Your Black World Survey: Should College Athletes Be Paid?

In light of the start of March Madness, we’d like to get a feel for your take on whether or not college athletes should be paid.  Please click here to take the survey.

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One response to “Your Black World Survey: Should College Athletes Be Paid?

  1. College athletes today should not only receive education while they support and make profit for colleges, they should receive a handsome stipend while they are struggling through life’s hard times.
    The way things were done in the past do not work in today’s super tech, super fast, superfluous world.

    I find it sad enough that people still try to follow ancient traditions and ideals in raising their children and their own lifestyles while science and technology is showing all signs that we should be evolving in our creation of new cultures, rules, and ideals to live by. The fact that we’re stagnated in old fashioned, and dark age traditions is proof enough that we are in trouble as a world community and why we still find it easy to accept wars, human suffering and mass murder as something normal. Maybe it was as normal for neanderthals and barbarians then as chastising a child is to some parents now, but in this new age of ‘the human’ old traditions and ideals must be tossed and replaced with the new!

    One of the main reasons the world is in pain is because most of the more powerful men in the world are following old fashioned patterns of human abuse and pillaging.

    Colleges and their organizations are guilty of sticking too long to these old priorities, but they profit a thousand times more as they do! Which makes it sensible to them to continue. “It is ‘Greed’ that is the root of all evil”. Greed is also ancient! Is love ancient?

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