Dr. Boyce: Kensley Hawkins: Asked to Pay for Incarceration with Jailhouse Savings

by Dr. Boyce Watkins, Syracuse UniversityScholarship in Action 

Kensley Hawkins was sent to prison in 1980 for the murder of one man and the attempted murder of two police officers in Chicago. He had an 8-year old daughter and was going to be in prison for a very long time.
During his time in prison, Kensley earned $75-per-month building furniture in Joliet, Illinois. Somehow, he was able to save $11,000 during his stay in the penitentiary, a small tribute to his daughter, who is now nearly 40-years old. But the state of Illinois is not satisfied, and has asked that Kensley be required to pay for the costs of his incarceration.

The state is arguing that Mr. Hawkins owes them $455,203.14 for the cost of keeping him in prison. The case has now reached the Illinois Supreme Court.

"The reason you want Mr. Hawkins to keep his money is because he’s gonna get out of prison some day, and when he gets out of prison, we want him to have saved his money so that he can take care of himself you don’t want the public to have to pay for him," Hawkins’ attorney, Ben Weinberg, told Fox Chicago.


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2 responses to “Dr. Boyce: Kensley Hawkins: Asked to Pay for Incarceration with Jailhouse Savings

  1. The society we call ‘America’ is rotten to the core. The people who have tortured slaves of the past and their descendants today are in denial and don’t want to accept that they are the creators of a massive group of people with no true culture, language, or motherland, and that they have branded with a name that is forbidden to say.

    They have kept the majority of the ‘African-American’ in poverty or prison in one fashion or another. throughout the years they have done unspeakable things to our kind of people. These actions have left many of the ‘blacks’ without direction or foundation, which makes it easy to manipulate and ply them with addictive vices etc.

    The fraction of us that avoid overwhelming ignorance, poverty, and poor education etc. are fortunate indeed. Still, having drugs dumped into our neighborhoods was a calculated attack.

    This man is a victim of something bigger than he could imagine. Many are too ignorant to see themselves victimized and are quickly ready to condemn anyone who cannot handle the pressure they think they can handle. That being said. It is not surprising that these scoundrel ‘whites’ are capable of doing more scandalous things and often with the help of those we would call ‘Uncle Toms’.

    You can not tell them they are wrong, because the have lost touch with right and wrong. They have lost touch with reality. If you don’t think they can do these immoral and unethical things then you haven’t been keeping up with the ongoing crimes they commit against the world!

    You say they would do this and I say what won’t they do?

  2. James hall

    Hear, Hear! Well said and spot on I say!

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