Louis Farrakhan has a Press Conference over the Libyan affair


Click here to watch Minister Louis Farrakhan’s Press conference on the Libyan attack.



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3 responses to “Louis Farrakhan has a Press Conference over the Libyan affair

  1. The Euro-Elite are on A ‘Full Frontal Attack’ of ‘America’, African Nations, Middle-Eastern Nations, and all other Weaker Nations. It is purposeful for them to use a man of African heritage (Barack Obama) to serve them in their Super Attack on the ‘People Of Color’ of the World!

    All things leading up to Barack’s move into the Leadership “Facade” was orchestrated by the most devious and cunning men the world has ever “not known”. (Their cunning took Mandela out of Prison and placed him into the South African leadership ‘Facade’).

    The ‘Immaculate Beauty’ of their instigation, agitations, and subsequent pillaging of the U.S. and the world is that the people are unable to see the whole of the picture. Unable to see all of the variables that come into play. For instance Farrakhan couldn’t see that Obama was led to play him from the very beginning. Then again either he knew or he was played.

    Now that he is speaking out. Knowing that the Euro-Elite are vicious and vile like vipers or wolves, he has either given himself to their power or he has found his life less important than the message however skewed it may be. Speaking under the guise of any religion is questionable in that beliefs in any omnipotent being is highly questionable but humanly understandable.

  2. This press conference is great in a number of ways. Informative about the realities we are facing from a Euro-Elite. His speech still gives Obama a free pass. In fact it helps to fortify the ‘black’ ideals concerning Obama. The error of this is that it allows ‘blacks’, African-Americans to accept Obama as a true leader and not see that he is a representative of the Anglo-Elite.

    Farrakhan allows the connection in the ‘black’ consciousness to accept that Obama will make another four years easily, and that he is a fair and good leader when all signs point to just the opposite.

    Religion is a good gathering device for humankind but the information that it supposes is totally suspect and in many cases it is very harmful in that it is not true history but a concoction of man. It does serve its purpose to numb the minds of a people who will accept the superstitions written by humans from a superstitious era in the dark ages. If people can be so easily engulfed by such superstitions and writing by deceptive men, it is understandable how easily the people can be swayed and toppled.

    So it appears to me that Farrakhan is sending mixed messages, some good and some bad. It is not possible for many to separate the good information from the bad, because their minds are numbed and they have not begun to teach themselves that they must read between lines, differentiate between information, and its sources, understand that things are said and done on a deeper psychological level, and that vile, cunning and dangerous, game strategies are being constantly heaped upon them.

    The sum of all evils is that ‘NO’ Anglo-Elite (which encompasses the white corporate/political/government/media structure and its parade of “coloreds”) are to be trusted, believed, or accepted as having truth and compassion. That has never been their forte and apparently it never will be.

  3. Dave

    Wizard G, you can tell how distressed Minister Farrakhan is when giving
    this press conference. He is genuinely troubled by Obama’s decision
    to attack Libya after warning him a few days before “don’t let those
    wicked demons move you in a direction that will ruin your chances with
    your people in Africa…”. It’s almost incomprehensible with two wars
    already the U.S. attacked Libya and lied about the reasons.
    For years and years the Minister has been warning about the white elites,
    and their monstrous crimes. See his April 1995 presentation ‘Conspiracy
    of the International Bankers’ in Springfield, MA for example.
    He’s also stressed blacks maintain their unity and present a united front
    in their battles which is why he’s not given up on Obama. Imagine his
    predicament, knowing Obama is totally wrong not just continuing wars but
    starting new ones and basically continuing Bush’s policies. Everyone,
    including the Minister, can see this.
    Rather than relying on numb minds the Minister has repeatedly emphasized attaining knowledge and truth as a means to free ones mind from the bondage of the enemy. He’s talked about not trusting those “Negroes” that speak for their white masters. He given scores of presentations to educate and inspire hoping people learn how to read between the lines.
    As for him being played by Obama, perhaps the Minister believed as many of us that the huge numbers of Obama supporters would balance the special interests behind Obama. Unfortunately they didn’t. The Minister, though, is essentially the only person publicly criticizing the U.S.
    attack on Libya and he’s doing it without holding back or bending to
    the enemy.

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