Bill Cosby Tells Russell Simmons to “Get the Fuck Out of My Face”


by Dr. Boyce Watkins, Syracuse University – Scholarship in Action 

So, Bill Cosby tells Russell Simmons to “Get the fuck out of my face”?   I would like to say that the comment surprises me, but the truth is that someone else told me they had a similar interaction with Cosby in private.  It appears that their divergence of opinions stems from Cosby’s remarks about black youth a few years ago.  In case you don’t know, Cosby seems to think that all young people are headed to hell in a hand basket, and that they all miraculously decided to get together and destroy their own futures.  The problem, obviously, is that there are a host of extraneous factors which led to the urban decay we’ve witnessed over the last 30 years:  A failed educational system, unbelievable amounts of black unemployment and mass incarceration have worked together to destroy the integrity of the black family.  Cosby’s courage in attacking single mothers and black teens is not matched with an equal amount of courage as it pertains to standing up to the powers-that-be who profit from our destruction.  Therefore, his analysis was incomplete at best.


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2 responses to “Bill Cosby Tells Russell Simmons to “Get the Fuck Out of My Face”

  1. The conquer and abuse of ‘blacks’. It is meant to be this way!

    As the Euro-Elite (who’s wealth is as great as every tax, social security and country resource, plus the wealth from their own greedy theft accumulated coffers), continue a constant barrage of social attacks against the ‘black’ populous. Nothing and no one is safe.

    Slavery was the engine that created the ‘Americanized’ black man/woman. Everything that has transpired since then has been orchestrated much to our overall ignorance. This would be pointed out by our leaders who had the confidence of the masses of African-Americans, which is why they no longer exist or have been frightened into almost complete silence!

    It is not by accident that we have the kind of negative atmosphere we are surrounded by. Our ancestors suffered severely, we have suffered severely as our children will.

    When you see broken homes, confused, drugged, misled, abused, ignorant and totally broken lives trying to exist. Know that it has been perpetrated and kept active by conspiracy and scheme. These social problems would not exist without help from our benefactors (sarcastically referred to).

    Furthermore when our benefactors (the people who gave us our so-called freedom) get angry with us for rioting and burning and running visitors away from their country (causing them great financial loss). Their punishment is with extreme prejudice. Introduce massive drugs, incite hatred among each other, incarcerate massive lots of youth, remove successes of past struggles and continue to demean and degenerate us overall.

    The psychological attacks on us are so great that many of us believe it is our own fault. Just as many citizens of ‘America’ are led to believe that it is the worker’s etc., fault as the wealthy-elite steal our country’s wealth outright!

    African-Americans are not united and it is meant to be that way. The American people are not united and it is meant to be that way!

    Bill Cosby is the product of a confused section of the ‘black’ population who cannot equate our overall abuse with the right reasons or the right perpetrators. It is almost common in this society to blame the downtrodden for the wrongdoings of the ‘Elite’. It is a great psychological trick played on us all, but those of us who study this phenomenon can see it for what it is. A fierce attack on the citizenry (especially blacks for personal reasons) from every possible psychosocial-economical aspect.

  2. Renelda Moorehead

    Wizard G. makes a case. But Here’s what I think re Cosby-Simmons: Cosby is,
    and has always been a cantankerous Cancerian., a major part of the black bourgeosie,
    and therfore WHITICIZED—TO THE HILT.. Simmons is sycophantic. Part of the black bourgeosie, too, WHITICIZED, & confused in his racial identity. One should NEVER apologize for saying something from the heart, which I presume his open letter against
    Cosby’s all too familiar diatribe agiainst black youth culture, was intended. I hail from
    North Philly. Growing up we used to say, and I still do: I SAID IT, I MEANT IT, AND
    i’M HERE TO REPRESENT IT. Simmons lost all credibility when he brown-nosed to Cosby and tried to apologize. Dat ain’t hip-hop, y’dig!?!


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