Why Would the NAACP Be Honoring Someone Who is Loyal to the Confederate Flag?

by Dr. Boyce Watkins, Syracuse University – Scholarship in Action 

In one of the most interesting "What the hayell" moments in recent memory, the NAACP Detroit branch has announced that they plan to give singer Kid Rock an award at their annual Great Expectations Dinner, which typically draws 10,000 participants.  The dinner is going to be held on May 1, and if recent protests are an indicator, there won’t be 10,000 people in the audience ready to celebrate.

The reason that people are up in arms is because Kid Rock has often used the Confederate Flag as part of his routine on stage.  The singer has argued that the flag stands as a symbol of southern rock and roll, but many protesters don’t quite see it that way.

"Kid Rock … has consistently lifted up the Great Expectations of many persons … concerning the future of the city," said Donnell R. White, interim executive director of the Detroit Branch NAACP.

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2 responses to “Why Would the NAACP Be Honoring Someone Who is Loyal to the Confederate Flag?

  1. The NAACP is not what it is supposed to be. It has clearly been led down a dark path. If they celebrate even Colin Powell without a clear study of what he has done to harm the ‘black’ populous then they are not reputable.

    In this ‘American’ society drenched in self-serving corruption nothing is as it seems.

  2. Lets be real, I don’t think those responsible for selecting the person for this “Honor” knew what this person actually stands for, and they probably never attended one of his Shows. They probably made their selection on the little stuff he does in the community, not who he really is. Many wealthy people donate to the poor, but they wont give them a job, nor do they hire Black Professional. You see many people donating to the poor all over the world, but you will be hard pressed to find any Blacks who are making money on the products that are being given. Even the Paid workers are mostly non-Poor people, or white.

    The NAACP’s Board of Directors keep glossing over these Shirley Sharrad mishaps, but they are popping up too often. I’m not a member(NAACP), but I think they need some changes in their leadership to reaffirm what the NAACP actually stands for, and for the new Leaders to reread the Organizations history to prevent these occurances in the future.

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