Bill Maher Says Republicans Are Scared of Black People Not Named Cosby and Urkel

by Dr. Boyce Watkins, Syracuse UniversityScholarship in Action 

Comedian and TV show host Bill Maher made some interesting remarks the other day on his show about GOP fear and racial tension. During a segment in which he posted a picture of members of the New Black Panther Party, Maher noted that Republicans generally "soil their adult diapers" when confronted by people of color. He did, however, note one exception:

"Every black person scares you (GOP) unless they look like Urkel, talk like Colin Powell and wear Bill Cosby sweaters."
I wish I could say that the remark was funny, but the truth is that it’s funnier in print than it was during the delivery. All the while, I have to give Maher credit for speaking the truth. When it comes to the integration of African Americans into mainstream America, there is a notion of "acceptability" that many of us, especially black males, are forced to constantly deal with.

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One response to “Bill Maher Says Republicans Are Scared of Black People Not Named Cosby and Urkel

  1. The people in power (I mean the real people in power) Could have changed the way the African-American is perceived in this country as easily as they are changing the way the U.S. perceives ‘Gays’, by constantly plying the media with happy, good, beautiful, and well adjusted people who are gay.

    It is no accident that they keep ‘blacks’ in a low level of respect and subjugation to ‘whites’. It is the way the ruling class feels about us. It also serves a number of purposes unnoticeable to the otherwise disaffected masses.

    This role we are subjected to is fortified by all of the well to do superstar achievers who make no mention of our overall condition for fear it will destroy their own personal achievement and in most cases that is exactly what would happen.

    If the U.S. Anglo-Elite can run democratically elected leaders from their own countries and steal the wealth of those and other countries they can destroy people here like swatting flies. Take note at how fast people who were mean spiritedly revealed to have performed for Qaddafi (as if it were a crime to put on a show for a foreign leader). How they recanted their “misdeeds”, and swore to give back monies or donate the profits they made. That is the power of the Anglo-Elite in this country who also hold the dog chain around Obama’s neck.

    The way they control our well-to-do upper-echelon and professors to keep them from speaking out on a constantly racist and abusive country of ‘whites’ and the so-called good whites who barely say a word when police murder us, is sad, to say the least. But it gives a few who are aware a better insight to the reality of our plight. As all this goes on ‘blacks’ are still satisfied with worshiping the kind of religion and belief structure they must understand came from their captors.

    Continue to pass that down to the next generation. See how far it will get them!

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