Wyclef Jean Shot in Haiti

by Dr. Boyce Watkins, Syracuse UniversityScholarship in Action 

Wyclef Jean is now in a hospital recovering after being shot in his hand. Jean’s publicist, Cindy Tanenbaum, said that the artist was shot Saturday in Port-au-Prince, the day before the runoff vote for the presidential election. According to Tanenbaum, Jean is doing well.
Gerry Andre, Jean’s spokesperson in Haiti, said that the artist was shot in the hand when getting out of a car to speak with him.

"He heard a gunshot, then he saw his right-hand palm was bleeding," Andre told CNN.
It is not yet clear if Jean was an intended target of the shooting. The police investigation is being thwarted because Jean has refused to speak to them thus far. Garry Desrosiers, the spokesman for the Haitian National Police, is claiming that Jean has not cooperated with their investigation.


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One response to “Wyclef Jean Shot in Haiti

  1. Haiti is clearly a country marked for total abuse and pillage by the Anglo-American/French elite. (Clinton being one of them, Obama their field ‘N’).

    The country of Africans and an influx of ‘others’, is constantly under attack.

    Not Wyclef, nor the return of the honorable Jean Betrand Aristide can successfully run the Euro-blood suckers away from there.

    The people of Haiti will continue to suffer just as most people of the African Diaspora will including us here in the “belly of the beast”!

    Right now the hyped-up media concerning Libya is skewered and filled with godawful lies! The Anglo-Elite intend to divide Libya’s resources up for real this time! For that, as with Haiti, men, women, and children will suffer, and die horrible deaths.

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