Choosing Not to Run Away from Your Destiny

by Dr. Boyce Watkins, Syracuse UniversityScholarship in Action 

I went to see “The Adjustment Bureau,” the new film starring Matt Damon and Anthony Mackie. Mackie has become one of my favorite actors as of late after taking some very bold and promising stands on how black Hollywood can address the racism they are constantly facing from the white Hollywood establishment. Rather than standing around moaning about the inequities of their profession, Mackie has simply said that we need to stand up and start creating our own films. I love what Mackie had to say, because you can never gain anyone’s respect by begging.


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3 responses to “Choosing Not to Run Away from Your Destiny

  1. What Mackie said has been tried a few times. America is a very racist place and in order for ‘blacks’ to crack through the racism against us we must join forces in mentality and wealth.
    We are unable to do this because the same racists have been teaming against our advance every step of the way. They are masters at divide and conquer and at this point in time we are not only a confused and distorted culture we are divided and weakened of good honest leadership.

    The religious beliefs that our destroyed culture was plied with teaches selfishness and greed among other negative things our people are ignorant to.

    We are easily set upon each other here and across the diaspora because we are not allowed powerful good leaders to follow. The media would be a good tool to unite us, but like so many other venues the true power of media is kept just out of our reach.

    It is not by accident that our leaders are murdered or threatened and in places like Haiti and Africa they are usurped and destroyed. Whenever there is an attempt to move forward it is a threat to the ‘Elite’ Euro-power
    world conquerors therefore must be and will be limited.

    We can have all of the positive thinkers and speakers, movers and shakers that we want, but our power has been and will always be limited by people some of us cannot see or recognize.

    Yet there will always be hope and naivety. There will always be ‘black’ people who move up while the greater numbers move downward. There will be rich and poor, good and bad, heroes and traitors. The ‘Americanized’ black people are more accustomed to being more like ‘white’ people. We are conditioned to act, think, and do whatever ‘whites’/Jews do, but because of their conditioned racist mindsets and ours, we will always be abused before everyone else. There will be no true ‘Black Power’ allowed!

    As it is we are but ‘white’ people walking around in ‘black’ skin and easier to discriminate against because of our weakened position. A position of weakness that started at ‘American Slavery’, and continues today.

    Sure there will be advances, but who will profit most? Where is our wealth going? Who do we really help with our wealth? We know that a key to the success of other cultures in the U.S. is their connections with each other in language, culture, family cohesiveness, leadership, and even a country that tries to support and speak for them wherever they are. We have no such things. They have long since been evaporated.

    We are purposely torn apart and conspired against, but many can’t see or accept that fact. The signs of our ignorance are everywhere. The people we follow and put on pedestals are not necessarily our friends either.

    So go ahead and create your own media industry, see how you are blocked from expressing truths. See how your wealth is dispersed. See what you buy and where your wealth winds up. See how well the masses of the African Diaspora fare.

  2. c

    Excellent comment. and after all of the stuff you mentioned what is the solution? should people stop trying?

  3. Karen

    So why can’t you support Tyler Perry who does what he does successfully for the same reason rather than putting him down. If you can support this brother, why can’t you support all successful brothers, i.e. Steve Harvey, Tyler Perry, President Obama?

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