over it! The question is what is he doing for the poor? The rich get richer and the poor gets poorer. (money is color blind)

  10. Pres. Obama did not choose his white mother. Cornell West chose his white wife. Why?, because just like all of the other black male self-hating sell-outs, who think that white is the best do. I will never listen to him, or read another book that he writes. He looks like a crazy unkept, & unclean fool. He needs to buy some new clothes, & get out of the Dracula dress. I use to respect Tavis Smiley too, but not anymore

  11. Dr. S. Simms

    I totally agree with the initial statement regarding the West issue along with any other who has black anger towards the President.

  12. Mitchell

    I do not believe it is disrespectful to call the President on his overt lack of attention given to the poor and downtrodden. I know he became acutely aware of these concerns, given his time spent in the Roseland community and other depressed areas of Chicago. I live in the community in which he resides, voted for him in his initial runs for the State Legislature and along with others within the Hyde Park community have long been engaged in civil discourse regarding our elected officials. We raised our voices and marched in protest protest during the 60’s, rejoiced in 1983 when Harold Washington was elected Mayor of this city. Many of my neighbors are still pleased and proud of the President and ask for patience as he discharges the responsibilities of the Office. I personally am very disappointed in his performance thus far and my opinion has nothing to do with the views of Dr. West. I do however believe he is a learned man capable of framing his opinions and one can agree or disagree as is their prerogative. But to speak of his wife or child is disrespectful. That is so symptomatic of the vitriol and hatred being espoused in the electronic and print media today. As Black People I Pray that we are so much better than that.

  13. gigi09

    Cornell West is an idiot! As many of the other black baby-boomers so-called leaders. When we lost MLK…all of the ones hanging his coattail…went back to their states and began doing interviews instead of keeping the dream/vision alive. President Obama is the first African American, that is qualified…Not Jesse Jackson. It has been embarrassing watching these so-called black leaders get on national TV and do to this black man what the teabaggers are doing to him. President Obama is the president of the USA and not just black people. Instead of these idiots getting on national TV with their BS…they should be in the communities rallying and educating for any special interest that concerns blacks. President Obama could very well be the first and last African American to run this country…and people like West, Williams, Smiley, Jackson, Dyson and others should get up off of their sorrow jealous butts and do something other than running their mouths. Farrakhan said that we as black people should be very careful how we criticize this man in public. Shame on you our SO-CALLED leaders. They are just pissed that he did not have to seek anything from them and he won! Goes to show that the analogy of the “CRAWFISH” is still very much alive!

  14. gigi09

    I certainly hope you are not a parent yet. What do you tell your children? Would you tell them to just sit around and do nothing for themselves or would you tell them that they could be President one day? After Bush/Cheney left us in the worst recession and in debt…you did not get on this site or any other one talking about what they can do for you. You post is the prime example of what needs to be done by people like West and others. They need to educate our young men and women about of strength/power of unity. No other race stabs each other in backs like black folks. It saddens me to read that you thought everything that Bush/Cheney left us would be fixed with the election of President Obama…therefore causing you and a few others to get on the site and bash him like the racist teabaggers are doing.

    When you elect a President of your choice…you MUST get out and vote in Mid-Term elections to send him some help. We live in a democracy where ONE person cannot fix everything…did you vote in 2010? These are things that black leaders should be telling you and people of color. Voters education can be a powerful tool if you use!

  15. gigi09

    President Obama cannot be everything to all people at the same time. I have not agreed with everything that he has done…but considering the other choice that we had…I will gladly make my opinion known to to those close to me…But I will never get on national TV and/or a public forum such as this one and bash him. There is bigots infiltrating any sites that talk about our President…they add their rhetoric and some blacks jump on the anti-Obama bandwagon. Cornell West is no better than any teabagger as far as I am concern. I have never liked him and did not know he is in an inter-racial marriage/relationship and that makes no difference to me. He looks like a fool and he acts like one.

    He is an educated fool that can do more damage than teabaggers can ever do in our community.

  16. gigi09

    Keeping it safe Doc?

  17. Rose

    I truly believe that President Obama is doing the very best he can with what he has been given. He literally walked into a huge mess.

  18. Bettye G

    President Obama is doing an excellent job. Faced with mountains of debt and three wars from the Bush Administration he kept our economy from collapsing by bailing out banks and large automaker. The auto makers repaid the loans sooner than expected. Be realistic and ace is an ace and a spade a spade. The tea party chimes about Democrats all the while when we know they are insane. The Tea Party and republicans seek to destroy the poor and he middle class. Who in thier right mind would seek to cut medicare and other social prgrams while they and the rich get richer? The response is to put thier hind parts out of office in 2012. Voter rise up! Head to the polls don’t believe the hipe. Republicans who are radical extremisr seek to burden the poor and working class with carrying the national debt and this Nations burdens while they bask in wealth. It is crazy. President Obama is intelligent and cares for the poor. He is concerned about America and it’s well being. It is an Honor to be alive to see this glorious day. God made it possible and in 2012 Obama will triump again. If the Democratic Party is not reelected America will suffer. I really don’t care what the haters say about Obama. I know something that is at the root of thier hatred–they can and will NEVER be President of these United States. God bless President Obama and God bless the USA

  19. first of all mr west. you should change your image.. living back in the day of unkempt look is not in! ex. hair and gap in tooth. and your clothes ugh !you protest too much about obama you are not helping in anyway …

  20. roy

    I think Cornel West being married to a white women is a none issue (although it could be a personal one). What I want to know is, does what he say have any validity? I think his opinions are valid. Barack Obama is not above reproach. As president this is part of what he signed up for. That fact that he is black being taken to task on issues by someone who is black is not a problem, it’s the way it should be ( if we had more people doing this our leadership would be better.) When it is warranted a person in our country has every right not to agree with what the present administration is doing and be able to voice it. This whole debate about what Mr. West has said is idiotic. Who one marries has not much to with governance and implementing good ideas. If you feel the high water mark of Barack Obama is that he is black and his wife is black, obviously, you wouldn’t be concerned with real leadership!!!


    A person can be concerned with our President’s leadership and also point out the rarity, these days of President Obama’s wife being black and black activist Cornel West’s wife being white. The fact that Pres. Obama chose to marry a black woman whose skin is darker than a brown-paper bag is unseen these days. My priority is staying informed as to the happenings
    in this country politically & racially. I’ve always enjoyed listening to Cornel speak from, sometimes, a black radical point of view. So, I felt he was the one “STRONG” black man whose choice of a mate would’ve been black.
    I should’ve known. This bigotry against black women & adulation of the white woman is the never-ending pattern of the black male!!!
    man I thought would

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