The Curvy Vs. Fat Debate: A Man’s Point of View

by Dr. Boyce Watkins

Ashley Patrice Williams at AOL Black Voices recently wrote an article on the difference between being curvy and fat.  I am not going to get into the business of telling beautiful black women how to carry their weight (there’s already too much scrutiny in media making women self-conscious about their bodies), but most of us can agree that no one carries a few extra pounds the way a black woman can.

Two things come to mind in the curvy vs. fat debate.  First, there’s a difference between looking good and being healthy.  So, as wonderful as “sistuhs” might look with a little bit of extra “junk in the trunk,” we must always be cognizant of the wide variety of illnesses that plague our community that result from eating so much salt, fat, sugar and all the other things that keep killing us.  Big Momma’s Sweet Tea and fried chicken might taste better than candy, but Big Momma and her husband also died from cardiac arrest and diabetes.


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One response to “The Curvy Vs. Fat Debate: A Man’s Point of View

  1. AntBee

    What about the black men who are over weight?

    Do we have a special word for them?

    Are they chunky, stocky, well rounded, a little extra fat, or what?

    The focus seems always to be on black women, and while we certainly need to eat a more healthy (and most black women are doing so) diet, along with more exercise, black men should also take heed.

    In fact, the author of this post/blog needs to drop some pounds as well!

    Dr. Watkins, what do you call your body/weight?

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